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So, tell us where you're from and where you live/work in Korea.


  • Hey guys, i am from Scotland and I live in Nowon. That is in the north east of seoul. I have been here for almost 3 years now. When i first came her my weight drastically fell with little effort. I think it was all the trips I went on and i guess i would forget to eat. In one month of intensives over the summer i gained 5 kilos!!! I didnt believe I was eating much and neither did my friends but hey ho!! Anyhows so now I am trying at first to reach a target of 75 kilos then anything more is a bonus, my BMIO states 65 is my healthy weight, but noway will i make that! It is hard to feel body happy in this country but you have to remember that Koreans are naturally small. And those who arent actually dont eat, thye actually dont! Anyhows hello!!
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    Im from the USA and I live near Pyeongtaek, just about an hour south of Seoul. I work at Navy Federal Credit Union on Camp Humphreys and my husband's active duty Army. I gained a bit of weight after my wedding over a year ago, and basically am working on shedding it little by little. I have a vacation coming up in Guam in just under two weeks, I already ordered the bathing suits online and I'm hoping they're ok!!
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    I actually don't live in Korea. I live in the U.S. However, I am Korean in ethnic background but American in upbringing and all else. I just joined this program today and find it great so far. My first loss goal is 50 lbs. Since you guys are in Korea and eat Korean food at times, would love to hear your tips regarding Korean food. I too will try to help you and to encourage you in whatever way I can. Best!
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    Living in Incheon at the moment. Koreans love their white rice but that stuff is death knell to weight loss so I don't eat much of it. Or fried side dishes--love kimchi jeon, though, boo hoo! On the bright side, fish is everywhere and so good for you. Especially love fish soup for breakfast. It really keeps me going all day with no hunger those ladies who work in our school cafeteria. <3 Thanks to great public transportation I get numerous chances to exercise--walking up the stairs from the subway to the exit!! My legs are getting stronger by the day. Now just have to find something that works on flabby arms. It is really hard being a large person, and even harder in a country full of tiny people. but that could work in my favor as a reason to keep working on getting down to a healthier weight and staying there! :wink:
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    Woo, just found this group right now!

    Anyway. I'm from the USA / Spain. (Born in the USA, raised between the USA and Spain, but my parents are in the USA right now.)

    I'm in Incheon (bupyeong, to be specific). I work at a hagwon as a kindergarten teacher. I've been in Korea for about a year and a half.

    I feel like having to eat lunch in the classroom with my preschoolers is one of the biggest roadblocks in my success. Sometimes the food they give us is such crap that the only edible thing is rice. :sad: But I'll find a way somehow..
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    Heading to Osan AB in a few months for my military short tour... techincally not there yet but I will be soon.
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    try soondubu (extra soft tofu stew). it's easy to find there. tasty too. good luck!
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    안녕하세요!! I don't know how current this group is, but I just got back on track with MFP and I'm currently living in Seoul and working at a Hagwon. I've gained a lot of weight over the past few years and it's been an uphill battle trying to get rid of it. My lifestyle has changed since I've lived here and that has helped me lose some weight over this past year, but now I really want to buckle down and get toned and hit the last 40lbs (long term goal). The thing I struggle with the most and trying to count calories with Korean food. I eat the lunches served at school and half the time I have no idea what the food is, let alone how to count the calories. The upside is that the portions are at least small. I spend a lot of time eating grilled chicken breast, veggies and fruits, drinking a lot of water and taking vitamins. For the next 8 weeks I'm cutting out rice, alcohol and coffee. I'm also sticking to a workout routine and writing down everything I eat and do. I'm going back to the US to visit and I really want to look good! :smooched:
  • I've been working on this for a while now. Over the last 3 months I've lost 12 lbs fat and gained 6 lbs musle by trying to eat well and going to the gym every day.

    My downfall has always been diet so I'll try to use MFP religiously for a few months to see if this is my magic weightloss cure... I hope so ^^

    Oh, I live near Yongsan and teach English in Seoul. I've been here for nearly a decade now.
  • I am from Germany and live in Seoul since Summer 2010. Traveled twice in Asia after Highschool graduation 2006 and since then interested in Asia and especially Korea. Came here as a Exchange student 2010 and stayed another year with Working Holiday Visa. If everything works as planned, I will go to graduate school from March 2013. Just preparing for TOEFL, TOEIC and studying Korean these days, so I have a lot of time for workout and cooking by myself.

    I was always a bit overweight but before coming to Korea I lost some weight and had 180 lbs (height 184 cm,6 ft?) but after 2 years of Korea and quiting smoking recently I am now 207 lbs...never gained so much before...My plan is to loose 33 lbs...

    Good luck to everyone for loosing weight!
  • I live in the Nowon area which is Northeast of Seoul. When I first moved here, I lived in Daegu for a year. Then I took a job in Seoul. I will be starting my third year soon. When I first came here, I instantly lost 20 lbs. However, I gained 15 back on a month visit back to the U.S. I love Korean food, but I find it hard to navigate and decide which ones are healthy options. Since I am trying to cook more, I have given up trying and am now focusing on finding healthy options at stores that I am familiar with and know how to prepare.
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    I am a math teacher (not English!! LOL), living on Jeju. I've been here over 4 months. I, too, avoid white rice and am slowly developing my palate for kimchi (the cabbage-y kind, not the radish-y kind). I also try to be as gluten free as possible because it helps with my MS. Jeju is a beautiful island full of wonderful outdoorsy hikes and trails. It's getting cold out there though! :-)
  • I'm an English teacher from the USA living in Seoul. I've been here for almost 2 years and finally decided to get in shape before I leave in February. I don't really eat Korean food anymore because I don't know what works well with my fitness plan. I do most of my food shopping in Costco and grill everything. I love almost all Korean food but I noticed I was gaining weight so I cut back a lot.
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    My name is Emma and Im from Scotland. Im currently living in Asan teaching in a Hagwon. I lost a stone before I moved here but since arriving four months ago Ive piled it back on! :(
    I'm back on the diet exercise mission though and determined to lose the weight Ive put back on and even more.
    I am struggling being veggie in Korea though. It is fine when I cook at home but if we all go out I usually have bibimbap which is obviously loads of rice! If anyone has any suggestions for what I could have as an alternative that would be great :)

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    Yeah, it's hard for my vegetarian friends to eat out. One of my korean books said how to ask for things to be made safe for vegetarians. I'd have to find that again. Do you eat fish at all like some other vegetarians? There are a number of fish options (especially where I live on Jeju). Just keep asking! You'll find something!
  • Hi. I am from Afghanistan. I am doing a degree program in Seoul, Hanyang University. I am atheist and speak English, Persian, Some Arabic and Korean.

    Academic life is stressful in korea. so i decided to turn into exercising to release the tension i get with my studying and loneliness i sometimes feel in Korea. I hit the gym. do weight lifting but after i broke up with my korean gf, i stopped going to gym. became weak and spent my whole time in library sitting.

    but recently i wanted to change. so i started running which makes me feel good. i ran 13km just last night which surprised me. when i started running i was so tired after 4km but now i don't feel tired and i feel happier. beginner runner
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    Hey guys~~ It would be awesome to get this group going again! Since I sit at my desk a lot at my school I have been really involved in MFP everyday for about a month! Let's get some fun topics going. Especially maybe resources to count calories in Korea.