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  • bonnierose49
    bonnierose49 Posts: 4 Member
    Username bonnierose49
    Weigh in Day Sunday
    PW 186.8
    CW 186.0
    Sorry I late
    This week never went the way I planned alot of things going on . Hopefully will be able to do better this coming week.
  • red1185
    red1185 Posts: 373 Member
    Good evening everybody! Sorry I’ve been super MIA here recently. Between work and life, I’ve been incredibly busy. School started back up, and I’ve been busier than ever. I’ve had some major professional ups AND downs. Fortunately, my weight has…at least, overall, remained steady or dropped, even if only slightly. I’m considering that a win.

    @Megan_smartiepants1970 and @lindamtuck2018 I’m not sure if my steps for the former week will still count, but I will list them anyway. I definitely need to get back in the swing of things: recording everything I eat, and ensuring I get my steps in.

    8/29: 5,910
    8/30: 7,218
    8/31: 9,703
    9/1: 10,849
    9/2: 5,432
    9/3: 8,227
    9/4: 7,532

    PW: 161.8
    CW: 161.2

    I’ll take it!
  • Beautyofdreams
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    Overate by 600+ calories the last two days and weight is up three pounds today. Also started a new medication to raise my blood pressure which increases water weight. Will try to do better on the over eating and see what happens in a week.

    Think I'm just stressing out waiting for the bone and tissue culture samples to come back. I have done IV infusions for infections before and they are not my favorite things. Really despise anything that involves needles since they usually end up digging or multiple sticks.

    Also, wondering if I need to continue to lose weight, or maintain. Cleaned out my jeans and underwear drawers again since April. It made me wonder if I could maintain this weight or if would gain it back? And how long to hold onto the clothes? Just feeling a bit less confident as life changes. Had no idea that weight loss could be such an emotional process!

    Congratulations to everyone that lost weight and/or kept up those healthy habits. You can do this!
  • jayenguk
    jayenguk Posts: 353 Member
    ohh wow my name in lights woooot ...good morning all from sunny UK (lol) today its a day off from the gym and just relax night starting boxing tomorrow and I am pretty excited! hope you all have a great day!
  • rwood566
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    Good evening everyone.

    Congrats to those who lead the team to another win.

    Check in for 9/5:
    Steps - 4988.
    Calories - 1618.
    Exercise - nope. Inner thighs weren't happy with my gym visit yesterday. They will hate me after tomorrow.

  • mari_moulin
    mari_moulin Posts: 3,680 Member
    Daily Check-in: Sunday 09/05

    ✖️Track my food
    ✖️Stay on or under my allowed calorie goal
    ✔️Gym 1/4x each week at least
    ✔️10k steps daily
    ✔️2L water daily


    09/05 - 12,849

    Good morning Team and happy Monday! It’s a new week! Let’s set some new goals.

    Got up at 4:30 this morning to hit the gym by 5. Got my workout done, got the kids to school, walked doggo, and just finished my breakfast. I’ve got a couple of appointments today but hoping to have time to jump in the pool later. So glad we finally have some warm weather here in my neck of the woods. Let’s hope it last awhile before it’s officially fall weather.

    Have a lovely day Fam. Be blessed 😊


    for those who would like to follow me on Instagram…

    IG - maris_transformation_journey
  • Bluetail6
    Bluetail6 Posts: 2,742 Member
    I'm glad you are going to give it a week. You have worked so hard and done so well. You are also so positive and encouraging. I'm sorry you are stressing out about waiting for test results. Hopefully, you won't have to wait too much longer.

    As far as getting rid of clothing... Personally, I have donated a s-ton to various charities. My favorite (that aids women) doesn't take donations due to C-19. Anyway, only you can decide whether or not you want to hang on to the clothing. I don't regret my decision to donate them. It is such a personal decision.

    I don't know where you are in your weight loss. We have been in a few challenges together over the months. If I remember correctly, you are w/i a normal range. Again, very personal decision to continue to lose or maintain. Maybe maintain for a bit, then address the issue when you are feeling more confident?

    Sending you positive thoughts, and wishing you the very best. Lee🧡
  • mszoueb
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    edited September 2021
    Username: mszoueb
    Weigh in Day: Monday
    PW: 226.4
    CW: 227

    Hi all, here for Monday check in.

    Had my 2nd jab on Saturday and feeling a bit ropey with side effects, hopefully I'll feel better in the next few days because I have events on Thursday and Saturday that I don't want to miss out on.

    Read your post on the previous pages @Poobah1972 and I also remember having the same experience a few months ago. It's good that you are reflecting on your journey so far. Maybe a small switch up could be beneficial when you feel burnt out from the mundane aspect of doing the same things you've being doing, but you could also find the stuff you've been doing so far could be a base of comfort of familiarity when you feel you just want to get a workout done quickly or whatever. Hope that makes sense. I know reading your posts these past few months, have felt the energy behind them and it's inspiring.

    On another note, I was talking with friends the other day and whilst they aren't overweight, they echoed they've also fell back into previous eating habits. It felt reassuring that it's a universal thing. I was like I need to sort myself out because seasonal stuff is starting to come into shops and with the holidays, it can be a tempting time so I need to try keep working at things.

    Have a great week everyone!
  • jimboden3
    jimboden3 Posts: 218 Member
    Weigh-in Day: Monday (Sep 6, 2021)
    PW: 211.4
    CW: 208.9
    SW: 240

    While the scale shows another 2+ lb loss for the second week in a row, this most recent dip is likely to be very temporary. Saturday we went to a neighbors house with five other couples (we're all fully vaccinated) and had a number of whiskey cocktails (he infuses and ages whiskey for enhanced flavors) and while I do enjoy a bloody mary every once in a while, I'm more of a wine and beer person - and usually don't have more than 1 - 2 drinks. Anyway, I drank way too much and after spending the early morning in the bathroom for an hour or so, I was so hungover on Sunday I could barely eat much of anything. In fact, the 436 calories I did eat was so few that MFP wouldn't let me complete the diary for the day due to a warning that so few calories is dangerous (which I applaud their thinking to help battle anorexia). Bottom line - worst approach to dieting ever and I'm taking an alcohol vacation this week as I still feel a little out of it although I did get in a few laps around the neighborhood this morning so I think I'll feel better after a nice healthy breakfast.

    On a brighter note, I lifted weights earlier this week for the first time in 3 months (due to the hernia and surgery recovery) and although it was more than a few steps back from where I was at before, it's a start and I'm pretty happy about that. I think Susan I will try to go on a bike ride today (for our international friends, today is our Labor Day holiday in the USA) and if all goes well (meaning no discomfort from the surgery), I may be back on the rowing machine later this week - which I'm really looking forward to.
  • mthomas0228
    mthomas0228 Posts: 554 Member
    Daily Check-in For Sunday 9/5:

    Calories: Within Allotted Range (lower end)
    Water: 90+ Oz
    IF 16/8: Fasted 16 hours +
    Alcohol Free: Yes, AF (2/5 days this month)
    Exercise: Rest Day
    Sleep: 9 Hours, Much needed sleep-in!

    Super relaxing day! Made my menu plan for the week and other than that just read and then nice evening with the family and into bed earlier than normal.

    9/5 steps = 2,329

  • Poobah1972
    Poobah1972 Posts: 943 Member
    Bluetail6 wrote: »
    @Poobah1972. Sorry you are having a hard time. You know that you have what it takes, with respect to commitment. Imho, it is what will take you through, get to where you want to be.

    Thank you Bluetail6 :)
  • Poobah1972
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    edited September 2021
    Username: Poobah1972
    Weigh in Day: Monday
    PW: 370.8
    CW: 368.6

    Good morning, Everyone,

    I know I haven't been around that much lately... But I will say I'm not usually around too much on weekends, and it's actually a holiday here in Canada today... So technically it's still the weekend. 😋

    So, I'm not 100% sure why I went through a bit of a Turd late. But I think perhaps I just needed to take a bit of a breath from the social media aspects of things?

    So, a few days ago, I stepped down as an official "Motivator" for the team. I know it would often bug me when I didn't find the time to actively respond to team members as much as they deserved. And I'm usually so busy between working out, Work and home life by the time I would get back to the forum it could take me literally hours to try and hit people back properly along with the news feed, or I just wouldn't even bother. Or worse, just give canned responses etc.

    So going forward, I'm just going to be a regular team member going forward. I do plan to keep on giving my morning post cardio updates, and evening post workout updates.... I'm sure I will still motivate many of you with just that. Beyond that however, I'll do whatever I have time for, which mean's not a whole lot of on weekends, and as work allows during the week. etc. I have a pretty big heart, and I do care far too much about many of you (especially on my news feeds), so I suspect I'll be in touch with many of you on a regular basis. So, nobody give up on me, or I'll track you down. 😉 (and I realize that's a bad joke for those of you suffering from stalkers, and there are at least a few of you that are... So SORRY 😬🤗🤗)

    So, let's get on to this morning's update...


    Okay, I won't lie to you guys... I was watching the scale this week and it wasn't really good, just 2 days ago on Saturday with some clothes on I was tipping the scale at 283.somethin.... And yesterday with a small amount of clothes on I was still 277.6ish... So, I knew this morning I would have to pull a Rabbit out of my hat, to get some decent weight loss. Thankfully waking up this morning after a 36 hour fast, I knew I would be much closer, but I wasn't sure at all I would be able to make up the difference. So, with that in mind I knew I had to do something a little extra special this morning.

    Lynn and I were each talking about taking a new route soon... I had originally planned to do it Tuesday, then secretly I was going to do it this morning... But then Lynn rotted me socks by announcing she was taking that very same route this morning with a 30-minute head start over me. So of course, I had to best her, and take this new route, then add on an additional mile to kick her *kitten*. 😄 So kick her *kitten* I did. 😉🦵( )( )

    I feel pretty good considering... a 3.6 mile walk on pavement with just a two-day break since the hike. And my knees and feet seem just fine at the moment. So perhaps we can double that hike length sooner than I thought? (We will see... . MOO OOOAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHahhahahahahhahHAHHHHAHHA!)

    I took the walk pretty casual, but I suppose I also don't hurt now... So, I'll take it. It was also really cool, which cut down drastically on sweating. 😋

    Anywhooo to make a long story short... I burned 1500+ calories, and I bet you I dropped an extra pound before my weigh in, for a 2.2-pound loss naked as the day I was born on the scale this morning. So YES!!!! I'm Pretty Darn Happy with myself. 😁😀🥰

    Have an amazing week everyone... Never give up. Never Surrender! 🤓😎🤗😀😁

  • amymartin555
    amymartin555 Posts: 90 Member
    Username. amymartin555
    Weighing day. Monday

    SW. 184.0
    PW. 141.0
    CW. 139.8

    Yay! I broke into the 130s. I am seeing a big difference in how I look and how my clothes feel and look on me. I have broke my weight loss goals into smaller goals of getting into the next 10s so now my next goal is 120s. It might take a while but I will get there. I am only 5 foot(on a good day) so I am still overweight but getting closer to being a healthy weight. Take care!
  • Shannonsto
    Shannonsto Posts: 357 Member

    9/5. 11,310

    Very sore yesterday with DOMS, and up two pounds on the scale since Jillian Michaels has been trying to kill me with the 30 Day shred 😉. I basically took a day off yesterday, only walking slowly and leisurely. The steps came mostly from walking with my daughter around a local museum and nature preserve.
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
    Megan_smartiepants1970 Posts: 27,537 Member

    Here is my 2nd friendly reminder of the steps I need from the following people

    If I do not have them by Tuesday Evening (9/7) I have no choice but to zero them out

    @littleflutterby 8/29-9/4
    @Piqueaboo 8/30-9/4
    @iradi8 8/29-9/4
    @lmf1012 9/3 & 9/4
    @amymartin555 8/30-9/4
    @THUNDER5453 9/3 & 9/4
    @Abi2131 9/1-9/4

    Thanks for your cooperation :)

  • Bluetail6
    Bluetail6 Posts: 2,742 Member

    Steps: 5225
    Floors: 10
    Calories Burned: 97
    Daily Intensity Minutes: 0
    Total Intensity Minutes: 190/150

    Excited for today. I scheduled time for exercise!! If I don't do that, it's to easy to let the busy days get the best of me. Be well everyone.
  • rlaskey2
    rlaskey2 Posts: 461 Member
    Steps 4,527

    Fitbit dead again half the day. Did my strength workout day 1 week 8 of beachbody control freak.

    Had dinner with friends and ate pasta with a cream sauce which I never do and paid for it after. Lesson learned!
  • Poobah1972
    Poobah1972 Posts: 943 Member
    Good Evening my Friends!!! 😆

    What a great day today! Probably because it was a Stat Holiday! But I made the most of it and I'm feeling really good with how it all went down. 😋😀


    First off... I had 9 hours and 41 minutes of SLEEP!!!! SAY WHAT?!! Yeah, that's right. A sleep score of 89. Cha-chin goes the sleep bank! 💤👍😁😎


    Had an amazing walk this morning burning over 1500 calories. I stretching my distance out a bit, and my knees and feet actually feel no worse for the wear at this very moment. Yeah baby! 🤩😋😁👍


    Had yet another fantastic "Back and Bicep" Workout tonight. Getting stronger, doing more reps and moving weight up seems like it's all par for the course. Same goes for my most amazing and beautiful Fiancé! 😍🥰🤗😘💪😎


    Dinner tonight... While we got ready to work out and during out entire workout, I got some Beef ribs prepared a-la my old-time recipe and let them slow cook for a full 2.5 hours... Which were then ready to have some BBQ sauce applied and put back under the broiler when the workout was complete. I can't explain how good they were, they are simply my most favorite food in the world, and judging by the moans of pleasure going around the table, and the various comments, I think they might just be everyone's favorite food. lol


    I believe I mentioned recently, (last week) I had a new PR for resting heart rate at 67, then after a few days of that I touched 66... And I've bounced around 66, 67 and 68 since then... And Today I hit a new PR at 64? 64?!!!! SAY WHAT!!!! Yeah, that's right 60'f'n'4!!!! That's almost ridiculous so I'm not sure what to think on that. But WHAT? I'm stoked. lol 🤩💪💗💗💗💪🤩🥰🥰🥰

    So yeah, fair to say it's been a pretty productive day with a near 2400 exercise calorie burn today... Heck I even got a few episodes of "Money Heist" in with my brother this afternoon.. And I'm about to catch an episode of Ted Lasso with my Baby in just a few moments. 💗😎

    Have a fabulous week everyone and sleep like a BOSS!!!! 🤗😘🤗😁😆😎

  • littleflutterby
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    edited September 2021

    Here is my 2nd friendly reminder of the steps I need from the following people

    If I do not have them by Tuesday Evening (9/7) I have no choice but to zero them out

    @Piqueaboo 8/30-9/4
    @iradi8 8/29-9/4
    @lmf1012 9/3 & 9/4
    @amymartin555 8/30-9/4
    @THUNDER5453 9/3 & 9/4
    @Abi2131 9/1-9/4

    Thanks for your cooperation :)

    Hey hun can I actually step down from the step challenge this month please? I'll be back to it in October! :)
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
    Megan_smartiepants1970 Posts: 27,537 Member

    Here is my 2nd friendly reminder of the steps I need from the following people

    If I do not have them by Tuesday Evening (9/7) I have no choice but to zero them out

    @littleflutterby 8/29-9/4
    @Piqueaboo 8/30-9/4
    @iradi8 8/29-9/4
    @lmf1012 9/3 & 9/4
    @amymartin555 8/30-9/4
    @THUNDER5453 9/3 & 9/4
    @Abi2131 9/1-9/4

    Thanks for your cooperation :)

    Hey hun can I actually step down from the step challenge this month please? I'll be back to it in October! :)

    I will just excused you that way you can come back when you are ready :)
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