October 18



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    Pass Day.

    Monday, October 18

    Tracking: Yes
    Calories: over but close to maintenance - I over carb-ed 2 days ago and have been craving and eating so many carbs since. I need to get control of it.
    Exercise: Yes, Full body warm up 10 min, core 10 min, lift full body 20 min, cycle 45 min, cool down ride, post ride stretch, full body stretch 15

    Pass days to date - 5
  • yrc_pr
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    October 18

    ✅ Exercise - Zumba
    ✅ Calories
    ✅ Tracked

    2 Pass Days Used
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    Yes x3 today!
  • lovingcaring
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    edited October 2021
    Oct 18th

    Track eats/drinks? Yes
    Within calorie budget? Yes
    Exercise? Home work out 25min
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    Oct 18
  • calvin20874
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    Oct 18

    Exercise: 48 minutes biking, 22 minutes elliptical, 50 minutes weight training, 55 minutes stretching and PT exercises

    Tracking: yes
    Calories: under
    Pass days: 1
  • LazyBlondeChef
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    Track: yes
    Calories: yes
    Exercise: yes
    • Full Body Warm Up: 5 min
    • Day 29: EPIC I - Isometric & Dynamic full body dumbbell workout (+ cool down): 65 mins
    Passes used: 1/3 (17oct)

  • Oct 18
    Exercise: 15 minute MommaStrong, 30 minute walk
    Track: Planned the day, followed the plan
    Calories: Under

    I forgot to weigh yesterday - I think because we haven't turned the heat on yet and I was very cold so focused on getting out of jammies and into workout clothes and forgot the scale in between. Today I weighed and had a nice loss. Eating less = weight loss! Amazing! I am getting used to the new lower calorie diet. I am less hungry than I was at the beginning of it.

    Thanks for the tips about the inner mean girl. I am lucky enough to not really have an issue with that, at least with weight loss. Sometimes I struggle with it when my autoimmune condition means I can't achieve the basics at work and home and things start falling apart because of that. I do pride myself on getting stuff done and mostly I can, except when I can't. Working on that.
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    Mrs_Hoffer wrote: »
    Oct 18:

    Pass Days Used: 3/3 (4Oct) (12Oct) (18Oct)

    Felt a little better this morning, so we decided to see how much hiking I could tolerate. We did a total of about 5 miles on various trails in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. I did a half-way job of keeping track of what I ate.... but got worse about it as the day went on. Idk what "bug" this is that I have, but I hope it doesn't stick around long. (2 covid tests have been negative thus far). But by this evening, I'm dragging again. We're back home how, and I'm going to bed early.

    Brandywine Falls (60')

    The Ledges trail......

    This is absolutely gorgeous!!!
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    seilidhe wrote: »
    Exercise? Yes
    Tracking? Yes
    Calories? No.

    Self-sabotage is the key phrase from my weekend, as I fed my emotions with chocolate and ice cream. Yeah... I need to get a grip.

    Dw we hve all been there. Xo
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    Jana_2020 wrote: »
    We all have them. Those thoughts that tell us it’s okay to have some ice cream since we had such a lousy day. Then after we’ve lost control and eaten far too much, that same voice tells us we’ll never lose weight, we just don’t have what it takes, gosh, what a loser. Well, now that we’ve blown the calorie budget for the day, may as well go for the chips too.

    Sound familiar? If we are going to succeed in this journey, we need to mange those thoughts. Shari Broder, health coach has some tips on how to do so. Check out her blog post on this topic for some helpful advice on how to handle our inner “mean girl/boy”:



    Love this!!!