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    @Itadakimasu7 wonderful news! I’m so proud of you and I hope you’re even more proud of yourself!! Please keep us posted regarding your progress!!
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    @Walela617 @alleykat69 Due to lack of reporting for 2-2.5 weeks (all month so far), you've been removed from the Step Challenge. Please make sure to report in every 2-3 days if you decide to sign up again to participate in the challenge. Thanks!
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    Zaxa2021 wrote: »
    Step Update

    Monday 8/14: 14,374
    Tuesday 8/15: 10,089
    Wednesday 8/16: 7,054

    I've really been struggling. It's been a big push to get the steps that I am getting. I've been feeling very fatigued again. My doctor is upping my depression meds again (for other reasons as well), and I'm going to try upping my protein to see if that helps. I hate feeling this way. Until/unless I start feeling better, I'm not sure how much time I'm going to spend at the gym, which is disappointing, but I don't have much left in me at the end of the day.

    This is more of a vent than anything. Sorry for the negativity!

    What Jessica said. I see a psychiatrist and often go to a mental health social worker. I've had days like that and when you say it's rough, I believe you with every fiber of my soul. My day has been rough but it's been with other medical issues. In fact, I had seen my psychiatrist today. There are foods that can help boost our moods, maybe look them up, and see what strikes your fancy. I'm sending you some virtual hugs gf. Hand in there...ik it sounds cliche. But this too shall pass.
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    8/16 7,636
    8/17 6,331
  • frankwbrown
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    Daily step goal: 10,000
    Tue 8/15: 12,096
    Wed 8/16: 11,067
    Thu 8/17: 10,177
  • frankwbrown
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    August week 3
    Weigh in day: Friday, August 18
    PW: 241.9
    CW: 242.7 ( gained 0.8 lbs; 0.33%)
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    I keep 99% of them! I live in a pretty small town and we don't have a swap group or something like it. I am also pretty picky with puzzles, so I try to only buy images that I really love and see myself doing again. If I do finish a puzzle I didn't really enjoy, I will ask if my mom wants to put it together and after that I will find it a new home. :smile: The puzzle I am working on at the moment is also hard and slow going, ugh! The picture is really pretty though.
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    8/15 10,248
    8/16 9,320
    8/17 17,704
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    Options <---I love this energy! I think a goal for me is to have this energy most days (not just Fridays)

    I'm having friends over for a bonfire tonight - I'm not sure if I will have alcohol.
    Tomorrow, I am celebrating a big milestone birthday for a friend of mine - so again some food/drink temptations.
    Sunday I should have pilates (on my purply sprained foot). And then I think I'm going to spend the day by the pool. I haven't been to the pool all summer. Summer is almost over! And my classes start next week. Working full time + school full time = soooo much sitting! If you've got a tip or trick to combat the sedentary lifestyle, please share.

    What are you doing this weekend?
    Have a Splendid Weekend Everyone!
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