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    @CasandraW Stress can play havoc with your body, that's for sure...not just emotionally, but physically as well...hope you're able to find a plan that works for your daughter. I can only imagine your feelings of panic. Hope your upcoming vacation helps to ease your stress. Stay safe!
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    @seeless25 I'm so glad you're starting to see more than just scale victories...I think the little things mean the most because they're NOT little this means your fitness levels are getting higher...that's awesome!!! Keep it've had an amazing month. CONGRATS!
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    Daily Step Goal: 8,000
    1/21: 10,319
    1/22: 8,195

    Name: Cindy
    Daily Goal: 8,000
    Favorite Place to Walk: at the ballpark down the street when the weather is nice; inside with Leslie Sansone when its not.
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    Hi all
    I'm terrible at keeping track of my PW - I think it was 138?
    But my CW is 137Lbs!! Yayy 😊
    Have a super week !

    @PamStellick Your PW was 138.5. If in doubt, check the chart. From the main Fat2Fit page, scroll down til you see the red/bolded note for accessing the SPREADSHEETS for current and previous month. Once you click on JANUARY SPREADSHEET and get to it, look for the Shape Shifters tab at the bottom.

    Here's the link:

    Hope this helps! Nice loss this week!
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    CONGRATULATIONS to the Week 3 winners and honorable mentions! Great job this week everybody!! WAY TO GO SHIFTERS!!!
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    @PatriceFitnessPal Did I miss your Week 3 weigh in? Please post, so I can update. Thanks!
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    Thanks @jessicakrall8 !!
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    hipari wrote: »
    PW 235,6
    CW 236,2

    I know I’m late, I’m really sorry! It was a crazy weekend and my regular plan of checking in while pumping didn’t work out due to a number of other things that needed my attention at those times. I was very bloated and up in weight all week, and got pretty discouraged and concerned - if I can’t lose the weight while producing enough milk to feed two babies, how will I have any chance of losing or even maintaining once I stop lactating. I’ve been back down a couple of days now and my trendweight is going back to where it should be. I posted Saturday’s trendweight, so it reflects my agreed weigh-in date. Already half a pound down from that in trend weight.

    Baby had her 3-month checkup on Thursday, this time the vaccine didn’t seem to bother her too much. We got a green light for moving her to her own room, so this week’s home improvement project will be decluttering and reorganizing to make that room hers intead of a random storage mess. I already have a fairly decent plan of how to do it, it will just take time. Baby is also veeeery close to starting to crawl, which is crazy considering she’s only 3 months old. My dad is coming over this week to help baby proof and attach cabinets and shelves to the walls so there are no accidents.

    Woo woo huge milestones!! Both my girls were crawling early and both walked before 9 months!! Some babies wanna attack the world! You will drop the weight be patient and gentle with yourself!! You got this!!
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    Monday Weigh-in
    PW: 300.4
    CW: 300.4

    After yesterday's afternoon cookies, I'm taking this as a win, but am a little disappointed because of all the extra walking I've been doing. My scale and I are not speaking for a few days. :wink:

    You’ve got this! I fight with my scale often as you know.
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    @hipari yes, be gentle with yourself. Your body needs time postpartum to heal and adjust.
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