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Dry intermittent fasting

Hello everyone

I've just joined the group and it's great to know that there are people who enjoy losing weight and getting fit with IF. I've been doing IF off and on, and four days ago, I watched a youtube video of a woman who lost weight doing dry fasting. I decided to experiment for four days and I've lost 5lbs in those four days.

I found doing dry fasting easier than having to drink water because that just gets my hunger going. I've stopped because i was breaking the fast with unhealthy meals, but aim to restart on the 1st of October in order to do the whole month and see if I can really cope.

I started at 224lbs and I'm 219lbs. I will incorporate weight training and my cardio is usually zumba, dance aerobics and lots of walking. Thinking of adding the rowing machine to that.

Has anyone tried dry fasting and if you have, what were the results?


  • cdebracy
    cdebracy Posts: 91 Member
    I had not heard the term, before, but familiar with what is is after looking it up. For how long do you dry fast at a time?

    I've not tried it, but have heard of one professional football player who won't drink during Ramadan, even though he's doing practice sessions.
  • Bubba1922
    Bubba1922 Posts: 67 Member
    Really worried about damaging my kidneys by dry fasting.
  • dawlfin318
    dawlfin318 Posts: 227 Member
    Sounds crazy if more than a couple days.
  • OregonRunner5
    OregonRunner5 Posts: 404 Member
    I have beginner level kidney disease - seriously, once your kidneys get screwed up you're in for a world of problems.
  • losergood2011
    losergood2011 Posts: 172 Member
    Dry fasting over night is probably ok. Maybe 18/6. But. Water is needed to help break down fat. It’s very important. If you end up super hungry something isn’t ready to fast. Maybe cut back fasting time.
    First time I IFd itset me up to binge. I finally got my body/hormones straightened out then was able to do up to 72. Any more than that it went south again.
    Last week I did 96 and had no problem eating right this weekend
  • Miss_Missy_Bee
    Miss_Missy_Bee Posts: 28 Member
    I would not recommend dry fasting. Water is essential.
  • bentanner25
    bentanner25 Posts: 7 Member
    Like you, the other people I've heard about dry fasting from seem to say it's easier for them. Maybe even a tiny bit of water passing your lips gets your digestive system revved up a tiny little bit. Or maybe it's kind of psychological :-) Either way, if it's easier for you, it's probably fine to do.

    I've done some dry fasting a while back, but I mostly stick with water fasting since it seems to work well for me.
  • ilovepopcorn2016
    ilovepopcorn2016 Posts: 6 Member
    I had not heard of dry fasting until today. Hmmm