January 9



  • LazyBlondeChef
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    Track: yes
    Calories: yes
    Exercise: yes
    • Treadmill: 1.46 mi / 30 mins (Speed interval + warmup/cool down)
    Pass Days: 0/0
  • DebyS137
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    ~❄️~ 1 /9 /2022~~ Waving Hi ~~ ☃️ ~~ BLESSings ALLways ~💖~

    Exercise for at least 20 minutes .................................... ✅ ... 180+ min.
    Stay within my calorie budget for the day ...................... ✅ ... I am
    Keep track of everything I ate and drank ....................... ✅ .... I did

    STEPS......... +.......... 180 walking ......... ....

    Documenting My CONSISTANCY = For personal ACCOUNTABILITY & Celebration
    (if there is a P=instead of number its a Pass Day)

  • Caroline_slowandsteady
    Jan 9
    Exercise - 15 minutes MommaStrong and I'm going to give myself the other 5 minutes for general activity around the house. I did not go walking because it was freezing rain all day. I tried to do yoga with the kids but they refused. I wound up doing other kinds of active play with them that was less "exercisey" but I think still counts.
    Tracking - I actually forgot to preplan the day, but I caught up at lunch time and then preplanned dinner after lunch
    Calories - Under
    Pass days so far - 1 (Jan 1)

    I did 3 days at 1350 plus exercise calories, which I think is my maintenance level. After those 3 days I am about the same as I was before. I think that sets me up well to continue losing this week. This is a lesson to me that I can enjoy some takeout and fit it into the maintenance calories.

    @mshwaki I've tried a few different things to play with exercise calories. I think you have to decide what your base calories are to set your exercise calories. I've found it works psychologically better for me to set my base calories lower and eat my exercise calories - just because I like the flexibility and reward of earning/spending. But if you are going to set your base calories higher to account for your regular exercise, you should not also eat your exercise calories - I think if I were going to do it that way, I wouldn't even track my exercise calories in MFP so that I wouldn't be tempted to think I could eat them. Separately from that, though, I have been playing around with allowing myself an up to once a week very high calorie day that is preplanned, and not counting that as a pass day. I like the flexibility of the UAC rules to do something like that.

    I think before getting pregnant my hunger systems worked pretty well, though I definitely had that if I ate a carby meal/snack I would be hungry right away afterwards and then get a headache if I didn't eat. I learned pretty early in my adulthood that I always needed to have protein with a snack or meal, and that starting the day with eggs helped the day go better than starting with cereal.

    When I was pregnant with my first I had terrible "morning sickness" and I had to eat pretty much constantly because if my stomach got empty I would begin vomiting and be unable to stop until I either managed to eat something and keep it down (that often took a few tries of eating and throwing up before it worked) or took zofran, which would knock me out for several hours, at which point I would usually wake up and begin vomiting again. So I learned to keep eating. During my pregnancy with my son I was better medicated with diclegis, but still I had to eat every 2 hours to keep things on an even keel.

    Because of that one of my big struggles with weight loss has been learning that being hungry is not an emergency! I think now, 9 and 5 years past that experience, I am beginning to learn that. Still I try to eat every 4 hours or so so that I don't have to be too hungry.

    I have since I reduced my calories down to 1200 been experiencing a new kind of hunger, where my belly is full (because I always make sure to eat a high volume of veggies) but I am just feeling unsatisfied and still hungry. I just want more calories of all kinds. But I have learned that if I take a cup of tea and walk away from the kitchen I usually forget that feeling within 5 minutes.

    It is interesting to reflect on all of this. Thanks for the prompt.
  • seilidhe
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    Exercise? Yes
    Track? Yes
    Calories? No
  • znaoiec
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    Interesting article. Thanks for the link.

    Yes, yes and yes
  • BMcC9
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    Dec 9
    Exercise: ✨ core work - 12 mins; balance practice - 5 mins; fitbit says 44 "active minutes" (mostly exergame) / 9,561 steps
    Logged: ✨ EVERYthing
    In Range: ✨ earned 261 fitbit activity credits / left 238 in the pot

    (if there is a P=instead of a 🌟, its a Pass Day)


  • dsgoingtodoit
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    Pass day 1/3
    Family came in, but did stick to tracking and fasting
    Did not exercise
  • bookieNJ
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    Exercise yes
    Tracking yea
    Calories no
    2nd pass day used
  • jamcnewman
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    Pass day 1/3
    Family came in, but did stick to tracking and fasting
    Did not exercise

    Glad you got some time with your family. Have been thinking about you and how you are doing. Take good care.
  • jamcnewman
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    @Caroline_slowandsteady Thanks for sharing - it was such a great starter post, wasn’t it?

    I appreciated reading your insights. It brought back such memories from my pregnancy with our daughter 29 years ago. 🤢🤢🤢 until 17 weeks when it started to lessen. Thank goodness that 24 hour a day experience improved (no idea what the call it morning sickness as it was every hour of every day).

    Great recovery on the tracking/planning! That “unsatisfied hunger” is powerful and it sounds like you have a great and successful plan. 🌟 Have a lovely week.
  • jamcnewman
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    edited January 2022
    Cheering your three yes successes:

    @LazyBlondeChef @BMcC9 @znaoiec @DebyS137 @Caroline_slowandsteady

    Cheering you champions for reporting:
    @seilidhe @bookieNJ @dsgoingtodoit

    Wishing everyone a great week ahead. Stay safe. 🥰

  • Mrs_Hoffer
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    jmu1965 wrote: »
    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? Yes Fabulous50’s 23 minute workout
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? Yes
    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? Yes
    Today is my birthday. I went to my sons house for mid day lunch. We had pulled pork, coleslaw, macaroni and cheese, corn muffins and trifle.
    I enjoyed my day!

    @jmu1965 awesome job getting a "3 Yes" day on your birthday!! Congrats! And Happy belated birthday too! :)
  • ideas2
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    ✅ Exercise: 40 minutes walking
    ✅ Calories
    ✅ Tracked

    0 pass days used ( )
  • Marilynsretired
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    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? yes

    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? Yes

    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? Yes
  • GrandmaJackie
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    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? 😈😈
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? 👍🏻
    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? 👍🏻

    Using #1 pass
    2 passes remain

    January goals
    1 Miracle Morning ~ S.A.V.E.R.S
    2 Wake up EARLY for meditation
    3 Yoga (5/6 times weekly)
    4. Minimum sweets (work them in my calorie goal)
    5. 30 day squat challenge
    6. No late night snacking
    7. Daily journal logging

  • Anya_000
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    Planned pas day #1
  • WhatMeRunning
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    Pass day#3 - No tracking, no exercise
  • Ginharbe
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    @Ginharbe I really want to know more about the Poke Bowl and the shocker!
    Super job on your tracking, exercise, and calories today!

    @jamcnewman,,So I went gocery shopping, and I saw the PoKe Bowls on display, and I said:
    OHH, that lookd healthy, sure why not? never looked at the lable of NutriTional Value , until I was done
    so including the little dressing cup it was over 600 cal.
    A Shocker
  • Geneveremfp
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    Yes x3