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  • jayenguk
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    wtg all winners this week!
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    edited September 2021
    Amazing job Dazzling Downsizers for coming in 1st once again .... A HUGE Congrats to @1002Shed @mthomas0228 and @Agualang26 for being our top 3 weight loss losers :):):):)
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    Just got done with 2 hours of yard work ..burned 756 calories ... off to take a shower and go grocery shopping :)
  • rwood566
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    Good afternoon. Another late entry. Sorry.
    Check in for 9/11:
    Steps 4197 plus 10 minutes bike moderate intensity. Took a late night stroll once it cooled down.
    Calories 1624. Good number but high salt and sugar so weight is up today.
    Exercise gym. 9 machines mainly shoulder and back. 3 miles bike. 10 minutes lvl 10, 18 mph.
  • Bluetail6
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    Daily Check-in (9/11 stats):

    Steps: 18,146
    Floors: 31
    Calories Burned: 1320
    Daily Intensity Minutes: 153 (Garmin is giving me 324, but then total # is off.) Will have to investigate it more.
    Total Intensity Minutes: 954 /150
    Early W/O: Yes😊
  • Poobah1972
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    Good Evening Y'all,

    Stayed pretty busy again today... Went to Home Depot and shopped around for random things I needed to make a Storage rack for my Slam Balls. it fits just so across the top of the Power Rack. I'm no carpenter, but I did it. A little measuring, sawing, sanding, drilling, screwing and sandpapering... And Voila, it works. I'll paint it black another day. 😋

    But before operation get your crafts on, Lynn and I went out to the lake for a 2.5-mile jaunt. We even slogged some uphill sections for the fun of it? 🤓

    My legs, and knees are particular sore at the moment... But I will Survive! 👍

    All I got left to do now is get the exercise room prepped for tomorrow's workout! And I might just go to bed for like 7pm-7:30pm. 💤

    Good night! 🥰🤗

  • rlaskey2
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    Steps 9/9 9,673
    9/11 12,122

    Yesterday was a strength day. Got to watch my son play soccer for first game of the season.
  • j2lee89
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    Hello again! I had a rough week with my daughter's surgery and recovery and ready to hop back into the swing of things this week.

    Name: J2lee89
    PW: 192.4 lbs
    CW: 192.2 lbs

    I'm focusing on movement (including two PT sessions for my left achilles!) and increasing my protein and fat while decreasing my carbs a bit too be more balanced this week. Also, daily meditation.
  • mszoueb
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    Username: mszoueb
    Weigh in Day: Monday
    PW: 227
    CW: 226.4

    Hi all, here for Monday check in.

    Yay for a loss, I have no idea how because my food hasn't been good, was getting back home at 1am consecutively so, ended up with fast food a number of times..shall see if it is just a fluctuation, but hoping I can retain the loss and lose more for next week. It was great to get out to live events again.

    This week I'm planning on reintroducing more exercise whether that be bike or stationery bike, HIIT, weights or yoga. My plan is at least 3 times alongside any walking I do. I think doing that will help give a sense of structure, achievement and hopefully aid in revitalising my motivation.

    It has been comforting reading the team's posts in seeing that a few of you are also going through similar emotions, setbacks etc lately, however, we are all still here not totally giving up which is a win amongst it all!

    I'm going to have homemade tomato sauce from tomatoes I grew this year with pasta for dinner, yum!

    Weighing pasta/rice/potatoes can be anxiety inducing with the whole dry vs cooked aspect. I'm not sure why it's a thing because water doesn't have calories, but the cooked weight is increased by the water so how do we know what weight the cooked food actually is in that case.. it's like ahhh! I'm interested to know what you guys do in regards to that.

    Have a great week everyone!
  • Fab464
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    Weigh-in Day: Sunday
    PW: 219
    CW: 218
    SW: 245

    Still losing slowly! I've been focusing on tweaking my diet, mostly getting rid of processed junk foods. I did cheat with a margarita on Sunday. Have a great week everyone!
  • Poobah1972
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    Username: Poobah1972
    Weigh in Day: Monday
    PW: 368.6
    CW: 366.6


    Monday Morning Everyone! 😀

    The weekend has left the building. Time to rub the sleep from your eyes and start running. That's right, tackle anything that gets in your way. We're not taking any prisoners!!!! ARrrggGHGHGHGHhhhhhhHHHHHH! 😜😆😀😁🤗😊

    Did more HIIT on the Elliptical this morning. However, I tried something a little new this morning. I got off the elliptical on 2 occasions to slam a slam ball on the ground 20 times each time. Slamming slam balls = high heart rate apparently. lol. I used the 15 pounders, figured I might as well leave room for improvement. 😁

    I also had a bit of shenanigans on the scale this morning. First time I stepped on it, it kind of Teeter totted between 376.6 and 366.8 and it stuck on 376.6. Doesn't usually have such a large swing, so I tried stepping on it 3 more times and each time I was now getting 366.8. But Renpho already updated my Fitbit, and Fitbit automatically updated MFP. SO, I'm like DOH! I go upstairs and sit In front of my fan in Turbo mode naked as the day I was born and dig into the apps. I end up deleting the MFP automatic update, and then realize that my second Renpho measurement didn't include all the body weight, BMI and muscle mass info. So, I delete that... heck I deleted everything about today. So, after 5 minutes I march back downstairs naked, and much drier thanks to Turbo Fan. 👍😎. Step on the scale, and BOOM 366.6 pounds for a total of 2 Pounds lost. And I was pleased to see MFP posted it up. WOOT WOOT! lol

    Okay I'm going to be late for work... Have an amazing day everyone! 🥰😘🤗🤗🤗

  • Jpedno
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    So I signed up for a 7 am yoga class on zoom... we will see how that goes. It’s 6:30 am and I am eating breakfast so at least I am awake! I’m hopeful to do a little better on tracking my calories but just learned my in laws are visiting this week from Virginia so there may be some unpredictable meals...

    Steps @Megan_smartiepants1970
    9/11 8,305
    9/12 23,295 - walked a 10k with a friend — a beautiful Albuquerque morning sunrise view! The hot air balloons are out in force ahead of the international Balloon Fiesta
  • mthomas0228
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    Daily Check-in For Sunday 9/12:

    Calories: Under
    Water: 70+ Oz
    IF 16/8: Fasted 19 hours
    Alcohol Free: Yes (7/12 days this month)
    Exercise: Scheduled Rest Day
    Sleep: 8.25 Hours (Saturday night)

    Yesterday was a scheduled rest day and I wasn't feeling great, so pretty much just stayed in bed all day. Busy day today to make up for it!

    9/12 Steps = 1,375
  • azkunk
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    mszoueb wrote: »
    Weighing pasta/rice/potatoes can be anxiety inducing with the whole dry vs cooked aspect. I'm not sure why it's a thing because water doesn't have calories, but the cooked weight is increased by the water so how do we know what weight the cooked food actually is in that case.. it's like ahhh! I'm interested to know what you guys do in regards to that.

    Have a great week everyone!

    I weigh mine dry but I am usually cooking for myself. My family does not eat what I eat. One thought, weigh one serving dry, cook it, drain it and then wait to see what it weighs after cooking one serving. Let’s us know the difference because now, I am curious.

    I’m jealous of your tomatoes. I used to make my own tomato sauce and salsa from my garden all the time but I no longer have a garden 😞
  • rwood566
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    Good morning everyone.

    Check in for 9/12:
    Steps - 2559. Another low day, energy wise. After all the time living here I should be used to this heat.
    Calories - 1536. Bad dinner choice but I didn't eat to much.
    Exercise. Blah. It is getting hot way to early for a long walk.
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