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  • BlissfulK
    BlissfulK Posts: 259 Member
    Does anyone do 20:4 intermittent fasting?
  • Pearl4686
    Pearl4686 Posts: 886 Member

    Not doing very well, and eating all the junk. Excersize has been great but unfortunately any potential loss ruined by eating all the junk :-(
    Hope this week is better ...
  • ashleycarole86
    ashleycarole86 Posts: 3,919 Member
    @kellie_erin Glad to hear things with the Masters are moving forward, but I see what you mean about that making it a busy summer. Glad the job is going well and that you have found a new Orangetheory. Hopefully your new routine feels normal soon!

    @BlissfulK I'm not aware that we have anyone formally doing IF in our group, let alone 20:4, but I know from the past @jugar was aware that other teams might have a few members who are doing IF... not sure if that's still the case.
  • YinxFed
    YinxFed Posts: 786 Member
    Happy Sunday Friends!

    Here's my weigh in today:

    PW - 186.3
    CW - 186.7
  • deniners2
    deniners2 Posts: 276 Member
    PW 148
    CW 148
  • jugar
    jugar Posts: 7,386 Member
    I crushed my workout today...except I got horrible heartburn. I know this is because my diet has been HORRIBLE. Today, I am back to logging. I am going to focus on getting protein and a variety of veggies this week. I know if I eat better, I will feel better, and everything else will get better.

    You are so right - heartburn is one of the worst reminders about what we are eating :grimace: You will feel much better soon :heart:
  • jugar
    jugar Posts: 7,386 Member
    Well, folks - the tallies for week 2 are done, and not too pretty. Our very own @ashleycarole86 is top winner (again!!) but otherwise we were on the gaining side of the pool, and the worst of all :grimace: Let's get logging and pull out of the losing by gaining trend! We are not alone in this, so I'm rooting for all the teams to track, eat those veggies, and feel amazing soon.

    Sunday and Monday weigh-ins due:

  • eggfreak
    eggfreak Posts: 530 Member
    @jugar CW Sat morning 165.1
    going to turn that around team...I WILL NOT buy new summer clothes!! Sorry I haven't intro-ed or been on at all ....struggling a bit but hanging on....
  • YinxFed
    YinxFed Posts: 786 Member
    Greetings Friends! Here are my steps and exercise stats for the last 7 days:

    Sunday - 2615
    Monday - 7199 / 36 mins Step aerobics
    Tuesday - 2683 / 53 mins Elevated Calisthenics [Epic 2 Day 49]
    Wednesday - 6318 / 30 mins Aerobics
    Thursday - 8132 / 20 mins Yoga
    Friday - 5192 / 69 mins Full Body Workout [Epic 2 Day 50]
    Saturday - 8720

    Next week will be better!
  • KellyBgetsfit
    KellyBgetsfit Posts: 1,542 Member
    Sun 9373
    Mon 11,701
    Tues 14,353
    Wed 13,179
    Thurs 8,424
    Fri 12,872
    Sat 10,556
    37 min strength
    15 min elliptical
  • KellyBgetsfit
    KellyBgetsfit Posts: 1,542 Member
    @ashleycarole86 congratulations on being the biggest loser!!! Wow, that sounds like a long ride!!! Enjoy. My new workouts our from Beachbody. I am going to do A Little Obsessed for 2 weeks, then go into 80 Day Obsession. It's a mix of weights and bands. I have done it before, but it has been awhile. Yesterday was a core workout and forgot how much I love it!!! 80 Day Obsession has several 60 minute workouts, which is hard for me during the school year.

    @conleywoods you are doing so well with your diet. I am so proud of you. Hopefully the well gets fixed and your father in law can relax. I have 10 days left!!! This month has been so fun, I am really going to miss (most) of my class. We go back Aug 1st.

    @jugar I ate better yesterday. I went to the store, need to do some food prep and I will be ready for a successful week.👊

    @eggfreak Hugs! I know you are going through a lot.

    @BlissfulK I am trying to do 16:8 right now. I have not read the latest research, but at one point, they did say it can throw a women's hormones out of each if they do more then 16 hours.
  • conleywoods
    conleywoods Posts: 759 Member
    @KellyBgetsfit OMG 10 DAYS!!! We have 5 weeks left with 19 work days for me. I have a couple personal days I either need to use or lose. I can't wait to be done with this year! Love the kids but am ready to move on from all of the weird program changes we made this year. Next year is already planned to have a bigger variety of classrooms so that is very good. It's always hard to say goodbye to a fun group of kids. Glad you are getting back on track. I have definitely felt better since getting back on track but it takes a lot of effort to do so when tired. You got this Kelly!
  • DD265
    DD265 Posts: 468 Member
    @jugar @ashleycarole86 I'd like to go on the support team (weight and steps) for a couple of weeks please. Will confirm when I'm jumping back in to normal.

    I'll catch up on posts tomorrow, hope everyone has had a good weekend.
  • YinxFed
    YinxFed Posts: 786 Member
    I forgot to share this week's workout schedule with you all:

    Monday - GrowWithJo Cardio workout
    Tuesday - HR12W2.0 Day 18 (resuming Heather Robertson's 12 week program)
    Wednesday - Forest Walk / Yoga
    Thursday - Yoga
    Friday - HR12W2.0 Day 19
    Saturday - Yoga

    Night night all.
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