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I did IF for a short while last year and liked how it made me feel but I feel like I need daily accountability. I used to participate in another IF group but it kind of fizzled out. I’m starting fresh here hoping for long term results and people with whom I can share the journey...

My plan is to post here regularly for accountability and to help rebuild my IF habit.

Feel free to join me.


  • annie5904
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    I m in. I ve done it before and love it. Just a case of keeping it up. Good luck
  • Luckee_me
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    I’m in, I’ve been at it awhile, just not many friends in my list that IF
  • froeschli
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    I'll try. Probably better at maintaining IF than a social presence though ;)
  • justbreathesrw28
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    I just started this week using IF with the Optifast program as I'm having major surgery the end of Sept, and need to get about 40lbs off and I'm down 21 so far. I'm doing a higher calorie Opti fast and just started reading about IF and hoping it will help me reach my goal of 20 more pounds in 50 days!!! I'm doing 16/8 and mixing it with 20/4 depending on how I'm feeling.
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    Hello people
  • TraceyTurner706
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    Hi, I am new to IF, only started on Saturday having been struggling a while to get things back under control. Never done IF before but fancied a change, so am doing 16:8 fasting, with my eating window 12 noon til 8pm. Not found it too bad so far but will see what the results are on Saturday. I am still choosing healthy options and aiming for 1200-1300 calories a day. Have a lot to lose so would be grateful for any advice. One thing I will say is I already feel better in myself, so fingers crossed that continues 😊