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"Atkins Breath??"

GB333 Posts: 261 Member
I had never heard of this before watching the BBC video posted below. Has anyone experienced this?? The video said it's the "infamous side effect." My husband hasn't been complaining, so I guess I'm ok! ha!


  • Marll
    Marll Posts: 904 Member
    Were they indicating that this is bad breath? Typically the only breath side effects of Atkins is the expelling of Ketones in the breath, which actually gives off a slightly sweet smell. There are very odd cases where some people report urine that smells of nail polish remover (acetone) since acetone is a member or related to ketones (if I remember correctly) but this appears to be very rare.

    Generally if they are indicating this as a bad side effect (the breath) I've found that most media is not friendly to low carb and will try to convince people it's bad through misinformation.
  • jacob1462
    jacob1462 Posts: 10 Member
    I've offended myself a few times with my "Atkins Breath". When it strikes, you will know it.....smells like you've been boozing it up or something. Frequent tooth-brushing seems to cure it.
  • roro73
    roro73 Posts: 153 Member
    Apparently I had it yesterday. It was my nieces basketball game & I did have any gum or mints...just kept drinking water but my daughter even commented on it So wierd...guess I entered ketosis since I started livin low carb on Thursday. I went straight out & bought gum & mints. Maybe I need to get a portable toothbrush to keep in my purse too :) Does this last for a long time??
  • rsouthland
    I've never been affected by the "Atkin's Breath" but I've definitely had acetone smelling urine. It's strong smelling, even for me at times, when I'm really heavy in ketosis.
  • Supermel
    Supermel Posts: 612 Member
    my husband and I have both had this.