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  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    Piqueaboo wrote: »
    Steps last week:
    • Monday 17 144
    • Tuesday 15 462
    • Wednesday 12 391
    • Thursday 12 138
    • Friday 7 226
    • Saturday 16 367
    • Sunday 13 124

    Missing Sunday the 9/5
  • Beautyofdreams
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    Username: Beautyofdreams
    Weigh In Day: Tuesday
    PW: 141.4
    CW: 139.1
    LTD: 84.3

  • Poobah1972
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    Good Evening Guys!

    Another productive day at work... Well sort of, if you call researching all the various type of Elbow Braces and sleeves that are available... Cause there is a lot of them. Then it turns out that most of them won't fit me on the best day. Yes, it turns out ole' Poobear has some pretty big arms. (But medium sized wrists... whole other story).

    So, if you don't care about Elbow Braces, Workout Gloves or Grip assistance accessories just skip to the workout section. lol

    Turns out the size was the biggest deciding factor, and it ended up pushing me towards weight lifting sites like Rogue, to see what was available there... Where I Found REHBAND RX 5MM ELBOW SLEEVE the largest should just fit me at the elbow? But it remains to be seen if it will fit me on the bicep (I have a chunky monkey bicep so yeah).

    Those things are like 60 bucks and you only get one... So Now that I knew about it, I tried finding that one on Amazon... Where low and behold I found what people describe as a perfect knock off and bargain. At just 29.99, free shipping and you get TWO of them. 👍🤓 Best of all, 1-day delivery! 🥳 Now if it turns out these don't adequately fit over my bicep, then I'll have to get a product called by "STRong Elbow Sleeve" these things come in sizes Extra Crazy huge etc.. and about 55USD per pair.

    With that out of the way I got sucked further down the rabbit whole, and ended up cancelling the new pair of workout gloves I had on order... Because I realized that Canadian Tire sells that glove, it was even in stock at my local store. So, I ordered that one instead... But then I thought about it? Do I want a workout glove that Crappy Tire Sells? I think probably not... And turned around and cancelled the order. 😋

    Eventually I found a pair of completely leather and radical gloves that were literally unavailable on Amazon unless I wanted to pay 100-150 bucks which I didn't. But I kept searching and I found the retailers website and low and behold they were on sale for 54% off for a total of 29.95 USD, plus a USPS shipping charge... AND it's in Black and Red!!! Just like the colors of our GYM equipment.... So, ya ordered them up pronto. 😆 In case you're wondering... Epic Leather Gym Gloves with Built in 2" Wide Wrist Wraps.

    All in all, I didn't spend too much money, and I think I'll be really happy with the products... But then I slipped a little further down that hole. I've been using hooks for deadlifts and DB rows, and in both cases, it hurts my wrist and I don't like them much. Been meaning to look into alternate methods. I've used straps before and I didn't like those either very much. I noticed a product on the same site as the gloves called Cobra Grips... And this led to a bunch more research. There is a number of manufacturers and fancy names. But I guess the original and most well-known are "Versa Gripps" (Cost twice as much as the Cobra's)... However, by all opinions I could find on the internet the Cobra Grips are in fact much better made, much more comfortable on the wrist and safer in general. And I found a Limited-Edition PRO version in Black Leather as opposed to the usual rubber composite for half the price of the Versa Gripps. Probably the best thing about these other than comfort and support on the wrist, is they don't take time at all to use them like say straps do. Anyway... I bought them... DOH! Oh, and they also look totally Boss! 👍😀


    Okay... So, I did as promised and I got a workout in today after all....

    7 friggin sets of nothing but Squats.

    It didn't go as I hoped though (but then maybe it went better?)... I was thinking that I should be able to put the Olympic bar across the back of my neck and be able to do them... The reality is, putting the bar back there and then contorting my arms, elbows and shoulders to hold the bar while simultaneously trying to squat to a 12" height just throws off my mojo and balance completely. I tried 3 times or so, but it was just out of reach. So mildly disappointed I continued to do 5 sets of 12 body weight squats. But on the 6th set I thought about it, and figured maybe if I did a Goblet squat instead by holding the weight in front of me. That way I can squat and I should be able to keep the same form. So, with the 10-pound slam ball in my hands, held up in front of my face I successfully did 12 more reps. WHOOO WHOOOO!!! It's a small improvement from the weekend but it's an improvement and in the world of progressive overload. 🥳

    If you take a look at the heart rate you will see that even just keeping that 10-pound ball in front of my face, had forced me to lock in my form and utilize my core more and it quite literally drove my heart up substantially more. And because i did do 12, I figured I should be able to do more weight... So, on the 7th set, I used the 20-pound slam ball. I damn near gave up after 8 reps, but I managed 2 more before finally throwing in the towel. But I 100% had wobbly legs so it was WELL WORTH IT!!! 🦵😋🤩

    So, the bad news... Is I probably need to lose more weight so I can handle a bar behind my neck and maintain balance etc.... The good news is I can do goblet squats in the meantime, and I can use 25lb plates, 35lb plates 45lb plates, and then I can move into Dumbbells up to 140 pounds. Which means there is nothing stopping me from achieving progressive overload for a long time to come. 😉 (then one day my safety squat bar will arrive too. 😋)

    Oh man... I wrote lot's... Hope someone enjoyed it. lol 🤣😂

    Good night and sweet dreams all! 🥰🤗😘

  • rlaskey2
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    rlaskey2 wrote: »
    Steps 18,857

    Got a 3.25 mile walk in with a friend. Pretty quiet day and tracked all food. Feeling so gross lately and need to get it back under control

    Sorry if I missed it but I do not have your steps for the 12th

    Sorry if I missed 6,900

  • rwood566
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    Good evening everyone. Time for yet another hump day.

    Check in for 9/14:
    Steps - 8884.
    Calories - 1533. Had my first part of custard. Interesting taste. Eggier than ice cream.
    Exercise - 2.87 mile walk this evening. Stopped and got some baklava for the others.

    Got socks ordered so hopefully I will have them in a month.
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    1st @amymartin555 - 113,934 steps
    2nd @Megan_smartiepants1970 - 107,215 steps
    3rd @mari_moulin - 103,869 steps
    4th @rlaskey2- 92, 955 steps
    5th @Shannonsto - 83,596 steps
    As A Group We Walked 850,250 Steps
    Well Done Everyone :):):)

    Recognizing Everyone Who Pledged Their Steps
    @lindamtuck2018 - 1/7
    @Megan_smartiepants1970- 6/7
    @Piqueaboo - 5/7
    @rlaskey2 - 5/7
    @Tazaria87 - 1/7
    @red1185 - 4/7
    @rwood566 - 5/7
    @amymartin555 - 7/7
    @Jpedno - 7/7
    @mari_moulin - 6/7
    @mthomas0228 - 4/7
    @Shannonsto - 6/7


  • Poobah1972
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    Wonderful Wednesday Boys & Girls! 🤗

    It's amazing one how much difference one good night sleep can make. I managed a little over 7 hours sleep with a sleep score of 84. But my arm almost feels 100%, no pain when I straighten it out even. And my Left butt cheek isn't hurting either. Other than my legs being a little wobblily going down stairs or when sitting down I feel like a million bucks. 👍😀

    Mixed things up this morning... 5 minutes Elliptical staying with the HIIT method 30 seconds hard 30 seconds meh.... Then followed that up with 5 laps around the Community Loop, and then another 5 minutes on the Elliptical and I went even harder. 😆🔥

    I feel pretty good about today... Looking forward to tonight's workout!!! 😎

    Have an amazing day Guys! 🤗🤗🤗😀👍

  • mthomas0228
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    Daily Check-in For Tuesday 9/14:

    Calories: Over
    Water: 90+ Oz
    IF 16/8: Fasted 14 hours
    Exercise: 2 Mile Walk + Yoga
    Sleep: 5hr17min (Monday night)

    Was on track all day until after dinner and then was hungry and made some poor choices. I need to get my food choices sorted out!

    9/14 Steps = 8,017
  • Poobah1972
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    jayenguk wrote: »
    Username: jayenguk
    Weigh in day: Wednesday
    (PW): 269.4
    (CW): 266.8

    yay hit 50 pounds on the site! wooot!

    Congratulations... That is Super Awesome Sauce! :smiley:
  • Bluetail6
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    Daily Check-in (9/14 stats):

    Steps: 22,810
    Floors: 16
    Calories Burned: 1,463
    Daily Intensity Minutes: 347
    Total Intensity Minutes: 532/150
    Early W/O: Yes
  • Bluetail6
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    The most steps I've ever recorded in a day is +25k. One day each month, September through December, I am going to aim for 25k steps. It should be doable for one day, lol. However, I am aware of the "best laid plans...)😉😁
  • cormierannie
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    User name cormierannie
    Weigh in day Wednesday
    PW 172 pounds
    CW 170 pounds
  • Poobah1972
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    What a great day! AarrgghghghHGHGHHHHhhh! 🤩

    So, it was Chest, Triceps and Shoulders today... If you've been paying attention (and I can't blame you if you aren't). After my "in-between" chest workout on Saturday I decided that I would step up to 80-pound dumbbell presses tonight.. (Even though I could only hit 7 with 75 pounds). I told myself I would be happy if I could hit 5 reps tonight.

    WELL GUESS WHAT!!! I hit 6 reps in the both the 1st and 2nd set. 🥳😋 (I did have a lil help from Lynn mind you.) So that's it, never again will I have to swap the big *kitten* pieces on/off the iron master Dumbbells. (I still have 2 other handles to muck with on lower weights).

    Not only that I've officially doubled my original working weight on DB presses although technically I need to hit 9 or 10 reps to truly double it in total work. BUT hey, I'm 49 years old and doubled my strength in less than 4 months while losing a *kitten* load of weight. I can't be happier with my progress. 🥳😎🥰😋😆🤗👍😀

    All in all, another great workout... Also worth noting, my skull crushers which use to be very painful for me... Are not painful at all, and not only that I jumped up coming into today, and I over shot my rep count each of the first 2 sets to 15, so I added another 5 pounds and still hit 15 reps on my final one. So, I'm jumping up another 5 pounds. Crazy I tell you!!! 😜😛

    I know right? All redonkerously positive news... Now for a reality check. I suspect I should be reaching the end of my quick growth phase as a newbie lifter? Particularly with DB Chest Press? So, this is my attempt to begin readying myself for that reality. But on the other hand, I believe I'm just at the beginning of good things happening to my legs and particularly squats. 😄 Or I hope so. 😆😎

    So other than that...

    My Legs... The squats from yesterday have been making themselves known all day long!!! Specially every time I sat down, got up, oh and getting into the car... Every step I took I could literally feel the muscle from the exterior of each quad all way around the front and right through to the interior... I swear I can feel them growing today. And I loaded up on protein and I literally nibbled on it throughout the entire day in an effort to keep as anabolic as possible. 😄🤓💪🙏

    And that's that. I forgot to turn my Fitbit off after the exercise... But you can clearly see where we actually finished up.

    I have no idea what I'm going to do tomorrow morning. Normally it's boxing, but I want to give it a week before I box again to help my elbow heal a bit more. Thankfully nothing really hurt my elbow tonight, with exception of getting my Incline Fly's into starting position (and Lynn helped with that 🥰).

    I'll figure it out, I guess. 🤔👍

    Have an amazing evening and an even better sleep guys. GOOD NIGHT!!! 🥰🤗🥰🤗🥰

  • Poobah1972
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    Bluetail6 wrote: »
    The most steps I've ever recorded in a day is +25k. One day each month, September through December, I am going to aim for 25k steps. It should be doable for one day, lol. However, I am aware of the "best laid plans...)😉😁

    That's a great goal. I'd like to burn over 3000 calories in day just once before winter arrives. Gotta have goals right? :)

  • Poobah1972
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    rlaskey2 wrote: »
    PW: 186.4
    CW: 185.8
    Steps 7011

    Tracked everything yesterday. Finally down a bit hmmmm guess it actually works when you track. What do ya know!?!?!

    Low steps again due to fitbit battery dying , basically every other day this is happening. They just announced the Apple Watch 7 so hoping prices come down in the others soon.

    Did week 9 day 1 strength workout yesterday . Goal is to complete this program before I start work next week then start a new program.

    I got to pick up my new car yesterday. I was so in need of an upgrade!

    Great job, and YES YES YES on the new car. Always a good time. (Except the spending money part... lol)
    User name cormierannie
    Weigh in day Wednesday
    PW 172 pounds
    CW 170 pounds

    Great loss this week! 🤗

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