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    Good morning FitFam! The app has decided to be nice to me finally. My name is Darren. I've battled weight most of my life. My heaviest was over 312. During my loss my lightest has been 229. Currently I fluctuate between 275ish and 268ish.
    I'm not much of a writer but God has me in a position that I'm now having to write. As some of you may know I'm not a pet/dog person. I had a recent altercation with a couple dogs and because of this I had to change jobs. I'm now an office person and there is a coffee maker.
    This past weekend was a mission trip. I was part of the kitchen group. Yup, I gained. Lol
    The bonus is there was plenty of coffee and each evening ended with singing and devotion.
    I'll end it for now I've got to start cleaning up the house for church tomorrow. Have a blessed day.
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    The April Week 2 Group Challenge is now open and ready to begin tomorrow, Sunday, Apr 10th. Hope you'll join us every day next week to get active and share as a group. Can't wait to see you in the chatroom! Here's your link:

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    Username: Micaroo4
    Weigh in day: Sunday
    Starting Weight 130.2
    PW: 130.2
    Maintaining 127-133, center weight 130
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    P. W. 268
    C. W. 274
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    @trooworld What a great day it sounds like you had yesterday. I hope it was fun. What did you eat at the French restaurant?

    @amioc I know it can be hard to keep your head in the game. Most experts would tell you to reexamine you “why” and see if you need to adjust your plan or goals. I think those are good places to start. For me when I get out of the game, I have to once again become obsessed with my health journey and that usually propels me forward again.

    Good morning, Team! It’s a bright and sunny day and I’m looking forward to Palm Sunday at church this morning. Yesterday was the church’s Easter egg hunt and it was soooo cold!! But at least 200 or more kids were there gathering eggs and having a great time. I want to share a huge victory that happened to me. I knew that this egg hunt would be filled with candy, snacks, and popcorn. Hot buttered popcorn mind you! If you know me at all you know that I am a sugar addict that will binge once I get going. Well, I made a decision that I would fast during the event and I’m happy to report that I made it 23.5 hours! I broke my fast with chicken and veggies for dinner. My little inner voice that loves sugar tried its best to convince me that I was being too extreme, but I know myself and once I started, I wouldn’t have stopped. Especially since I had to stay and clean afterward and was all alone in a church full of tasty leftovers. So instead of the usual cycle of secret binging and then self-loathing, I was proud of myself. And the scale was down this morning! :grin:

    Along with my fasting book, which really doesn’t have any new info for me, I’ve been reading a book that has been in my Kindle library forever. It’s called Never Binge Again and I think for me it just might be lifechanging! It’s free on Kindle and Audible so if you are interested check it out. I would love to discuss it. BUT be warned the writer calls our inner voice, which isn’t our true selves, The Pig. Some might be offended by the term, and he explains his reasons and how you can change the name if it’s a problem for you. For me, I find Pig extremely accurate. I see my inner Pig as the Devil and I certainly don’t practice self-love with that low life. ;)
    2022 Word: INTENTIONAL[/b]
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    @19shmoo69 I'm sure you are glad they have a coffee maker, I know how much you love your coffee! Enjoy church today.

    @micaroo4 Nice maintenance weigh-in, way to stay steady!

    @TeresaW1020 It was a great day! It was fun, too. I had Wild Arugula Salad, Wild Mushroom Linguini (wild mushrooms, roasted garlic cream, cauliflower puree, Pecorino Romano), and a goat cheese cheesecake...it was restaurant week so they give you 3 courses for one price. It was really good! Wow, what a fantastic NSV! Congratulations. And congrats on the scale being down woo hoo! I have Never Binge Again, I think I've read it? I'll have to get it on Audible and listen to it so we can discuss it.

    @FushiaKat @Cornanda @TeresaW1020 Congrats on making it onto the leaderboard!!!

    Hi all. I had a great time at the zoo yesterday by myself. It was crowded but that didn't deter me. I got in 3 miles of steps in the short time I was there (I was there about 1-1 1/2 hrs I had to pick up my husband and didn't want to be late). Dinner last night was delicious. I only had 4 things to choose from because it was restaurant week and everything is a set menu. I chose the best I could, it was Wild Arugula Salad, Wild Mushroom Linguini (wild mushrooms, roasted garlic cream, cauliflower puree, Pecorino Romano), and a goat cheese cheesecake. This morning, my husband and I are going for a hike. It should be nice. Hopefully, we leave soon...I don't want it to be hot while hiking.

    My phrase for the year: "Something needs to change…so I will take no crap and eat no crap!"

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    Weigh in day. Sunday
    PW. 142.2
    CW. 140.6
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    Congrats on the weight loss @davors19, @Cornanda, @davidji82, @holly2e, @askewcr, and @micaroo4!! What a great week the team has had!!

    @katmary71 i’m so sorry you’re having problems sleeping, that sure effects a whole day! That’s going to be exciting to be able to add some calories into your diet, that yardwork will do it:)

    @amioc A while ago I was really struggling with getting back on track. The only thing that got me headed in the right direction was just literally taking one day at a time. When I got up in the morning I would think just today I am going to eat on track and achieve whatever movement goals were for that day. I did that for about two weeks and it seem to stop my spiral. I know it can be so frustrating when you can’t seem to get back on track!

    @trooworld it sounds so lovely to think that you will just head to the zoo to walk around, grooving to your tunes and saying hello to all the animals. Then to a French restaurant afterwards, what a perfect day! I just read your post so I’m adding an edit. That dinner sounds absolutely delightful! Thank you so much for sharing those pictures, when I am out on my walk today in our gusting winds, I am going to imagine you’re beautiful pictures! Lol lol

    @19shmoo69 I am so sorry to hear about your altercation with dogs. It must have been so scary! I can’t imagine being part of a kitchen crew and not gaining weight LOL!

    @TeresaW1020 wow! Good for you for resisting all that temptation!! I hope you are very proud of yourself! That book sounds very interesting, I will have to figure out if I can download it somehow, I definitely listen to a lot of audiobooks, but all are from my public library app and that one is not listed. I actually like that name LOL

    Hooray we made it onto the team leaderboard!! Congratulations @fuchsiaKat, @cornanda and @TeresaW1020

    It has been a crazy couple of days here weatherwise! On Friday when I left the house to pick up my grandkids it was 52°, I made a few stops along the way, picked them up and by the time we got to the park it was 78°! That was in a period of an hour and a half. To say that we were overdressed for the park would be an understatement! The kiddos ended up peeling off as many clothes as they could, rolling up sleeves, then going barefoot in the park, it was delightful! We were so hot, I took them to Dairy Queen to get ice cream cones, it just felt so good to get ice cream cones because it was so hot lol! I resisted and waited till we got home, had some veggies and dip😅. The next day it was so cold and windy we couldn’t even go outside because the kids were being blown around, literally, crazy! After the kids went home I went over to get my hair done, there was a store I wanted to go to after, it was at the other end of the mall but I was very glad for it so I could actually get some exercise in. By this time it was about 430 and I was starting to get very hungry (we ate lunch at 11), The mall was starting to get much busier so I was in a hurry to get out of there. I took a couple of shortcuts and had to cut through the food court, those foods smelled so delicious, specially the onion rings 🤤!! I hurried through there, stopped at the grocery store and only picked up my bagged salads and teriyaki stirfry mix, headed home, cooked up the stirfry with some chicken and called it a day. I know that I should be happy with my weight loss this week, but I was hoping for more. I have been so on track with all of my food and exercise. I have been playing around between 140 and 145 since January, I just want to get below 140! I typically take Sunday off, i.e. more carbs than usual but I try not to go too far above my calorie limit. I am going to skip that this week, I just really want to get into the 130s 🤞🏻
    Hope everybody has had a great weekend
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    Wow thanks for the book recommendation. Very insightful! Putting the food plan together is going to take some thought but I'm definately doing it!!
    Taking off 80lb isn't a great problem for me but this is the 4th time! Never again. I have to learn to keep it off and I think this will really help!
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    What an amazing victory to go through that whole event and the clean up and not eat any of that junk. Wow! 👏👏👏
    One thing that motivates me to stay away from sugar is the feeling I get when I resist. I feel victorious! It’s such a good feeling. Not to mention the health benefits of course.
    I have read most of the book Never Binge Again and I did some of the writing exercises he has on the website. I did find them insightful. Sugar is a huge trigger for me too and I stay away from
    it almost always. Learning to recognize that voice, no matter if you call it a pig or your saboteur or something else, is very powerful. Learning to see that voice that pulls us toward unhealthy habits as something separate from ourselves.
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    There was an error in my results posting!! The correct winners list by pounds lost should be:
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    @laurelfit57 I'm cheering you on to get into the 130's by next week. This morning I was .4 lbs. away from the 150's and I so want to be there, maybe by Tuesday my weight in day. You had a great weight loss last week so close to your goal weight. "Dear weight god's, please let us lose just 1 more pound!"

    I'm still having a flare; it is calming down a bit but is still troubling me. Some parts feel better than other parts feel worse. I colored my hair "medium maple brown" this morning and took a long hot bath. I've been putting pain cream and running my hands under hot water to ease the pain.

    I bought a couple of dresses, blouses and skirts in a large size I'm hoping I can still wear them when I lose 21 more pounds. They fit really nice. I'm going to wear my new clothes on Wednesday when I go to see my shrink for my 3 months visit and we will chat about that expensive medication. The pharmacy keeps calling me to pick it up but I'm waiting. I think I will call my insurance company tomorrow just to bug them.

    I am inspired by the will power and strength to tame the inner Pig this week, what a funny name for it. That Pig wants to be fed; it takes huge amounts of will power not to listen. I've been feeding my Pig tiny bits of this and that this past week. I need to focus and stop doing that. I'm still battling that emotional issue. When I was this weight (160 - 165) 11 years ago my husband called me fat, said I looked like my mother, and he stopped all intimacy in our marriage. It's been difficult to deal with. When I was fat, I didn't think about it, but times have changed. I don't expect things to change, but he hurt me beyond belief. Now we just don't talk about the elephant in the room. I'm trying to accept it and move on. I'm getting there, but not as fast as I would like.

    I have slept thru the night the last 5 or 6 nights, it's such a game changer. I finally got the cpap mask worked out and now I can tell my cpap supply company what to send me the next time they call.
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    @amoic What about a small change, sometimes we think we have to do everything at once but a small step is still a step in the right direction.

    @19shmoo69 Welcome back Darren! Glad you had a good mission trip!

    @TeresaW1020 The Easter egg hunt sounds so fun! Congratulations on fasting the whole time, that's incredible! I think @Cornanda read Never Binge Again, right? I follow the Facebook group, it is a little weird to hear that but I get it too since I used to binge.

    Woohoo, Slimpossibles in 3rd place!

    @FushiaKat @Cornanda @TeresaW1020 Congratulations you amazing losers!

    @trooworld So glad you had fun at the zoo and did some serious walking. Dinner sounds amazing, wow! Hope you and your husband have a great hike. Wonderful pics, I really love the bear one!

    @laurelfit57 Sounds like you had a great day with the grandkids!

    @FushiaKat Medium maple brown sounds beautiful! So happy you bought some new clothes, I know you were thinking of waiting for awhile. I'm so glad you're sleeping better, it's amazing what a huge difference it can make. For me if that goes downhill my pain and coping techniques do too. I hope this flare ends for you soon. One thing I always think when I read your posts is how much you're growing and doing the work, I really hope you see this clearly too, you're facing everything head on even if it's painful to get at a better place, I really admire you.

    Hi gang! The charity event went really well, we did the Easter basket collection which must've been about 400, the food drive, then we passed out baskets in the afternoon. There was a plant sale at the food bank farm which I shouldn't have gone to, I have so many new plants in the last week plus a moringa dwarf tree (the high school greenhouse manager and I are on the same Facebook seed group that's been talking about it and the money from the sale goes to the greenhouse at the school where I water the food bank farm stuff). There was a group called League of Hope and the people dress up as superheroes and Disney characters for kids to take pictures with, they usually go to hospitals and women's shelters and they were so cool. I did way too much standing and was so bad last night I seriously considered going to the ER for steroids but am calming down today thank goodness, I just have to be better about pacing myself and leaving earlier next time. I kept running into people I knew from the food bank farm, it's weird after being bedridden and isolated for so long to be part of a community where people know me and I feel like I fit in. Have a great Monday everyone!
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    Weigh day Monday April week 2

    CW: 216
    PW: 217
    Ltw: 1lb

    Loss since August 2021 60 lb
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    Weigh-in week:  Week 2
    Weigh-in day: Monday
    PW: 191.0
    CW: 189.8
    Month +/-: -3.6
    Total Loss: 74.6

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    @laurelfit57 Congrats on the loss! It was really nice to go to the zoo, although I decided to not wear my headphones so I could hear the animals making their noises. :) The French restaurant was delicious. Oh gosh, sorry about the gusting winds, I'm glad my pictures can help you get through it! 78 is great weather, I'm glad you got to enjoy it. Good for you for resisting. What crazy weather. I love stir fry. That was a good idea for a quick meal. Sorry the loss wasn't what you wanted, hopefully tightening down will help.

    @Katmary71 Thanks, it was fun! The hike was great, more on that later. I'm glad the charity event went well. How cool about the superheroes. I'm sorry you experienced so much pain from the standing. I hope it's better today.

    @Fatfifties @TeresaW1020 Congrats on the losses!

    Hi all. We left on time for the hike, it was the perfect weather. We hiked for 58 minutes on an "easy" trail. I put that in quotes because it wasn't really that easy, there were lots of steep hills. My husband was breathing normally while I was huffing and puffing. He's in much better shape than me but I'll get there someday! Afterward, I felt energized so I made dehydrated strawberries in my Ninja Foodi. They will be a great snack for this week along with my other snacks.

    My phrase for the year: "Something needs to change…so I will take no crap and eat no crap!"

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    @laurelfit57 Congrats on your loss this week! I was hoping mine would be more too, but the scale will do what it wants even with our good effort. So, just celebrate and move on to this week. Wow, you are having some crazy weather. Ours has been a little like that too. :)

    @fatfifties I’m so happy you liked the book and yes we can all lose weight but keeping it off is the key. For us who suffer from binge eating, we need some extra tools to make that happen. I’m working on my food plan too. :)

    @holly2e Thanks! I was very proud of myself for saying no to some of my favorite treats instead of saying yes to my commitment to weight loss and health. I told my husband that if I could just bottle that feeling of success the next temptation wouldn’t even be an issue. :) Good for you for learning to recognize that voice! I do think the key is in the consistency of saying no to that voice that in the end will leave us miserable. That voice doesn’t want us to be free and I’m tired of being enslaved to a Pig! :grin:

    @FushiaKat How nice to have new clothes that fit and that make you feel good! :) I will have to read the book more than once to really get it in my head that I don’t NEED to keep feeding my Pig. When people we love, and trust call us fat it gets engrained in us and it’s hard to replace those feelings of shame with ones of pride in all we have accomplished. Just keep pushing toward the you that YOU want to be. Don’t let your husband or your Pig tell you that you aren’t a strong, amazing woman that can do great things!! <3

    @Katmary71 I joined the Never Binge Again FB group too. I need all the help I can get! :grin: Maybe it was @Cornanda that told me about the book then. I couldn’t remember why where I learned about it to even have it in my library, but I’m so happy I finally opened it. I teared up reading about your day and how you feel about having a community of people who know you and that whom you fit in. I wasn’t ever bedridden but I did spend a huge part of my life isolated in my house. I didn’t drive and the only place I went into the grocery store or maybe a fast food place once a week. I was so lonely and miserable, so I get it when you do more than your body really should be doing. You're now living life and that is so full. How awesome! :)

    @trooworld What a beautiful place to hike! You keep doing those “easy” trails and they will become easy and then you will smoke your husband to the top! B) Ohhh dehydrated strawberries sound yummy! I think my Ninja has that feature too! :grin:

    Hi Team! It’s going to be a perfect spring day with the sun shining, the flowers blooming, and the pollen flying! :grin: I was happy with my loss this week, even though I was hoping for more. Aren’t we always hoping for more? :grin: I’m really happy with how these past two weeks have gone so I plan to do it again this week and see what happens. Today, I have my 6-month dental cleaning. Not fun but necessary. Right now I’m off to do a workout and get some housework done before I have to leave. Have a great day! :)
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    Happy Monday!

    Too much to catch up on, so will be sort of random on responding to other posts....

    @amioc - is there a pair of jeans or a top that you could work on getting into as motivation?

    @19shmoo69 - Good to see you here. :( about the altercation and it's result. The mission trip sounds like a great time! And now you can get back to work on your weight.

    @TeresaW1020 - Wha hoo on your fast through the Easter Egg hunt and clean up afterward. That is a major NSV to be proud of! I have almost finished Never Binge Again. At first I was put off by the Inner Pig concept, but the details of the way the Pig argues with me are so on point that I think he really has something valid to work with. Discuss away. I will go back and reread some of it. For anyone interested, I'm pretty sure that if you go to the website for the book you can get a free e-copy of it.

    @TeresaW1020 - congrats on the loss, I know you worked hard this week.

    @TeresaW1020 - how do you like the never binge facebook group?

    @trooworld- your day at the zoo and dinner out sound wonderful! What a mood booster! Love the pix! Another hike today and dehydrated strawberries- go you!

    @laurelfit57 - wow that is some crazy weather! I think you lost plenty of weight this week, but I totally get trying to drop into the next decade. You are very close, so maybe this is your week! I have the same goal- drop below 170. I've made it. Then I bounce back up to 170, then I'm down again. Let's just keep chipping away at it.

    @fatfifties - that's amazing that you've been able to lose that much weight! I hope the book helps you keep it off.

    @holly2e - Feeling victorious over resisting sugar is such great motivation. Thanks for sharing your excellent insights.

    @FushiaKat - I hope your flare settles down. Hooray for getting the right CPAP mask. Sleep is so important. You are doing a lot of work on both your body and your mind and it's not easy. You should be very proud of yourself.

    @Katmary71 - Easter baskets and plant sale sounds like such an enjoyable weekend. I hope your pain is better

    I had a super fun weekend. Hubs and I went shopping several place for plants and we found a really great community sale with lots of interesting stuff. Our front landscaping was messed up last fall when we had to have some large trees removed. We bought a bunch of things and spent the weekend installing and spreading mulch. The weather was perfect- cool and breezy. I was barely in the house all weekend! Still missing my doggo very much, but every day is better. Since February he had been on an eat and go out every three hours schedule- I really enjoyed being free of that this weekend.

    I'm going to see if I can dig out any shred of motivation for my birthday challenge and get back at it this week. Last week, I made up my own strength training workouts- that needs improvement. I do seem to be shaking things up enough to lose some weight this month, so that is a win.

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    Check in weight (4/1/2022): 224.4
    Check in weight (4/8/2022): 225.9
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