Breakfast for the munchkins

Now that we have switched from granolas, biscuits and pancakes over to a primal breakfast I was stumped as what to feed the kids for breakfast that will keep them full and satisfied for a few hours at least. Also taking into consideration that 1. am not a morning person at all!! 2. I really need something EASY or that can be made ahead of time. 3. we have a house of children that are pencil thin but have SUPER MAN-sized their daddy..
Scrambled eggs, a few trips of bacon and some fruit would not hold these kids- I know - tried that. they were all starving an hour later/ they need meals that stick to their ribs so they don't start nawing on the furniture lol. My fil saw them in action one holiday that he was in town and had come for breakfast.. I served 2 dozen eggs with cheese, 2 lbs of bacon, 2 cans of jumbo sized biscuits, a huge platter with fruit ..he watched with amazement at them down every last bite and ask for more. We only had 5 kids
I think I found the solution.. breakfast casseroles packed with eggs, meat and a variety of things are going to be my go to meal. I can cook enough meat for the week the morning grab the meat, crack a carton of eggs . mix in some milk and other ingredients and toss in the oven.
What do you serve the kiddies for breakfast?


  • tjnahm
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    wow.... uh... just... wow.... haha

    We make breakfast casseroles like you mentioned quite a bit, quiche made with a sausage "crust", sausage egg and cheese frittata, and of course scrambled eggs and bacon/sausage or omelets for the three kids.

    My wife and I add variable veggies to the omelets and scrambles.

  • demuralist
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    My kiddies are grown, but I do make a grainless granola out of nuts, seeds, protein powder, flax meal, dried fruit, coconut, coconut oil, nut butter, a bit of honey, and butter. Bake it and it makes quite a lot. Then I use that as a base to make breakfast bars.

    I also have premade egg, veggie, meat type casserole in muffin tins and they eat those cold.

    Both of these are prep ahead, no do nothing in the a.m.!