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  • Cornanda
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  • Cornanda
    Cornanda Posts: 874 Member
    Hi! Having a scattered brain day. Daughter broke up with BF of 2 years yesterday. She's a mess and needs my support. There's trouble brewing again with my Mom's health. I'm reaching the conclusion that's going to be the norm going forward. Dog is still muddling. Perhaps declining a bit, not really sure. I'm working hard to keep my chin up, push out the anxious and negative thoughts and deal with all this one step at a time in the daylight of reason and logic. Focusing on those supporting me- and Ya'll are on that list, so thanks!

    Kept to my Spring challenge goals, Decided I couldn't muster a YouTube work out today, so I walked until I started feeling more relaxed. Only took 75 min! Seriously, that was a huge treat for me and I enjoyed it. It helps me get my thoughts in order.

    Also focused on the fact that I'm holding onto healthy habits through all this and not going off the rails. I think this could easily be a 10 pound binge.


    PS: @laurelfit57 - I'm concerned about your pain issues. Please update after your appt. Thinking of you!
  • FushiaKat
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    Username: FushiaKat
    Weigh in day: Tuesday
    PW. 170.7
    CW. 168.1

    Woo I'm in the 160's now, never thought I'd be here. Only one pound away from when I got sick back in 2012, I know the road ahead will be slower, but so long as I'm staying the same or going in the right direction, I will be happy. I ordered another large skirt to celebrate my loss last week. I think I want my goal weight / maintenance to be between 135 - 145 which would be 400 more or less calories per day, I will need to lose 33.1 more pounds. 76.9 down, 33.1 more to go! I'm still on track for reaching my goal weight by August. Lol, subject to change without notice!
  • FushiaKat
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    Cornanda wrote: »

    That should be easy since February 29, 30, and 31 flew right by! 😁
    FUPA_B_GONE Posts: 7 Member
    Username: Fupa_B_Gone
    Weigh In Day: Monday
    PW (Previous Weight): 231
    CW (Current Weight): 230

    Sorry, I'm a day late with my weigh in. I had dental surgery yesterday so solid foods are a no-go for me for a bit. Just been drinking homemade smoothies and protein shakes.

    @FushiaKat awesome job! That's so inspiring!!
  • tammymccrady6278
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    Well today it’s snowing like crazy. But at least it’s the really pretty big flakes. Sure will be glad to see the grass again though. I stuck to my spring challenge yesterday and did everything on my list. Yea for me! Being that today is Pancake Tuesday the kids told me that that was what was for supper no if ands or buts. Lol. I didn’t mind at all as I love having breakfast for supper. My husband and I went for a nice drive today just to get out of the house. We cranked up the old tunes and just had a great time.
    Hope everyone has had a good day as well.
  • annflaherty1
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    @FushiaKat Way to go! Congratulations on moving below 170!

    @Coranda Glad you got a nice walk in. Caring for others is hard and taking time for you is so important. Hope it all gets better soon.

    Today I had a great workout, even it it was interrupted. My husband was working with his trainer and cut his leg on his wheelchair. (Why do they make wheelchairs with sharp edges?!?!?). Took him across the way to urgent care for some steristrips, and then went back and finished y workout. I burned 316 calories. And feel good. 🌞🌞🌞
  • laurelfit57
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    @teresaW1020 thank you for putting that sign up! It reminded me, that even though I couldn’t go to the gym I could do a somewhat kick butt workout, I got in 12,000 steps lol.

    @kkay2345 wow! You are one very busy lady! Welcome to the team, there is motivation abound here :-) :-).

    @trooworld Congrats on avoiding those vending machines, at times of stress, I swear those things have magnets in them!
    The doctor told me I definitely have to go to Physio, he does great needling work, hopefully that will help these muscles settle down. I’m sure he will give me some new exercises as well.

    @Cornanda that is such a huge accomplishment being able to hang onto health habits instead of going back to those old bad habits, you should be very proud of yourself! I’m sorry your daughter is going through a tough time, I know as a parent you end up feeling their pain. If it doesn’t rain it pours, that is really tough that your mom’s health is declining. I am definitely thinking of you!
    My Dr.’s appointment today was for an annual physical so she gave me a good going over from top to bottom :-). I told her about my fall and after a good going over, decided that the fall had probably aggravated a couple of previous conditions. Definitely strained some muscles and this Physio that I go to, he does needling so my doctor was glad that I was booked in with him for tomorrow. She is going to follow up with me next week.

    @Fushiakat wow huge congratulations to you! That’s a big deal making it into the 160s!!

    @tammymccrady6278 Sounds like you and your husband had a wonderful time!

    Well I truly missed my weight class this morning, kind of started my day in a blah way. I was able to get my car in to get fixed, get in for my doctors appointment and take Vannie on a couple of good walks. So I actually was able to get in over 12,000 steps today, I guess that’s something :-)!
  • bgame4
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    No classes today because of parent-teacher conferences, so I allowed myself to sleep in. Conferences (12-8pm) were good but draining for this introvert. Several of my students are preparing to transition beyond school, and there is a lot of discussion and planning for that process.

    30 Day Spring Challenge, Day 11 (3/1):
    1. Get up right away ✖
    2. Drink a glass of water as soon as I get up ✅
    3. Eat breakfast ✅
    4. Take supplements and brush teeth ✅
    5. 5 minutes of meditation ✅‌
    6. Exercise ✅ - bodyweight exercises before work, then walked two laps on the track during a break between conferences
    7. Take a shower ✅

    Phrase of the year: OWN IT!
  • Katmary71
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    @kkay2345 Welcome to Slimpossibles! Congratulations on beating breast cancer last year, smart to get as healthy as you can now. I look forward to getting to know you too!

    @trooworld Way to go on avoiding the vending machines and thank you for donating blood! I didn't realize you couldn't exercise afterward, I wasn't exercising the last time I donated so I probably ignored it!

    @Glombog That's awesome, practice makes perfect, right?! Plus being in the atmosphere will make her less nervous if she competes in the future.

    @Cornanda I can handle no chocolate on those days! I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter's relationship not working out. Sounds like things are definitely high stress, praying things calm down and sending positive thoughts your way! I'm so glad walking helped, it's way better than coping with food plus you feel proud of yourself and relaxed instead of guilty afterward.

    @FushiaKat Congratulations on being in the 160s, woot woot!

    @FUPA_B_GONE I hope you feel better soon, eating is horrible after dental surgery!

    @tammymccrady6278 Spring is almost here, bet you're tired of the snow! Enjoy breakfast for dinner, I love it too!

    @annflaherty1 Your poor husband, that really sucks here he is doing something for his health and hurt himself. Way to go on going back to your workout, it's hard to start up again after stopping but you kicked booty!

    @laurelfit57 Over 12,000 steps is a lot, way to go! I think sometimes we discount what is actually great exercise for the average person because we're used to doing more but those walks pay off and are great for you.

    Hi everyone! I ended up pretty busy this morning, worked out and went to the bank and was on my way to the food bank farm when I got notice my nephew stayed home today which was disappointing, I was hoping since they got the dog he was happier but it's another setback. I had a phone appointment then spent some time in the yard reorganizing my cabbage farm (they're growing really slow, my tomato plants will be ready to go in next month so I'm not sure what to do with all of them). I was marveling at dinner when I only had one serving of pasta (Banza) how different it is than eating half a box before I knew how bad I was eating, I added zucchini and ground turkey so it was actually pretty satisfying, just crazy how I used to eat. I'm doing good with eating two meals and a snack. I avoided Diet Pepsi at my brother's but it was really hard! I have to do my meditation, coming here each night reminds me of that thank goodness! Have an amazing Wednesday gang!

  • FushiaKat
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    My Spring Challenge commitment is:
    1) Read for 30 minutes a day or use my Scroll Saw = I used my Scroll Saw today. I did finish the Sunflower today.
    2) Move at least 30 minutes a day or walk 3000 steps. 2731 steps today.
    3) Weigh everyday - 168.1

    Sorry I'm really tired tonight.

    @Glombog what a lovely apartment!
  • TeresaW1020
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    @kkay2345 Welcome to the team! Wow, you have a busy life with five kids and becoming a student again. We are happy you are and that we can support you in reaching your goals.

    @Cornanda Ohhh your poor daughter! I’m sure she is a mess and needs her mom. I’m sorry about your mom and will be praying for her and you. You are doing great with the spring challenge. Just keep focusing on yourself as much as you are everyone else. <3

    @FushiaKat Wahhoooo on getting into the 160s! Just keep doing what you are doing and you will reach your goal when your body is ready.

    @tammymccrady6278 I love having pancakes for dinner! How lovely to get out for a nice drive with your husband.

    @annflaherty1 Yikes, your poor husband! And good for you for going back and finishing your workout. :grin:

    @Katmary71 I’m thinking about trying to grow some herbs, lettuces, and bell peppers in containers on my back screened porch. Do you think that will work? It gets pretty good light most of the day and some direct sunlight. I’m worried about getting bugs inside the porch. Did you get any tips or advice for a novice? :grin:

    @Glombog First, congrats on doing a leg exercise with no pain in your knees. I have suffered from knee pain off and on and I’m always thankful when I can do a leg workout and not have to baby my knees. Next, I am in LOVE with your living room! I have the exact same taste and love how serene it feels. Nice pic of you too! 😉

    Good morning, Team! Today is my 56th birthday and since it’s going to be a busy day, I thought I best get on here early. Especially since I forgot to do it yesterday. :/ My mom is taking me to Jason’s Deli for lunch today, where I will get their salad bar and split pastrami on rye with her. My sweet hubby went out yesterday and bought me a small chocolate cake and ice cream. So, I will enjoy that later this afternoon. Then tonight is church with the kids. I'm going to make them sing to me! :grin: I plan to do my workout this morning to help offset the calories. I’m sure my weight will be up tomorrow. My body seems to have settled into a new set point with my weight. I’ve been staying between 188 and 190 for two months now. I know that I need to do something to get the scale moving back down and I’m giving that some thought this week. Clearly, I need to stop eating so many delicious carbs! :p

    30 Day Spring Challenge
    Missed yesterday! Day 12: 190.8, no sugar or snacking, LIIFT4, week 3, Triceps/Chest
    Day 13: 190.4, cake and ice cream will be enjoyed! LIIFT4, week 3, Biceps/Back
    Word: INTENTIONAL[/b]
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    Username: Trooworld
    Weigh-in day: Wed
    PW: 235.4
    CW: 234.2
  • trooworld
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    @Cornanda Sounds like you are having a stressful time. Take care of YOU too! That's great that you walked...I'm glad you enjoy it. You sound like you are doing well.

    @FushiaKat Congrats on the loss and getting into the 160s!

    @Fupa_B_Gone Congrats on the loss! Ouch to the dental surgery, I hope you heal quickly.

    @annflaherty1 That is weird that they have sharp edges on a wheelchair. I'm glad you got to finish your workout.

    @laurelfit57 Yes they do! LOL I'm glad you got some good advice from your doctor, I hope the physio helps. Sounds like you had a good day!

    @bgame4 That does sound draining. Good job with the goals!

    @Katmary71 Thanks, yeah no exercise for 24 hours after but it might be because I donated a "double-red" and that is more intensive than the regular donation. I'm sorry about your nephew. That must be hard. Congrats on No-Diet Pepsi!

    @Glombog Your apartment is beautiful, I hope it sells quickly! Nice photo of you.

    @TeresaW1020 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you have a great birthday.

    Hi all. I had a stressful day yesterday at work, someone ticked me off, but I didn't get into the snacks. I stayed strong and I had a loss today at the scale partially because I stayed strong.

    My Spring Challenge commitment is:
    1) Exercise 3 days a week - No, rest day
    2) Drink 50 oz of water a day - 25 oz drank

    My phrase for the year: "Something needs to change…so I will take no crap and eat no crap!"
  • annflaherty1
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    Weigh in day: Wednesday
    Previous Weight (PW): 178.8
    Today's (Current) Weight (CW): 179

    I’m still recovering from our lovely visit to Wilmington, NC last weekend. The food and drink was great. Back on track this week.

    When I started this current venture to weight loss, I promised myself that it would be an acceptable process, without admonishing myself for setbacks. It has worked. My COVID high was 217 lbs, and today I am 179. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing. 🌞🌞🌞

  • trooworld
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    @TeresaW1020 HAPPY HAPPY DAY!

  • annflaherty1
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    Username: lose4me71
    Weigh-in day: Wednesday
    PW: 299.9
    CW: 299.5
  • FushiaKat
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    @TeresaW1020 Happy Birthday! I found this Cake I thought you might like 😋😋43y0x0qtkq8o.jpg
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