Any success stories on conceiving?



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    I honestly wonder sometimes if the only reason I was able to conceive and keep my pregnancy with my daughter was that I got pregnant almost immediately following my miscarriage, and I was so depressed and overwrought that I laid around grieving and such, not doing anything, for over the first month of my pregnancy with my daughter...

    They say that after a miscarriage, your cervix/uterus is wide open, making conception easier, but retainage more difficult... I guess I'm proof of that, and that deep grief made my inactivity last long enough for my daughter to implant properly...

    It's weird... but then pretty much anything on PCOS is weird, isn't it??
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    I managed to have 3 children.
    Took 3 years to have our first one. Lots of fertility treatments and 4 early losses. Got pregnant with my daughter after the 4th miscarriage naturally. By then, I had lost around 60lbs, but I don't think the weight loss was actually why she stuck.
    We tried for over a year to get pregnant naturally with my son. I asked to increase my metformin to 2000mg from 1500 and I think that's what helped. It was a long cycle, but I eventually got a positive OPK.
    For my 3rd... he was actually a surprise. With how difficult it was for me to get pregnant before, we never thought in a million years that we'd have an "oops". We had unprotected sex all the time before with nothing, so pfft.. just never thought anything would come of it, but here he is.. driving me crazy along with the other ones.
    I will say that I think the pregnancies actually helped my body too b/c I'm now getting pretty regular cycles with obvious signs of a fertile phase (loads of cm) and periods on my own. I used to have to take provera to get my periods or I'd just bleed off and on for months at a time. Figures it would happen AFTER we're done having kids though.
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    Hi ladies. I haven’t posted in a while since my last IVF failure about 2 and a half years ago...
    I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2014. I don’t ovulate, I don’t get a period. Haven’t had a period since the IVF. Hubby and I gave up essentially. My libido crashed and I’ve just been going through a lot emotionally. Hubby and I rarely get intimate, probably 2-3x per month. Long story short, I’ve been feeling nauseous for over a week, breasts are super tender, decided to take an ovulation test (since I have a million) just for the heck of it and A SMILEY FACE SHOWED UP.
    It means I’m ovulating?! What?? How??
    Google said sometime the ovulation tests show positive for pregnancy.
    Next day I bought some First Reponse tests, POSITIVE.
    Today I went to the clinic for the official beta blood test. Nurse just called back with my results... anything for 100 for HCG is a positive. My HCG was over 3,300.
    I’m still in shock. Nurse asked me when was my last period, and I told her I don’t get a period. I have no idea. I go in tomorrow for an ultrasound to see how far along I am. I hope this brings hope to any one of you trying. It really does happen when you give up and stop trying.
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    I'm sending you the best luck for a sticky rainbow! <3 Congrats!

    Be sure to check in and let us know what's going on once you know more. *HUGS*
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    @KnitOrMiss Knit thank you so much for your support over the years. I went in yesterday and saw the sack, the yolk? And the baby! We saw baby’s heartbeat on the ultrasound, it was flickering like a little star. Nurse said from the baby’s size, she’s estimating the baby is 6 weeks. I’m still in shock. This doesn’t feel real and my guard is up because I feel like any second this all could be ripped from my hands. I know I need to stay positive but I can’t help feeling the way I do :disappointed:
    Dr has me on progesterone twice a day. When beta was over 3,300, my progesterone was at 15 and they said it was a little low.
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    From what I understand with us PCOS folks, getting on the progesterone early is the absolute best thing. Just my basic research showed that low prog was a leading cause in early miscarriages. The fact that your doctor knows this and is watching and TREATING this is phenomenal.

    I'm so excited for you!!!!

    And I feel you.

    My first pregnancy, I miscarried before I could even get in to see my OB. 5 weeks, 3 days is what they labeled it. I was paranoid and would not even begin to admit I might be pregnant until I couldn't avoid the idea any more. By the time I got in, I was 8 weeks, 6 days with the second one. I was paranoid up until about 6 months along, when I knew the baby would have a chance, no matter what at that point. I had daily and sometimes hourly arguments with myself in the beginning. Apparently about half the ladies in my office that I worked with figured out that I was pregnant again (back to back, when it should have been impossible, btw) LONG before I did. Like they called my husband and told him 2 weeks before I even suspected!

    So that fear/barely daring to hope stuff, I sooooo get you...

    If I had to guess, all the weight lifting stuff you've been doing must have started helping your hormone balance... It definitely didn't hurt. (HUGS)
  • After deciding to try for baby number one, I stopped taking the pill in July 2017 and with no period for 6 months my doctor decided it was time for an ultrasound where I found out (in January) that I have PCOS with never having any idea I had it previously (all blood tests and by my weight the Dr didn't think I had it). I then decided to try seeing a naturopath to try and start my ovulation process as natural as possible however this only lasted 2 months as my husband and I were trying to fall pregnant and I didn't want to wait to long. I then made an appointment with a gynecologist and was put on hormone tablets to regulate my periods which was a success and I finally had a period after approx 9 months!

    It did take a couple of cycles on the tablets but in July I found out I was pregnant :smiley: I am now nearly 14 weeks with no complications. I have made sure through this whole process I kept up my healthy eating and regular workouts. I also took my temperature and tracked my daily symptoms when trying to conceive however I didn't find that my temperature tracking actually gave me anything to track from. My gynecologist would do an ultrasound at every appointment to determine my ovulation timing, this made it so much easier! He also suggested home ovulation tests however I never had to use one as I had already found out I was pregnant.

    All I can say is stay positive! I had so many days where I felt like it was never going to happen but my husband was a great support through those times.
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    @Christinahengstrom Aww congrats! And you’re literally 4 weeks ahead of me :smile: isn’t it amazing how things just miraculously happen? My mind is still blown that we’re expecting.
    Little update: dr decreased my progesterone dosage to once per day by week 7, and now I’m completely off any hormone support! Baby is growing and I saw her wiggle/dance on the ultrasound!
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    nice congrats ladies :)
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    Hi ladies, just wanted to keep everyone updated: I made it to week 13! I’m officially ending my first trimester. Nausea is starting to go away and that extreme fatigue I felt in the beginning is slowly going away too. 9x2dn96s63nq.jpeg
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    This is so awesome, all!!! Sending you the best of luck as you continue on!
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    Here’s my story. I didn’t know I had PCOS, until years after I had my two children. But once I learned that, it all made sense. I had been having PCOS symptoms for decades; it explained so much. I never had money or insurance to go to the doctor. I had no idea that what I was going through with my cycles as a teen wasn’t normal. I started birth control at 21 to regulate my cycles. It was just a quick appointment, not thorough at all, they should have figured out something was wrong at this point, but they didn’t. Anyway, I met my husband two years later and we got married after six months. After a year I had one miscarriage, very early on. I was still on birth control. After that we didn’t try, but we weren’t careful about not getting pregnant either. I think I quit taking birth control all together after that first year. Four years later I got pregnant with our first child, and we were surprised and happy. I wanted another baby right away, but it took about another year of trying. The pregnancies with my kids were fairly normal, and now we have two healthy kids. There has been many times since that I could have ended up pregnant, but didn’t. I’ve long since given up the idea of having anymore. When I finally saw a specialist that diagnosed me with PCOS, he said it was a miracle I had a child at all, much less two. The doctors I’ve seen since, for PCOS have also seemed surprised I had children. So I’m here to tell all you ladies that there’s always hope. I have two miracle kids that prove it.
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    I've been TTC on and off since I was 19 (with a different partner than I'm with now), diagnosed with PCOS in my very early 20s, 1 loss at 29, and today I'm 36 and 25 weeks pregnant with my rainbow baby after TTC with my current partner for about 3 years, and working with a fertility clinic for 1.5 years. My baby isn't in my arms yet, but I do feel like it has been a looooong journey, and feeling this little rainbow kick feels like success to me 🥰🌈

    Feel free to message if you'd like to chat or one on one support.
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    Have you tried metformin? its used to treat diabetes, but it makes you very fertile. I myself started taking it...under supervision of my dr of course and lost about 20 lb. I got pregnant 6m after being on it. Before this, i was married for 14 years and never able to conceive. not with insemination or invetro. They kept telling me they couldnt find anything wrong with me. This is just my story, but you can consult with your dr.