October 14



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    @jjjcat Happy Anniversary!


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    Congrats @Jillygirl0220 - I debated if it was too soon, but figured it can't hurt to post a couple weeks ahead of Halloween in case it helped anyone to think ahead if they haven't already.

    Another excellent day @victorious55
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    Mrs_Hoffer wrote: »
    Great topic @WhatMeRunning
    Stress and anxiety for me personally? Well I had to work on putting myself 1st and loving my self 1st so I then in turn cld care and love my loved ones.

    I got extremely unwell and almost didnt make it after the birth of my baby and one of the epiphanies i had was that most of the decisions i made was due to guilt and feeling sorry for others. So I had to let go of guilt and learn to say no.

    Not putting so much weight on wat others think of me helped with my stress levels too.

    Realising I needed to spend less time fixing those around me and instead look within.

    Journal writing to dig deep, understand myself and get to the bottom of my feelings and triggers.

    Gratitude and my faith helps a lot. Not trying to control everything and leaving my worries in the hands of god.

    Lastly with the holiday season/summer In the past i wld hve ppl come stay all the time as we live in a beach house. This is exhausting and throws my routine out esp food and exercise wise as sometimes they stay for weeks at a time. All our spare time was taken up constantly hosting ppl whilst hubby and i also worked full time. I am not even sure how we managed to do it... This year I promised myself I won't be doing thatl..I will be very selective with who I have stay..

    All of the above is a work in progress 4 me... Thanks for allowing me to share I' think I well and truly over shared. Ha ha. Look forward to hearing urs. Xo

    @donna25trinity you didn't overshare at all! I think it's important to have a place (like the UAC!) to share your thoughts - and even voice your frustrations occasionally! Lol. I'm very GLAD that you've had the epiphanies that you have - it sounds like you've come a long way! ;)

    I appreciate YOU my friend! :heart:

    Dido @mrs_hoffer I was so pleased the day I heard u were willing to step up and keep UAC going!!! Thank goodness!!! This place means so much to me and a lot others. Like minded ppl who alto we may different views and opinions there is still a abundance of respect, support and encouragement!! We are so lucky. Xo
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    Exercise: :)
    Tracking: :)
    Calories: :)
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    October 14

    ✅ Exercise - workout video
    ✅ Calories
    ✅ Tracked

    2 Pass Days Used
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    Oct 14
    Exercise - yes
    Tracking - yes
    Calories- yes

    1/3 Pass days
    Barely made it today…Traveling & visiting family, so lots of temptations!
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    ✅✅✅ holiday plans.... Enjoy but keep the wheels on.
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    @jjjcat - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
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    In the past, I would try to come up with a plan for parties, get togethers, family meals, etc. I would stress and plan and plan and stress. Seldom, if ever, did I adhere to any of the plans. Then I would beat myself up. Then one year I heard myself think, “oh well, you messed up the plan so you’ve failed”, upon which I just ate and stressed and stressed and ate. About 5 years ago, I decided not to make a plan, not to stress, to just enjoy the moment and be in the present instead of trying to control and predetermine the future. I found I ate within reason for the circumstances. That being said, I no longer bake tons of cookies and baked goods for anyone anymore (none of us need them) and I limit when I am enjoying holiday foods to actual events. I no longer sit on the couch every night with spiked egg nog and holiday treats binge watching the hallmark channel (although it is fun trying to guess if a character is Santa or not, or who will fall in love, in the first 3 minutes of holiday movies).

    Thursday, October 14

    Tracking: Yes
    Calories: under
    Exercise: Yes, full body stretch warm up, cycle 45 min, cool down ride, post ride stretch

    Pass days to date - 4
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    Date: 10/14
    Exercised ?: never again will I miss an opp to walk. Did EMOM plus 5 min warm and 5 min core routine
    Calories ? YES
    Tracked? YES

    Pass Days 1/3
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    Mrs_Hoffer wrote: »
    I'm excited about heading into the holidays..... because I have a plan!! Lol. And it did work well for me last year.......

    Last year as it got closer to the holidays, I decided to put my daily calorie goal up closer to a "maintenance" level. I figured I'd rather do that and MAINTAIN throughout the month of Dec, then feel frustrated and even perhaps give up because I couldn't stay under my cal goal every day. Doing that helped me to STAY in the HABIT of tracking everything I ate, and still having a goal to try to stay under - which is what I needed in order to not go completely off the rails!!!! When the holidays were over, I had not gained any weight - I had held the same. AND I was STILL in the daily habit of tracking every single thing! WHICH MADE ME VERY HAPPY! :)

    In past years, it's been very hard for me to get BACK into the habit of logging after the holidays (IF I came back at all!!!!) Plus, last year I found that on many days I WAS ABLE to stay way under (closer to my original, lower calorie goal), but on the days that I needed a little more grace - it was already built in to my food diary. Just a thought.....
    Another thing that I sometimes do to try to "trick" my brain....... is when I have a Christmas cookie or two (or another sweet) and find that I'm wanting another, and another...... is to quickly PUT THEM AWAY and GO OUT FOR A WALK!! Yes, GET OUT OF THERE! Layer up and go outside, or even go downstairs and do an aerobic workout!! I MEAN, RIGHT NOW! Even if it's only a short workout! It focuses my mind on something else other than more sweets!! And by putting them AWAY (OUT OF SIGHT) before I leave, then, when I do come back into the kitchen, I don't have them staring up at me to instantly REMIND me! :lol: I've even asked my hubby to HIDE goodies from me. (I DON'T go looking for them, because I DON'T want to find them!)

    I sometimes will TALK TO MYSELF as though I'm an 8-year old and will say things like
    "No, not now. You can have 2 cookies after dinner". (And SOMETIMES I can even continue to put my little 8-year old self off throughout the day!) :)
    Or, "Go walk 4 miles first, and THEN you can have 2 cookies!" (again, postponing, instead of telling myself "no" which doesn't work for me if I really, really want something........ you get the idea!)

    I don't have a lot of other stress at the holidays. Being a great-grandma to 4, grandma to 8 plus 8 significant others, mom to 4 plus their SO....... we have a very large family. I no longer buy Christmas gifts for everyone, just the little ones. For everyone else, I take them out on their birthday for dinner at the restaurant of their choice - instead of spending all that money at Christmastime! It's worked very well for me. On Christmas day, we do have a big meal and have everyone over (potluck style) and I will make gluten free and keto stuff for myself. We have a large family gift exchange, so I only have to buy one gift for that. I can usually have all my gifts purchased by thanksgiving weekend and go into December just enjoying the season.

    Sorry - I guess it's my turn to be long-winded! :)

    So awesome u hve a plan that u hve tried and knows works!!! Loved it tips with delayed gratification!!!! The going for a walk one is brilliant as it is actually the opposite to eating the cookie. He he!!! I love it!!! I am also a massive sweet tooth so i tots know wat u mean!!! Xo