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Al_Howard Posts: 5,853 Member
Many of us are daily weighers. Have you ever written down a different number, because it was not pleasing to you?
I'll be back, with my answer later.


  • steve0mania
    steve0mania Posts: 2,373 Member
    No, I've never done that.
  • cakeman21k
    cakeman21k Posts: 4,228 Member
    No I choose to pretend that number isn't there.
    I also know that de-nial is more than just a river in Egypt!
  • crewahl
    crewahl Posts: 2,105 Member
    I haven’t since I started writing down my daily weight. I also decided that whatever number it said when I first stepped on the scale was the number for the day - no “off and on”, no trying a different position on the scale, no standing on one leg, etc.
  • misterhub
    misterhub Posts: 5,113 Member
    I have not done this. However, I have ignored the number.
  • Al_Howard
    Al_Howard Posts: 5,853 Member
    If I ever did it, I, honestly, forget. Have spreadsheets since 2009.
  • 88olds
    88olds Posts: 4,213 Member
    No. I’ve never kept a written record on my own.
  • whathapnd
    whathapnd Posts: 1,142 Member
    I never record my daily weights when I'm in daily-weighing mode. When I weigh daily, it's to see what fluctuation can look like, so I wouldn't record the wrong number.

    Impressive data bank, Al!
  • podkey
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    Well my scale (same one WW uses but without computer hook-up) weighs to 0.2 LB and if it flickers between the two I do often use the lower weight. To see the trends I either average for 5 days or 7 days. Right now I weigh daily but just figure the average weight for the week on Sunday which is my "official" WW weigh in day even though I am not doing in person yet.
    I too use to use a spreadsheet to do the averaging but lately I am not using excel just hand writing my weight and average weight on my paper calendar.
  • misterhub
    misterhub Posts: 5,113 Member
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    BTW, I use an app called Happy Scale, which is quite nice and shows performance trends. If you want to prophesy the future, there is a cost. Otherwise it is free.
  • Al_Howard
    Al_Howard Posts: 5,853 Member
    I use FitBit's app with an Aria scale. Don't want my daily (as God sees me) weights confusing the WW app.