Week 2 Challenge January 15th-January 21st

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Our second team challenge is.... SIDE PLANKS! You dont know what a Side Plank is? Here is an explanation.
1.Begin by laying on your side (on the floor)
2.Position your elbow on the floor, below your shoulder.
3.Lift up on your elbow and keep your body stiff, from head to toe.
4.Hold this for 10 seconds, then lower your hip to the floor.
5.Then do this three times.
6.Switch to the other side, repeat the above.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqzrb67Dwf8&noredirect=1 ← You can watch someone do it. She says you can keep your hand on the floor, but I am not permitting this. You will have your one elbow on the mat but the other hand can be on your hip, behind your head or up straight in the air.

Each 10 second side plank counts as one.

Just do the best you can. I am not going to tell you how many to do, but I will throw in an iccentive, the person that does the most side planks, must email me by the 20th. In the subject, you will tell me how many side planks you did for the week. This person will have Immunity. The person with the second most side planks will have a 1lb advantage. Sound good?



We did ok last week with getting in the jumping jacks but its time to push ourselves for bigger numbers,our teams challenge this week will be to complete 5 days of level 1 Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, some of us already have the dvd if not here is a link for the entire first level:


So barring medical issues everyone should be able to do this, the first level is only 27 minutes and covers both strength and cardio so if you only have time for one workout a day make it this :)

We will be trying a meat free day this coming Wednesday, so be sure to post here with tips, recipes, or questions you may have I'll post more information later this week.Continue with water everyone should be hitting at least the 64 oz requirement if you can do more great , if not a minimum of 64 oz.

We need to be more unified as a team so if you have any questions or issues please be sure to let me or our co captain know, this week everyone needs to post DAILY either here or if you can't access the threads you can check in through your status , just start it with Terminators Update, so I'll be able to easily find it when I'm looking for it. Every logs in either with a pc or mobile so theres no reason why this should be a problem.

Lets make this a great week team!!


  • krista010105
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    sounds great. i can do side planks with my wrist so im in on this one!!!!

    did day 4 of 30 day shred last night!!! it really is becoming easier, the day after day one i felt like i was going to die. i did day one, rest day, day two, rest day, then day 3 and next day day 4, today will be day 5 and i may even attemt to do it twice or atleast the first half twice.

    and FYI for those that dont have a heart monitor. when i do level 1 with my heart monitor with chest strap it logs 27 minutes with a calorie burn of about on average 247 calories.
  • KerriMx5
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    All my days are meat free. Got that one covered. lol
  • blueyegrl
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    All meat free days here as well! And will try the side planks tonight if feeling better, might have to take it easy tonight so I can feel back to 100% tomorrow. Don't know what is wrong with me but just super light headed and nauseous yesterday afternoon and this morning, think it's because I didn't sleep good all weekend, not enough sleep, less food and exercise, bad combo on the whole. Think I just need some rest. :yawn: But looking forward to trying the planks, never done them before!
  • KerriMx5
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    I have never done the side planks either.. I will update how funny my trying to do them is. :P

    Off to the store this evening for foods. I think I am going to aim for high protein soups, cheese and such.
  • shelleytobefit
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    Sounds great!! I just made the Thai Veggie Burgers from someones post when we were entering in recipes and it was good.....still have some stuff to make more so that will be my Wed :)

    I don't know if I can do 5 days of the 30 Shred with my schedule but I will for sure try my best. As for the side planks I did 20 yesterday....well ten on each side.

    Have a great day! Oh, and WAY TO GO team on all the great losses this weigh in!!
  • KerriMx5
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    61 min walk. Shred will be done tonight.
  • MsCyone
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    Hey ladies just checking in with everyone, getting ready to knock out the Shred I started it this morning but didn't complete the whole level so trying again this evening.
  • blueyegrl
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    Good morning lovelies! Just checking in while I have a minute! Crazy week already and it's only Tuesday! Ate good yesterday, lots of water, but no exercise. I start college Monday! 35 years old and starting for the first time! EEK! lol Both of my classes (Psychology and English) are online only for this semester, so had to take the tutorial online, lots of reading and then a quiz at the end to make sure you understood it. So I didn't even get a chance to try planks. But tonight I'm starting week 2 day 1 of the Couch to 5k, and also hoping to get some planks in. As of right now my calories planned for the day are over by 200, but after exercise, that should be gone! Feeling great today after that bit of a nasty feeling Sunday and yesterday, think TOM is coming, of course it is...with WI right around the corner! :cry: lol Ah well! I hope you are all having a great week and getting those planks in! Have a great day!! :drinker:
  • KerriMx5
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    How exciting to go to school. What are you going for?

    I have decided to go back in the fall. I am 38!! I just need to do it for me. I will be at school with my older girls. That is bad. I have always been busy having kiddos and never went to school. Well that isn't true. I took 2 years of part time classes while working. One year I was pg, working full time and going to school at night. I don't know how I lived through those 9 months. LOL

    Good luck with school and everything else.

    As for workouts I tried Jillian tonight. I am so starting over again and I could feel it. I only did 10 minutes. I am either trying more tonight or making it through more tomorrow. It will depend on the little person. We have had a long day running around and are all grumpy. I only got a 25 minute walk in though so I feel I have to do more. 35 minutes won't cut it.
  • KerriMx5
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    I meant to ask, would a spreadsheet be easier for everyone to follow each other and stay motivated or is this working OK? Some challenges use them some don't. Some people feel it is a pain to keep track of and some find them helpful. Trying to find a way to make us all more in tune with each other. Don't want any more people to vanish. I see some of us are here all the time. Just thinking...No big deal either way.

    I am loving our challenge so far. Even if I am doing bad at it. It is making me try and that is what I need.
  • MsCyone
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    good evening lovely ladies, I've been so busy today I'm just now logging in, how are you ladies doing today?
  • KerriMx5
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    The scale is moving down this week. Hopefully I can try the Shred again today and get farther then my ten minutes from last night. :)