Best “Healthy” Pizza Recipe

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Just want to see what kind of recipes people have for healthier pizza!


  • I've used wholemeal pitta breads as a base before.
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    I am on low carb, low fat diet, but this recipe seems to satisfy! I use Rao's pizza sauce and turkey pepperoni.
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    Golden Home Ultra Thin pizza crusts are decent, and currently Dollar Trees near me have either a single 12" crust or three 6" crusts for a dollar. My carb goal is 45-60 per meal, so I can have half a large or a whole small crust. I top it with either homemade tomato sauce or leftover spaghetti sauce with meat. For me, I use mostly onions, mushrooms, and sometimes peppers because I'm watching sodium. I give my husband more meat and keep pepperoni slices on hand. I just use an ounce of mozzarella on my half but give him more. Or I might use a little feta on mine instead of mozzarella. If I wasn't watching salt I would add black olives.

    Occasionally I'll make a cheese sauce and add taco meat for a Mexican pizza -- for him. Top with lettuce and tomato after cooking. He likes that a lot but it isn't especially healthy -- except I don't use processed cheese. I melt cream cheese and cheddar and then stir in the canned tomatoes with green chilis, which at least sneaks in some vegetables.

    If you don't have a Dollar Tree near you and are in the U.S., you may find this link helpful (current as of 11/11/21).