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  • RangerRickL
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    Calories: Unintentionally well below my limit
    Tracking: easy
    Exercise: enough walking but I need to add some strength too. I've been off balance by the chaos of home renovations and repairs.
    But, a very good day
  • donna25trinity
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    @JennyRebecca1978 great topic i recently had hubbys bday and used a pass. Im really enjoying reading everyone's comments regarding this as there os def room for improvement wen it comes to this. Xox
  • JTreasures
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    Yes x 3
  • thabit11
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    @Chinkiri an early happy birthday to you 💗💗💗. Was this year more productive, health wise, than last year? Not having a sweet tooth can be verybeneficial, it's my biggest weakness 🤭.

    @Winner_in_Life the cycle of doom is so true!! We should love our exercises more 💪💜

    @donna25trinity our month progress is kinda similar, I also have 2/3 pass days, lets keep this one day to the last day of the month 💪💜💛💪
  • thabit11
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    @ashleycarole86 you made a great point there! Every single day was a food celebration!! I'm happy I'm no longer in that stage 😁 I wish none of us here will go back , or turn to, those days🙏

    @Winner_in_Life according to the picture, you're really close to reaching your goal!! Good luck 🤞🤞

    @Chinkiri CHEERS 👏👏👏🎉🎉 to almost an hour of walking, it's been so long since my last cheers ☺️
  • thabit11
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    @SummerSkier 😂 I know 😂😂 not even a minor celebration doesn't have at least a cake!! It's hard to even imagine.

    @lesdarts180 you're probably on spot with calories, or a little under. That's what I believe after reading your posts before 🤗.

    @WhatMeRunning great efforts so far this month 💪💪💪 and may you have an even better days for the rest of the month. In some days, I completely understand the so "no interest" in food, I would set with my family and they would pass around chips, chocolate, cake and ice cream, yeah all of that, and not to mention dinner, but I won't care even with their continues invitations to eat. On the other hands, some other days, I just feel huge temptations to eat, and most of the times I lose to such temptations. I'm still figuring out what best for me and how to conquer my craving.
  • thabit11
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    @stella7x7 that's a good idea, I will keep that in mind when I start my maintenance. Thanks for sharing 😊

    @mshawski I'm also curious to know the results please share it if possible!! I use Excel too, I have many records on Excel and on writing, because I want to know me more 😊

    @clutterqueen I'm with you on this. I used to think that one day will destroy everything! That's so far from the truth. What I'll say is actually more related to losing weight than maintenance, that's a foreign land to me still, as long as we have double or triple more good days than bad, or pass, days then we are good.

    @GrandmaJackie awesome determination you have there 👏👏. When I could, I do something similar, I keep most of my calories when I'm planning to have a feast, this way I could control myself better. But I read some posts on UAC, moths before, that some eats beforehand or bring food they could eat and only eat it, I guess that depends on the type of celebration we are encountering.
  • thabit11
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    @snowshoe072 I hope you get better soon 😟, and good idea on exercising more. This way we will track the bad days in order to burned it off, I'll keep that in mind, thanks for sharing.

    @TerriRichardson112 saving up calories! I'm going to write down all the gread ideas I have learned todays, this one too for sure. Thanks for sharing.

    @RangerRickL I'm learning so much on Friday's posts. Thanks @JennyRebecca1978 for the great topic 💜💜
  • thabit11
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    @RangerRickL I hope the renovation and repairs are finally done, we are doing some too, I think we have around 2 weeks more of repairs. Good luck with the strength training 💪😊.

    @MaltedTea I do the same thing when I knew beforehand, I only dring one cup of coffee and that's it.

    @alligatorob hope you have a wonderful vacation. It's so inspiring that you keeping up in vacation 🤩.
  • thabit11
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    @JTreasures great work, so far, almost third of the month is over, days goes fast, let's make most of them good days 💪💪

    @_JeffreyD_ I hope you had a great night, we alway have the next day 💜💜

    @MadisonMolly2017 I loved your tracker, thanks for replying before, I'm planning to draw one for August, I really liked the idea.
  • thabit11
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    @ashleycarole86 you had a sport day 🤩🤩 you did great 💛💛

    @seilidhe being here and sharing with us, is great too. I know how heavy it feels when you've already passed the third day, but continuing on will help in pushing you back to track. Also, it help in controlling your appetite much more than doing it alone. So thank you for sticking with us and I hope to see you posting every day on july despite is it a good day or a pass day. 🤗🤗

    @LazyBlondeChef you're on fire 🔥🔥 streak day number 9, I hope you've a perfect month 🤩