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  • Bluetail6
    Bluetail6 Posts: 2,740 Member

    Steps: 15,507
    Floors: 11
    Calories Burned: 631
    Daily Intensity Minutes: 115
    Total Intensity Minutes: 412/150

    Have a great rest of your day, everyone.
  • rlaskey2
    rlaskey2 Posts: 461 Member
    Steps 11,841
    PW: 183.4

    Not happy I am still up so much after vacation. I have been getting my steps in but eating definitely hasn’t been on point. Completed day 2 week 8 of beach body control freak and spent a nice day with my mom at the beach. Trying to soak up the last days of summer.
  • Jpedno
    Jpedno Posts: 169 Member
    Sooo it’s been a few days since I checked in. Last weekend wasn’t my best... road trips = candy. We drove about 4 hours south and watched the bat flight at Carlsbad Caverns, spent the night, Mexican food, late night pizza. Then I had girlfriends over on Monday and had a glass of wine and snacks. But I am slowly getting back on track.

    Speaking of tracking. I need to be more precise and stop guessing on portion sizes AND not go out to eat too much.

    I often struggle to eat within my calorie goal and exercise at the same time. I can do one or the other well but both is hard. So while I haven’t been great on my eating, I have been doing great at the gym. Yesterday was bodypump class + 30 min core class and today was spin. Planning to hit up bodypump on Thursday and also Saturday. And I’m doing a 10k walk with a friend on Sunday.

    9/5 7,681
    9/6 15,402 - I was on my feet all day cleaning, cooking, tidying the garden before I had people over.
    9/7 9,730

    Hmmm, I seem to be on track to make my step goal this week if I keep it up...!
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    Thursday Weigh-In
  • rwood566
    rwood566 Posts: 813 Member
    Good evening all. Hope everyone is planning a good weekend.

    @jpedno I would love to see the bats there. Grats on going.

    @Poobah1972 wtg on impressing the dr. Keep it up.

    Check in for 9/8:
    Steps - 1414. I put it on charge this morning and enjoyed my freedom. Doubt I hit my goal so I will take it.
    Calories - 1525 or so. Had another piece of pie but made sure I was well under.
    Exercise - gym this morning. 8 machines but no cardio. There was a lady coughing up a storm, no mask and not wiping anything after using them. When i was going to the bikes she was on a treadmill right behind them. Pass. Probably a nice walk in early am or a gym run.

    I have a video appt in a couple weeks but I can't remember if it's my nutritionist or behavior therapist. I am writing 2 lists to talk about.
  • mari_moulin
    mari_moulin Posts: 3,679 Member
    Daily Check-in: Wednesday 09/08

    ✖️Track my food
    ✖️Stay on or under my allowed calorie goal
    ✔️Gym 3/4x each week at least
    ✖️10k steps daily
    ✔️2L water daily


    09/05 - 12,849
    09/06 - 21,939
    09/07 - 18,479
    09/08 - 9,581

    Quick check in today. Hope everyone is doing well.

    for those who would like to follow me on Instagram…

    IG - maris_transformation_journey
  • rlaskey2
    rlaskey2 Posts: 461 Member
    Steps 21,803

    Got in a long walk almost 6 miles, 3/4 of it on the beach then went food shopping. I am sick of food shopping, I would like to do the grocery pick up service more but when I did they were always messing up my order or got stuck waiting in the car way too long.

    My afternoon got away from me ended up making black bean burgers and made a few extra to freeze.
  • mthomas0228
    mthomas0228 Posts: 547 Member
    Daily Check-in For Wednesday 9/8:

    Calories: Within Allotted Range
    Water: 90 Oz
    IF 16/8: Fasted 17 hours
    Alcohol Free: Yes (5/8 days this month)
    Exercise: 2 Mile Run
    Sleep: 5 Hours (Tuesday night)

    Zero energy on my run and felt hungry all day which is something I don't normally feel when I have been on a good fasting regime. Definitely the effects of the too low calories from the day before. But did not overeat like my tired body wanted me to do, instead switched up my healthy dinner plan to more comfort food type of meal while still keeping me in the right calorie range. I think those extra carbs did the trick, feeling much better today!

    9/8 Steps = 6,084
  • jayenguk
    jayenguk Posts: 351 Member
    so did my 10 miles biking today - 40 in total for the month so far (need to get to 100) I think I will go over my 100 for the month ... I have started to really miss if I do go to the gym for a few days ... today felt so good and its feeling easier so i have been cranking up the bike tension I feel so good after a good workout and I defo needed that one today. Gonna go back tomorrow and do it all again I also plan on doing it Saturday and Sunday also that would make it 70 miles in total then! hope you all had a good day and now for my dinner and I am having a small treat of cooking dough thing puts me slightly in the red but my biking should cover it!
  • Bluetail6
    Bluetail6 Posts: 2,740 Member
    edited September 2021
    9/8 Check-in:

    Steps: 3,849
    Floors: 11
    Calories Burned: 62
    Daily Intensity Minutes: 0
    Total Intensity Minutes: 412/150
    Early W/O: No

    Yesterday was pretty much a rest day, an unintended one. My goal for the rest of the month is get my workouts done earlier in the day, if at all possible. I have been scheduling workouts, and that is a really big help. I have never been one to pop out of bed for a workout, lol. So I'll just take baby steps and workout earlier. In fact I'll add "early workout to my check-in here. There is a lot of the month left, so my aim for the rest of September, will be to start my workout no later than 6 - 7 p.m. I'll reassess 10/1.

    What time do you all workout?

    ETA: Be well, and have a great rest of your day.
  • Shannonsto
    Shannonsto Posts: 357 Member
    Weigh in day!

    CW: 171.0

    Steps for 9/8: 13,253
  • Poobah1972
    Poobah1972 Posts: 943 Member
    Just a minor update tonight.. Seeing as it's a 100% rest day...

    I did 3 sets of mid/upper back exercises, and 3 sets of hammer curls when I got home from work... Just to continue try to hit all major muscle groups twice a week.

    I have been noticing for a while that my left hand has been reaching parity with my right for a while now, and where bicep curls are concerned more than parity. Turns out it has gotten much more stronger then my right then I realized.

    I could only manage 15 reps of hammer curls with my right hand and I was able to complete 19 with my left. Quite strange. When I started the story would of been much different of course with much less weight.

    Now my right arm is still stronger in some exercises. Bent over rows for example. But for some reason my left bicep is kicking my right biceps *kitten* in the curl department?

    I would say most exercises at this point are pretty much a dead heat now, and either or both hands die on the same rep.

    Anyway's thought it was interesting enough to post about. :P

    Have a wonderful night follow fit nerds! 🤓👍🥰
  • Bluetail6
    Bluetail6 Posts: 2,740 Member
    Saw the foot doctor today to discuss treatment options for the infection in my right foot. Cultures came back strep that has reached into the bone. Was given the option to remove the right big toe or remove the infected bone and have a course of antibiotic infusions or 6 weeks oral antibiotics. Doctor said limit walking to household tasks so no walking of even just 20 minutes.
    Opted to have the infected bone removed today. The one good thing about having diabetic nerve damage in my feet is I don’t feel pain. He just cut the bone out with no pain killers and all that I could feel was the pressure and the pulling. Even the disinfecting bleach solution they gave me to flush the wound with didn’t cause any discomfort. Will have a consult with Infectious disease and my doctors over infusions versus oral medication soon. In the meantime am taking oral antibiotics to keep infection from spreading. Since I can now wear a normal shoe think that I will restart some exercises at the rec center.
    Am trying to stay positive and taking steps for whatever the future will bring. Time will pass no matter what actions are chosen and I would regret doing nothing.

    Stay well everyone and wishing you all success in reaching your goals.

    I truly believe staying positive is right up there with being grateful, wrt, a good outcome, whatever that may be for you. I know you have a lot to deal with. I'm glad your procedure wasn't painful. Sending you prayers and positive thoughts for a speedy recovery. Lee🧡
  • Bluetail6
    Bluetail6 Posts: 2,740 Member
  • rwood566
    rwood566 Posts: 813 Member
    Good evening everyone. Are you all ready for this horrid week to be over?

    Check in for 9/9:
    Steps - 11835
    Calories - 1415. Lots of fat and salt but controlled calories. Only had 1 piece pizza for lunch. Win.
    Exercise - 5.67 mile walk in 1:51. Actually got a sunburn. First time on one of my walks. Heat has been cranked up out here. Drank 157 oz water so far.

    @Beautyofdreams sorry about your foot. I hope you have a speedy and successful recovery.
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