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  • thabit11
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    @TerriRichardson112 You are doing great, hopefully you will be in the winner's circle 🀞🀞.

    Also, I purposefully moved to a "walkable neighborhood" in 2019, consider the elevators in my building optional and don't own a car
    I really admire your determination, I really should add this to my categories when moving out 🀩.

    @Bovaryoo I'm really sorry for your loss.
  • thabit11
    thabit11 Posts: 272 Member
    @clutterqueen I know how you feel, when I push my workout through the day, I just keep having heavy feelings that I can't get red off until I'm done my exercises.

    @GrandmaJackie you're still in the game! Good luck 🀞.

    @ashleycarole86 whatever the method or the time, as long we are done with it, then we won the day. Good luck to both of us 😁.
  • thabit11
    thabit11 Posts: 272 Member
    @RangerRickL That's a really good routine, when I happens to do it from time to time, I do much more than I usually do and feel so fulfilled.

    @fourathomej good luck 🀞, not many days are left, hopefully you will be listed in the winner's circle.

    @victorious55 good luck for the rest of the month and for winning over your nuts!!
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    @MadisonMolly2017 Friday was a good day, your report was really admirable. Good luck to the end of the month πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ.

    @seilidhe I do think grocery shopping do count as exercising, you are either walking or standing, not to mention bending over and pushing. This is only my opinion, and good luck to you for the rest of the month πŸ’›πŸ’›.

    @JTreasures hopefully you have a great weekend too 😊
  • thabit11
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    July 24

    Yes to all questions.
    Pass days: over

    I follow one routine until I feel bored, so I have two to three other routines I have prepared prior so I could follow when I no longer can do the current one. Right now, I don't walk as much, or exercise as much, but I try to do harder routine with short durations.

    Goodnight / good morning to you all πŸ’œπŸ’›.
  • TerriRichardson112
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    @Bovaryoo - I’m so sorry about your fur baby ❀️ (((Hugs)))

  • TerriRichardson112
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    I like to get my exercising early in the day when I’m fresh. Walking I do in short bursts throughout the day. If I haven’t got enough steps in by the evening I walk during ad breaks in TV programmes. It’s amazing how many steps you can get in that way.
  • donna25trinity
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    @Bovaryoo i am so sorry how very sad. Our pets are our family so the loss is great and painful. Im thinking of u!!! Xox

    @Mrs-Hoffer and @thabit thanks for ur kind words. Ur both right! Xox

    Thanks for sharing all ur tips on how i succeed with workouts. Some great hacks to ensure it gets done. This has also made me realise i really shld count steps one day soon. Xox
  • Higa2021
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    😬 Nothing to see here

    Me too...
  • Higa2021
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    @Chinkiri do you have any support group you can go to,to know you are not alone and get ideas to cope?

    So, good news and bad news: the good news I'm now so used to eating lighter food that heavy cream and cheese is hard to digest. Bad news is that I had to eat it yesterday and find out....
  • TerriRichardson112
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    The body knows what is good for it! πŸ˜‚
  • DebyS137
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    edited July 2021
    k19uatvaksgz.gif~ ~ ~Waving Hello~ ~ ~ 7/23/2021~ ~ ~

    Exercise for at least 20 minutes ..................................... βœ… ... 150 + min.
    Stay within my calorie budget for the day ...................... βœ… ... Sure am
    Keep track of everything I ate and drank ....................... βœ… .... Sure did

    STEPS.......... 17,100 ......... 90 m Walking .... 60 m cleaning ....

    for the time being ... I may have to stick with this type of daily routine until foot
    is completely healed ... working to getting back to my 120 min. walking a day

    Documenting CONSISTANCY For personal ACCOUNTABILITY

  • tdrjustus3
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    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? Yes
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? Yes
    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? Yes
  • _JeffreyD_
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    Not today but LOTS of exercise. Back to normal on the 27th
  • alligatorob
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  • SModa61
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    Day 1 of three expected pass days. Daughter turns 30 today and she, her hubby, our grandson and their two cats are joining us (me, hubby and our 2 cats) in our 2 bedroom condo in maine. Day started with SIL picking up a dozen potato donuts and its down hill from there. Exercise nil. Only three days. Back on track on monday.
  • calvin20874
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    July 23

    A little late, sorry

    Exercise: 76 minutes mountain biking, 55 minutes stretching and PT exercises

    Tracking: yes
    Calories: under
    Pass days: 0
  • abowersgirl
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    February 10/3
    March 12/3
    April 10/3
    May 8/3
    June 6/3

    3x yes

  • Jana_2020
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    Pass day 5 - falling into old habits of treat days while doing a movie day with my daughter. This is going to need some analysis of why I'm easily led down this path and what actions I should take to stop overeating for our special movie binge nights. What new habits can I replace it with>
  • TwistedSassette
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    July 23rd:
    βœ… Tracked all my calories
    βœ… Stayed under calorie goal
    βœ… Exercised more than 20 mins

    9/23 days (started July 12th, so 9/12 days from when I started)
    3/3 pass days used