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    Taking my first pass day today. I've spent the whole day worried about my dog--arranging for follow-up blood work and office visits, making sure she stays calm and low-key, etc.--rather than tracking my calories. Also having a pretty major adrenaline crash, so no exercise.

    Apparently ITP is fairly common in dogs, but that knowledge doesn't make me worry any less.

    It is so hard to have a sick fur baby. Wishing the best for you and her.
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    Yes x 3
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    5th May 2021

    *Yes 40 min weight session.
    * Tracked to a tee.
    * Yes under by 30.

    Hve really been enjoying my food this week. Trying to eat fun foods through the week instead of just saving it for the weekend. I also only hve 132 calories left to make up out of 355 calories. If i pull this off by the end of the week it means i dnt use my pass day!

    Watched a you tube vid of Heather from half size me and she was walking in the rain! Thats such commitment to working out! Night guys Xox

    Yes, rain/cold/heat/high UV index/dark... it’s about having the right protection/clothing/footwear. Then it’s fun!