April 26



  • 1stplace4health
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    Exercise? No
    Under calories? No
    Tracked meals? No

    Long day, 16 hr fast went well, letting my body re-adjust to all the changes. Starting fresh tomorrow.
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    @Mrs_Hoffer and @SummerSkier I started in UAC in August 2021 and thought, at times, that I had landed on another planet. 😂😂😂 The “freggie” posts were full of codes that, I eventually learned from @WhatMeRunning meant how many servings were consumed of each. I remember @biketheworld used to post about them a lot as did many others. The iOS emojis are abundant with them 🥦🥒🥕🥗🥔🌶🍆🌽🍅🥬🧅🧄🫑🍒🍓🍇🍎🍉🍑🍊🍋🍍🍌🥑🍏🍈🍐🥝🥭🥥🍅🫐
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    Thanks for such an interesting opening post today @StayFITTer I have never seen this chart before and it is really interesting! I recently completed a mini-course that had us tally for how many plant based foods we ate in a week. They said to aim for a minimum of 25. I felt proud that my number was 35. This included nuts, grains, fruits, and vegetables. I like the idea of the rainbow and will give that a try this week. Thanks for this!
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    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? 72 minutes walking, 31 minutes Peloton, 5 minutes stretching
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? No
    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? Yes

    Pass days used - 10

    Oh freggies! I think of @biketheworld when I hear that

    Love my fruits and veg!
  • ashleycarole86
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    @Mrs_Hoffer Amazing news about your son!! Enjoy the wedding
  • jamcnewman
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    Tuesday April 26
    Not a big exercise day but hit my minimum 30 minutes walking and did my morning meditation & stretching. Brutal winds today and the trees (and their leaf pollen) are waking up. Snow threatened for tomorrow so good times all around 🤧🥶😑

    Two pass days used to date.
  • calvin20874
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    Exercise: 100 minutes
    Tracking: yes
    Calories: over, pass day (son's birthday)
    Pass days used: 3
  • enlightenme3
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    ✅ Exercise - 1 hour of Jazzercise and a hike
    ❌- Calories -
    ✅ Tracking -

    Closed all my Apple watch rings today
    8 Pass days used

    Documenting consistency (if there is a P=instead of number its a Pass Day)
    UAC: P-2-P-P-P-5-6-P-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-P-18-19-20-P-22-23-24-25-P

    I'm going to call today a pass day - was making a bunch different dishes/desserts (not the rainbow!) and had little tastes here and there for seasoning. I'm pretty sure it was enough to put me over.
  • Tues April 26
    Exercise: 15 minutes MommaStrong (so good to get back to it!)
    Tracking: Planned the day, adjusted plan as needed
    Calories: Under, with estimation for leftover birthday cake that I am unsure about

    I'm going to count it as not a pass day, because I really need a win. It's been all pass days since Fri April 15.

    @StayFITTer I love that rainbow! I have a veggies at every meal rule (even breakfast). And I eat a fruit for lunch "dessert" and for afternoon snack (and morning snack as well if I have one).

    This time of year, though, I am really in a veggie/food rut. I love to eat local food and it's still a while before anything grows. I eat a lot of frozen veg and then we do get some non-local fresh but it's all not as good. I am eagerly awaiting asparagus ... at which point I probably won't be eating a rainbow, just asparagus for every meal until its short season is done.

    But I am thinking that maybe part of the inspiration I need is to try to eat more good food, rather than trying to eat less bad food. So I am going to really think about eating a rainbow for the next week - starting tomorrow, since I already have today planned. Though, let's see, what do I have planned today...

    Breakfast omelet:spinach or broccoli (green)
    Lunch: Lentil soup (with tomatoes and onions in it) over cauliflower (red, white) and cantaloupe (orange)
    Snack: Mango and cottage cheese (more orange)
    Dinner: Salmon with butternut squash, mushrooms, broccoli, sugar snap peas, asparagus, fermented ginger carrots (orange, white, green)

    A lot of orange today, huh?
  • Elbee1
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    Exercise no
    Tracking yes
    Calories no
    Used all pass days
  • Jan1936
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    3 x yes
  • Maggie_MJ
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    • Yes, 11,000+ steps, 87 zone mins
    • Yes
    • Yes

  • stella7x7
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    Exersised yes -I cleaned some and did wash
    Caleries yes
    Logged yes
  • bookieNJ
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    @jjjcat -I hope you are feeling 100 percent soon! Being sick is no fun.
    Pass day yesterday. Snacking got to me -then hubby brought home cannolis from nyc (I shared one with him)
    8 pass days for the month
  • Marilynsretired
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    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? yes

    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? yes

    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? yes
  • seilidhe
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    Exercise? Yes
    Tracking? Yes
    Calories? No
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    Exercise – yes, lovely long bike ride and cardio.
    Tracking – yes
    Calories – yes
    1 pass day taken

    I don’t know what happened to Tuesday? I’m writing this on Thursday morning. I obviously forgot to post Tuesday evening, then on Wednesday morning I was busy getting ready to go out for the day.

    Great opener @StayFITTer. I do get lots of freggies every day and strangely, yesterday I listened to a short radio program (while in the car) about the benefits of beetroot. But in order to really see these benefits it was suggesting eating 2 or 3 beets every day! You would be buying them by the sackful.
  • lesdarts180
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    I’m a rubbish cheerleader – out all day Wednesday and busy today, so here are some shout-outs to those who are finding it difficult but sticking with it:

    @jjjcat – get well soon!

    @1stplace4health – I hope the fasting experiment is giving you the results you want.

    @ashleycarole – great exercising!

    @calvin20874 – birthdays are a good use of a pass day

    @enlightenme3 – those tastes are so tempting!

    @Elbee1 – you’re still checking in, and tracking that’s good.

    @bookieNJ – snacking is so difficult to resist some days, but you keep checking in.

    @seilidhe – two out of three is good, you can be a Champion!
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    Mrs_Hoffer wrote: »
    I love this chart as well! Thanks @StayFITTer !! This is definitely worth printing off and keeping! I can't say that I do a very good job of eating the "rainbow", but I do try to get a wide variety of freggies! (Who came up with that word "freggies" are few months ago here in this group - does anyone remember?)

    Anyways, terrific opener!!!

    @Mts_Hoffer yep, I introduced group to “freggies” because I got tired of pecking out “fruits & vegetables” on my phone! 🤣😂

    Three days ago, I prepped all veggies so we have a salad bar in the fridge. I had forgotten that I used to do this. Makes eating a delicious salad so easy!

    Then I remembered that I used an app to give me a real time calorie surplus or deficit & used that to help me figure out if I was really hungry or not.

    Step by step, piecing together my habits again - new & improved version (hopefully)
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    15K ✅