April 19



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    ✅ Exercise - 1 hour of Jazzercise and neighborhood walk
    ✅ Calories -
    ✅ Tracking -

    Closed all my Apple watch rings today
    6 Pass days used

    Documenting consistency (if there is a P=instead of number its a Pass Day)
    UAC: P-2-P-P-P-5-6-P-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-P-18-19

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    Exercise: 110 minutes
    Tracking: yes
    Calories: over , pass day
    Pass days used: 2
  • Mrs_Hoffer
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    Exercise? Walk
    Under calories? No
    Tracked meals? Yes

    Got the job!! :) It will be 30 mins closer to home too.

    CONGRATS!! <3
  • Caroline_slowandsteady
    Pass day. More walking than I have done since tracking my steps (so, years). And I did stretch. But in terms of food on my last day of vacation I kind of ran out of motivation to think healthy? And made some very bad choices that were delicious. On my way home today and tomorrow back on track.
  • Mrs_Hoffer
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    Lynn__W wrote: »
    withdrawing from this challenge as can't keep it together "food wise".
    But have been successful because this challenge has helped me re start daily exercising.

    Oh gosh, I sure hope that you don't withdraw @Lynn__W ! We all have times where we struggle (I'm currently struggling as well!) but I truly believe that the key is to not give up!! It's great having you here.... <3
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    ~💐~ 4 /19 /2022~~ Waving Hi ~~ 🙋🏼 ~~ EASTER BLESSings Everyone ~💖~

    Exercise for at least 20 minutes .................................... ✅ ... 190 + min.
    Stay within my calorie budget for the day ...................... ✅ ... I am
    Keep track of everything I ate and drank ....................... ✅ .... I did

    STEPS......... 24,740 +.......... 160 walking ......... 30 clean

    Documenting My CONSISTANCY = For personal ACCOUNTABILITY & Celebration
    (if there is a P=instead of number its a Pass Day)

    Pass Days = 1

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    Main roles:
    Manager at my office job: this is a very sedentary and stressful part of my day. The income gives me the ability to fully enjoy my healthy hobbies, but the job itself is something I have to strategize around to stay healthy.
    Wife: my husband is on a similar journey to me, so he is a lot of support at home. He also does calorie counting, has similar exercise goals, and this shared accountability is super helpful.
    Dog mom: my little Maltese motivates me to walk every single day. Even if my other exercise would otherwise be enough for me, she motivates me to get outside.

    It was late yesterday when I read your opener but I knew I wanted to come back today and respond. I like that this made me really pause and ask myself how I saw these roles impacting my journey. I can relate to a lot of what you've said, too!
    • Job: I had an active job and lifestyle until about 8 years ago when I changed to a primarily desk job. I saw a big impact on my health - both physical and mental. I had never struggled with weight gain before. It has taken time to build movement into my day and make it a priority (make my health in general a priority). I don't love traditional "exercise" (I really admire you for this!) but I do love being outdoors and walking/hiking. It is easy to get outside once the snow melts (usually mid/late April here) and things warm up but winter activity had been hard until I developed an indoor walking routine starting March 2021. I feel a significant difference in my mental and physical wellness when I get daily movement in, which for me is walking out on our trails whenever possible and otherwise indoors.
    • Spouse: Doing the mindset work on my journey has helped my relationship with my partner tremendously. My partner is supportive, in theory and in words, but doesn't always follow through with actions that are supportive. I have worked on being my best source of accountability and motivation and no longer blame my spouse when I struggle. I am the only one responsible for my choices and this has empowered me on my journey. Supporting myself and being compassionate and kind to myself has helped me be a kinder and more compassionate partner, too.
    • Dog Mom: My two labs are my constant companions and not only get me outdoors many times a day (regardless of snow!) but also improve my mental health in so many ways.🐾🖤🐾🖤
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    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
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    No good excuses.... just gave in to temptation.
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    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? yes

    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? yes

    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? yes
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    @Winner_in_Life and @snowshoe072 – beautiful pics! Here in the SW UK the view is similar to the Spring picture.
  • lesdarts180
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    And well done for coming here and reporting – champions in the making!

    @kodakslim, @Mrs_Hoffer,
    @LazyBlondeChef – I’m with you on the travelling and wanting to try local dishes.
    @1stplace4health – congrats on the job, and less travelling has to be good!
    @Caroline_slowand steady – enjoy that time together, it’s precious!
    @Lynn_w – you don’t have to withdraw, we all have difficult periods, just a couple of days ago you were promising to stick with us.
    @MizSpiffy – we all give in from time to time, I hope it was delicious whatever it was?