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For Clarification, There is NO TEAM CHOICE for the In Between Challenges.
Staying accountable during the break
The IBC Co-Leaders would like to give all teams the opportunity to participate with each other. We’ll be continuing the IBC with 4 teams, but rotating the pairings.

For Jumping Into Summer the 4 teams are:

Koalas ~ Tenacious Gr8ters + Rain Dancers
Meerkats ~ PS4L + Thinner Winners
Phoenix ~ Red Hots +Shape Shifters
River Otters ~ Mission Slimpossible + Fit Force

Please comment your name below and WHICH TEAM you are currently on.

Need more information about the IBC?

Why join the In Between Challenge? It helps us to remain accountable.

What’s the difference between the regular seasonal 5% Challenge and the In-Between Challenge? We are a little bit more relaxed. The teams are not competitive during the IBC. You may choose to remain accountable to weigh in though it's not required it is highly recommended.