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  • Poobah1972
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    That pizza looks so good. I always find it funny that Hawaiian pizza was originated in Canada. What did you use for the crust?

    It was? I didn't know that. We tend to use Joseph's Lavash bread. :)

  • Poobah1972
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    Well, the weather was too beautiful yesterday and is supposed to be just as beautiful today. So why the heck are we winterizing the back deck and Gazebo???? WHY I TELL YOU??? 😁👍😎

    So yeah, we decided to put that task off for another month. As long as it's done by mid-October we should be good to go! 😋 (Cept now I have my theatre room that leads to the back deck cluttered with winterization stuff.. doh).

    But putting all that work off, meant we suddenly had all sorts of time on our hands to get some cardio in after all.

    So, on top of a groceries, and a bit of Chest and Tricep workout this morning we went for bit of a Hike yesterday. We pushed a little harder, a little further, and I'll be the first to tell you MY KNEES are completely Knackered... My feet Ouchies.... But other than that, I'll be fine. 😋

    Set a new PB for Distance, Calories burned, and soreness. 😅

    PEACE! 🤗

  • mari_moulin
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    Your steps have really picked up the last few days. What have you done to increase them? Great burn yesterday!

    I got my butt back to the gym lol. I stopped going for a few days as I was going through some emotional stuff. I do 30 minutes in the treadmill plus an hour min of strength teaming and my walks with Jax throughout the day. This gets me up there on my step count.

  • red1185
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  • rlaskey2
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    Steps 9/17 16,654
    9/18 16,964

    Friday ran around doing some shopping to find my son pants. Saturday we had a fun family day and went to a Red Sox game. I did strength workouts on both days so I can finnish the program today as I have targeted. Trying not to blow my work this week I’ve the weekend.
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    By Percent
    By Pounds

    By Percent
    By Pounds

  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    Congrats to @Aqualang26, @Beautyofdreams and @amymartin555 for being our top 3 weight loss losers ... Great job Ladies :)
  • mthomas0228
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    Daily Check-In for Saturday 9/18:

    Calories: In Allotted Range
    Water: 90+ Oz
    Exercise: 2 Mile Run + Yoga Stretches
    Alcohol: AF
    Sleep: 8hrs41mins (Saturday Night)

    Good day, back on track! Rewarded on the scale this morning with a nice drop too :smile:

    9/18 Steps = 7,628

  • Fab464
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    Weekly Check-in:

    Last weeks weight: 217
    Current Weight: 215

    Wasn't as active this week, no runs, but long walks and stuck to Kickboxing. Looks like switching from running to walking made a little difference to my weight loss this past week.
  • azkunk
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    Username : azkunk
    Weigh In Day: Sunday
    CW: 189.5
    LTD: 17.5

    At least it’s a loss. The week started strong but work stress, kid stress and dance/band mom duties got the best of me 😞
  • lindamtuck2018
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    iradi8 wrote: »
    Goodness, y'all! I will be back, just not yet. My life has been insanely crazy, and I am overwhelmed. I put "me" on the backburner again.

    After my mom's three week hospitalization from June into July, and then home with a PICC line for six weeks, moving my daughter into her first apartment at college, helping my son get back to his apartment at college, Hurricane Ida and my dad's upcoming total knee replacement, I just don't see how I can make the time for me. We did go to the mountains at the end of July for a week which was wonderful, but even that was so much work before and after!

    Anyway, I just wanted to tell y'all that I haven't been on here reading anything and hope to start doing that soon. I will be back to taking care of me, hopefully in a couple of weeks once my dad recovers a bit. His surgery is in three days and lives alone (widower), so I'll be helping him a lot.

    Hurricane Ida hit my area with lots of downed power lines and large trees. Thankfully, our home was spared and no trees fell on it. We only lost some shingles, large tree limbs and part of a fence. We were without power for a little over a week, no water for a few days and then had to boil it for at least a week, no internet for about two weeks and then it would come on and go off, no cell phone data that would work for about a week and then super slow after that. Both of my parents and my daughter evacuated to my house. So, it's been so busy.

    I have not given up nor will I. When I can, I'll be back to it. I've gained about ten pounds which I am okay with considering the circumstances.

    See y'all soon!!!

    p.s. I sure hope to be able to start back up with the step challenge and my weigh-ins in October. My dad will be one week post-op, so I'll still be helping him, so we will see. When he has his surgery on Wednesday, I want to get on here and read all 25 pages so I can catch up to what's going on:)

    Sounds like everything has been extremely stressful. I know it’s hard to find some me time with all is going on but try to squeeze a few minutes for yourself. Even if it’s a five minute walk, a few minutes to meditate or read a few pages of a book. As for the 10 pounds, when you come back you can get it off again.

    When I was in Newfoundland we had a category 1 hurricane. I was thinking about you going through Ida. I can only imagine the damage from that after seeing what a category 1 can do. Healing vibes for your father.
  • lindamtuck2018
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    Congrats on those PB’s. You are definitely getting fitter. I think I am going to try some keto products such as the different breads. My brother is doing keto and he said there are some great breads and wraps. I forgot to ask where he gets them. I apologize if I asked this before but where do you shop for them?

    Great job on finishing! What will you be doing next? I know it will be challenging to fit exercise in when you start working and juggling family.

    Great day! That was a nice sleep. Any tips?

    Awesome loss! Kickboxing sounds like it would be a fun exercise. Here’s to another great week.

    It has to be hard juggling everything. Is there anything you can do to get some relief from the stress?
  • Bluetail6
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    Daily Check-in (9/18 stats):

    Steps: 5,910
    Floors: 10
    Calories Burned: 87
    Daily Intensity Minutes: 0
    Total Intensity Minutes: 818/150
    Early W/O: No scheduled W/O, general running errands, etc.
  • Aqualang26
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    @lindamtuck2018 Congratulations!! Officially being off insulin is such a huge accomplishment! I hope you feel proud of yourself - I sure feel proud of you.
  • rwood566
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    good evening everyone. hope everyone survived the weekend.
    congrats to our team leaders in loss.

    check in for 9/19:
    steps - 2378. i will get a few more, but not many.
    calories - 1560 or so. i forgot since i started reading your comments. popcorn and one piece of fudge for dessert. the same fudge i made a few weeks ago. i'll be glad when it's gone.
    exercise - gym. only 7 machines. i felt a twinge in my back and stopped. it's been somewhat balky since then. the big test will be when i'm sleeping. it could be better tomorrow or it could be a month. it "twinged" right where it does the most damage to me and i have been trying to strengthen that area specifically. lower spine right below the belt line.

    huge atta girl to @lindamtuck2018 for getting off insulin.
  • Bluetail6
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  • Bluetail6
    Bluetail6 Posts: 2,865 Member
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