Friday weigh-in thread, 1-28-2022

steve0mania Posts: 2,224 Member
Yo. How'd you do?


  • steve0mania
    steve0mania Posts: 2,224 Member
    I'm down 0.4 pounds. Still maintaining, but not really losing. More in the 10 pound challenge thread.

  • goldenfrisbee
    goldenfrisbee Posts: 1,640 Member
    Down .4
  • Al_Howard
    Al_Howard Posts: 5,486 Member
    I was up 2.0# at WW. Know why, and I fully expect next week will be better.
    My at home weights are a see saw, good, but I do look to losing at least 10#. Like Steve, I know that snacking is my problem, and, as yet, haven't been able to overcome it.
  • whathapnd
    whathapnd Posts: 1,127 Member
    I had a good week. Finally achieved my weekly goal of a 3500 calorie deficit. It was a bit over 3600. I had better meal plans in place for the week. I feel good about my progress in terms of food choices. Still room for improvement, though.

    More in 10 Pound Challenge.
  • crewahl
    crewahl Posts: 1,873 Member
    I’m down 3.0 this week. Put that with the 4.6 from last week, and I’m within 0.2 of what I weighed before the trip to Kansas this. month that was associated with a 7.8# gain. Those losses are right on schedule - it’s generally two or three weeks for me to lose the weight from a short, sharp gain like that. My Thursday even8ng weigh-in was 198.2, so eighteen pounds over goal as I work my way back.

    On the non-scale side of things, I’m about ready to pull the trigger on transitioning back into size medium shirts. I’m waiting until I have a full calendar week of daily weigh-ins under 198, and two in-studio weigh-ins under 200. I also replaced my LL Bean Baxter State Park parka today - my old one was an XL, and I replaced it with a Medium in dark red. It’s a bold color for me, but I actually liked it - and it fits well.

    Looking ahead, I’ve got some changes to deal with. I start volunteering at AARP Tax-Aide next week M/W/F, and that commitment means I won’t be able to do as much of my exercise/fitness routine. I’m hopeful that I can do at least half of it on those days, but we’ll see how it shakes out - and what the impact is, if necessary.
  • imastar2
    imastar2 Posts: 4,813 Member
    I'm up 2.0 lbs. I think I know why I'm gaining weight. I'm eating toooo much toooo late in the evenings and eating the wrong things. That should just about cover it.
  • cakeman21k
    cakeman21k Posts: 4,028 Member
    up by 4# Not good