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  • jessicakrall8
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    @CasandraW Glad you had a nice time in my fair state!!! It's beautiful here this time of year...I just love it! Williamsburg has so much rich history, but Busch Gardens can sometimes be REALLY crowded...welcome back!

    @Pupowl Glad you had a nice birthday...sometimes you gotta take time off...looks like you jumped right back into your walking routine, so good job!

    @fattleass I always hate it when I forget to put my tracker on OR it runs down because I forget to charge it. I've started charging it at night or at work while I'm typing and not walking...just gotta remember to put it back on before getting up to run around the office! You'll get the hang of it...nice stepping!
  • frankwbrown
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    Wednesday 4/13
    My Exercise: 120 (197)
    My Food Diary: 10
  • PatriceFitnessPal
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    Here’s my maintenance weigh in for this week:

    Name: PatriceFitnessPal
    Weigh-in day: Thursday
    PW: 127.4
    CW: 127.3

    SW: 168
    LTD: 40.6

    We’ll, there wasn’t a big drop since last week but I’m still ‘in the green,’ which is my goal for the summer. I’m working on body recomposition so I bought some protein powder to use after workouts because my macros are always slightly under my daily target of 20 percent. Usually, I’ll reach 16-18 percent protein and run a little over the target for fat or carbs. The protein supplement helped get the macros in balance but I was slightly over my daily calorie goals on the days I incorporated it. So, I’ll just have to keep working to get the balance right.
  • PatriceFitnessPal
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    edited April 14
    I’m so glad spring is here! I’ve been enjoying more time outdoors. And, my younger son will be home soon! 🎉🎉🎉 I’m visiting my older son - and the rest of my family in Boston - this weekend. 💕💗💕 I’m not looking forward to the long drive but it will be nice to see everyone and celebrate my mother’s birthday.

    I hope everyone is doing well. Happy belated birthday to those who celebrated recently.

    I’m thinking of you and your husband after yesterday’s surgery @LaurieWrobo and hoping the @ewilhelm2487 family is on the mend. It’s not easy when you’re feeling sick and also trying to care for your children/ family members!

    Hang in there ShapeShifters and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
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    angmarie28 wrote: »
    Well, the snow hit us, we got over a foot in about 14 hours. Schools all cancelled because you could not see with the blowing snow. I was so happy to have a day off, I stayed home, got caught up on laundry, and was lazy all day. I got a half hour workout in, my neighbor gave me her elliptical so I set it up in the living room so I could work out inside during this crazy weather. Well is was a nice elliptical back in the day, but i think im probably the 3rd or so owner and half the buttons dont work, and its a bit rickety, but it will do for now, it gets the job done.

    This is my van yesterday, before the snow finished falling, after my son attempted cleaning it off, sorta, lol 6nmo5zqghmjn.jpg

    I'm waiting for Michigan to get it's last surprise snow fall but I'm hoping we don't get that much. Lol
    You must live in the West coast, our local news was saying hit bad they were getting hit there.
  • frankwbrown
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    Daily Step goal: 6,000
    Sun 4/10: 13,100
    Mon 4/11: 17,544
    Tue 4/12: 15,441
    Wed 4/13: 13,465
  • angmarie28
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    Previous weight-163.6
    Current weight-163.4
  • wtbarunner
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    PW 236
    CW 235

    April 11 6702
    April 12 12751
    April 13 5051
  • angmarie28
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  • Fattleass
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    Previous weight-169.5
    Current weight-169.9
  • seeless25
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    Sunday 04/10
    PW 209
    CW 209
    YTD 15

    Sorry for the tardiness - watching the girls very cold softball games - spending my time afterwards trying to get warmed up again. Last week, I ran my youngest to the orthopedics (knee injury) - MRI next week. And tomorrow, I will run the other one to the orthopedics (shoulder injury) - imagine a 2nd MRI is in my future. A good hot and sunny day sounds so good right now.
  • coblujay
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    Wednesday weigh-in (Sorry for the delay)
    PW: 190.2
    CW: 189.2

    Weight loss has definitely slowed. I didn't expect it to happen until the last twenty pounds for some reason. I'm about thirty pounds away from goal. Still all in, I just need to be patient.

    The exciting news is I went for my physical on Wednesday. When I saw my doctor last year, he recommended weight loss surgery. I said no. Well, was he surprised and so happy for me! What a treat. I'm down 74 pounds from when I saw him last. My blood pressure which was borderline high last year is now 116/60. My goal is to be at goal weight (whatever that happens to be) when I see him next year. He reminded me that it's not about the numbers and while losing a bit more might not be a bad idea, he'll be just as happy for me if I weigh the same next year as I do this year. It's easy to get discouraged when we don't see the big losses on the scale anymore, so he suggested focusing on what an incredible feat I've accomplished so far. I'm still smiling. :)
  • CasandraW
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    @coblujay that’s fantastic!! I’m so happy for you!!!
  • coblujay
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    @casandraW Thank you, Casandra. It's been a wonderful week. :)
  • justanotherloser007
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    edited April 15
    April 15, 2022
    PW: 160.8
    CW: 158.6

    Good Friday is here. I will be in maintenance for at least the next two weeks. Now that Lent is over on Sunday, I am going to celebrate Easter with a maintenance for a bit. I don't know if I want to do all of the Easter season, like I did Christmas, but at least two weeks for certain.

    @coblujay I was wondering how you Dr. was going to go, that is absolutely wonderful news!
  • Marni3369
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    PW: 225
    CW: 224.6
  • frankwbrown
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    Friday, April 15; week 2
    PW: 224.0
    CW: 225.0 (-1.0 lbs; -0.44%)
  • mulecanter
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    PW: 220.5
    CW: 219
  • jessicakrall8
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    Wow, lots of great losses this week @mulecanter @seeless25 @ewilhelm2487 @Be_theBest_Me @wtbarunner @KittyInBoots17 @coblujay @angmarie28 @kcpond @ac204 @Marni3369 and @justanotherloser007 !

    @coblujay I bet you had a grin a mile wide when your doctor was raving about how much has changed...your blood pressure alone is an amazing feat!!! Great job!! I'd have been walking five inches off the ground for the rest of the day, if it were me!!! That's awesome!

    @mulecanter Really impressed with your burns over the past few're really working hard...swimming some too...really amazing WTG!

  • jessicakrall8
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    Missing the following weigh-ins this week (incl today):

    @Avelyra (2 wks)

    Report in please...and have a terrific weekend!
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