Any ladies looking for a support group chat?

Mvila0 Posts: 12 Member
No offense to the guys in here, but sometimes I feel more comfortable with a few fellow ladies. Would be happy to connect via messenger or WhatsApp in a smallish group. Low key looking to make some friends in general that struggle with this and are committed, as my friends either don't have weight issues or aren't really consistent in trying to lose weight.


  • ezebualajanet
    ezebualajanet Posts: 1 Member
    edited January 2022
    I am interested
  • mum2pickle
    mum2pickle Posts: 8 Member
    I'm very interested. I will message you
  • lifestyle_change93
    Me too
  • mermaidnj
    mermaidnj Posts: 161 Member
    me too. will send all friend requests to all who have expressed interest.. I have logged in the last 45 days some good some not so good but determined to show up and log daily ..
  • midsummer174627
    midsummer174627 Posts: 386 Member
    I am interested in something like this; I may have missed the boat on the chat, but 1000% agree about IRL friends.
  • stephanierece
    stephanierece Posts: 2 Member
    Not sure if the invite is still available? But, I'm interested. Doing this is never easy alone, it would be great with a little support.
  • Lxxy30
    Lxxy30 Posts: 12 Member
    I am interested as well I could use the support . :)
  • kdv12
    kdv12 Posts: 1,697 Member
    I am interested.
  • LynneM1980
    LynneM1980 Posts: 102 Member
    I am interested for sure
  • hap2go
    hap2go Posts: 105 Member
    Me? over 50, over 200 and NOT an athlete
  • GwynLeder
    GwynLeder Posts: 101 Member
    I am interested as well
  • susseca2
    susseca2 Posts: 4 Member
    I am interested
  • Lindyloo05
    Lindyloo05 Posts: 3 Member
    If not too late I would like to join your group 😊 I created this account a little while ago but never used it, mainly due to having no willpower & relying on sugary snacks too much! But my weight is just going up & up….