To Change Goal Weight or Not Change Goal Weight

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First a brief history:

I am a two time member of our local TOPS IL290 chapter. The first time I joined TOPS, it was probably about 6 months or so after I had had my third child. I first began my own weight loss program doing the Richard's Simmons program and lost about 25lbs. I really wanted to lose that last 10lbs that I just couldn't get off show I joined my TOPS chapter. I lost the weight and very quickly became a KOPS. I stayed with the program for about a year. At one point one of my children became ill and was in the hospital. I went out of leeway and couldn't get back in in the two week time frame. After all that had happened with my child, I quit TOPS. As time went on, I began to put back on most of the weight that I had lost. My brother recommended MFP so I began last May 2011.

I knew that I needed another accountability besides MFP so I rejoined TOPS about 2 weeks after starting my weight loss journey. I have reached my goal and have been a KOPS for a couple of months. I am now thinking that I would really like to lose another 5-7 lbs from where I am currently. This loss would put me out of leeway as I am already about 1 lb away from the bottom. I don't know if I should change my goal weight or just try and maintain where I am currently for the next 6 months or so and then think about changing it. My sis in law, who is also a KOPS said that you don't want to set your self up to fail and that maintaining is so much harder than losing. I agree to some extent, but really want to shed that extra belly flab that may go away with those 5-7 lbs. What are your thoughts on this?


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    Well maybe just some toning excersizes will help to and u wont have to lose more weight but tone the flab but if you really are not happy with your weight the choice is yours and if u think you can attain to reach this new goal i would go for it as long as it wont put you under weight on dr charts
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    I agree..I would try and do the exercising....maybe look into T-Tapp. I just bought these and it sounds like it would work good to tone up. I have been working on losing those 10-12 pounds for over 8 months and am stuck. I would not go lower until you have maintained for at least 6 months and then rethink it.

    Hope this helps.

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    I think that you will have trouble maintaining your KOPS leeway if you are already at the bottom . If you change it to today's weight, then your next goal of 5 to 7 more pounds would be within your leeway. Good luck with whatever you decide. I will be joining you one day.
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    You can change your goal as many times as you want to and can get your medical adviser to sign off on. I say, if you are healthy and able to lose that weight, lower it to what you now weigh. That 5-7 pounds will put you in leeway (at the bottom) and things will be fine. If and when it becomes hard to maintain that weight, raise it back....nothing lost. Good luck. You are one of the few KOPS I have ever known who doesn't find it hard to be at the bottom of their leeway!
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    That's easy. Just wear heavier clothes when you weigh and then if you can maintain the lower weight change the goal. That's not cheating, right?

    I'm with Rose. How awesome that you are looking at lowering your goal. That's grrrrrrrreat!