How many here have podiumed?

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This year will be my 3rd year doing tri's. I'll call it my 2nd "real" year, the first year was all experimental and just learning the ropes.
It seems that my age group (40-45) is one of the hardest out there. Last year, I started in the Master Clydesdale division, and did my last 2 races as age group. My best finish was 8th / 27 in the MC class. My main goal was the finish in the top 50% which I did on a few of my races. I was always in the top 50% on my swim and almost all of my bikes, but the run just kills me. (but have been working on it).

Just curious if anyone here has stood on the podium?


  • scott091501
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    That's the goal this year. My second full season in as well.
  • bstamps12
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    I have...but I also live in the 4th fattest state in the country so triathlons aren't popular here like they are elsewhere and it's not exactly a destination race either. I'm also in the female 20-24 age group which doesn't have a lot of competitors overall anyways.

    It does feel pretty good, even though I've looked at results from neighboring states and I wouldn't be anywhere close to podium there...kind of one of those "I got it but didn't earn it" feelings I guess.
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    I have podium'd in three races in the 50-54 Age Group. I will admit they were small races and my chances were better. I have raced in several that were bigger and more popular and didn't come close. The top three in my AG were as fast as the 20 year olds. This year I move to the 55 - 59, I should do better but do not believe I will make the top three based on last years results in that AG. I was a late starter and just proud of the fact that I'm doing it. This doesn't diminish my desire to win but I'm happy with the finish, I just keep TRI'ing.
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    2 years ago I raced an inaugural sprint tri. Only about 30 other people showed up. And oddly enough they were all pretty hardcore. There were 4 in my AG (40-44) and I came in 4th. However, the 3 men ahead of me finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd overall. So, technically, I won my AG.

    It's good for a laugh, as I know better than to take it very seriously. But it did give me a chance to show my daughters when I got home what a person can win if he/she works hard and tries hard. (I didn't mention the "dumb luck" part of the equation.)
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    I'm quite new at this, but I've placed 3rd for women 35-39 (try a tri) and to my great surprise was actually the 1st overall woman at a small try a tri last summer. Moving on to bigger and longer races this summer :) My first will be a sprint in June then I'm looking at doing an Olympic distance in September.
  • cliffdc
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    I have a funny podium story.
    So there was a brand new race in 2010, a half ultra/half-ironman (first race that made me cry like a baby when finishing, it hurt bad). The following year they added pseudo-Olympic version of it and because if my crappy year - I chose the new pseudo-Olympic distance.
    I usually show up to focus on my 40k bike efforts, because I have historically been far worse at running.
    I never really checked the bike course map, but showed up to crush it anyway.

    Bike leg was about 10 miles longer than usual! I kept up the pace and only 5 others held 20+ mph that day (hilly course).

    Of course, I waited for the awards, my buddy had no camera and the event people took no pictures - oh well.
    second age group, 7th non-pro male overall.

    Moral of this story - always preview a new race. If you want to podium, go hard at a new unpopular race!
  • pkfrankel
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    I was first in age group (fourth overall) in an indoor triathlon two years ago at a local health club. There were 43 overall and 7 in my age. First is first!
  • Trail_Addict
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    I podiumed in several Sprints & Olys (and an Oly+) and Duathlons back when I was in the 25-29 bracket. I even earned a spot in Nationals, but couldn't go. It's all relative though... depends on who shows up on that day, and how big the race was. Some days a 2:30 Oly time will net you 1st in your AG, and the next year, that time won't even get you a pat on the back. Cherish any hardware you get. :smile:
  • Kilter
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    Nope, I haven't podiumed yet and while I'd love to I don't see it happening anytime in the near future :)

    I'm at the top of the middle of the pack, but the pack is big.

    I compete against myself and my friends. I work my *kitten* off.

    Man though, I'd love to be up on the podium sometime. Know that there was a picture of it up on a wall somewhere.

    But until that happens, I'll just keep doing the work I do for the reward of knowing I'm doing the work I do :)

  • batlou
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    I once grabbed 3rd AG(40-44) at a 5K, small race with only about 10 people in my AG and lucky for me only a couple of fast people showed up. I led the MOP crew and nabbed 3rd with a 24:14 time. Woot! I'll take it and not be ashamed.

    My goal is to continue to run easy and stay injury free so that I can out live or out last my competitors. Then I am going to be nabbing some hardware.
  • RaeN81
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    Not for a tri, but I did for an aquathon (swim and run indoors, we have very cold winters here and this race is in March). The funny thing is that they had finishing medals at the race so I did not even think to stay for the awards ceremony (it was also a night race and my kids were tired) so they had to mail me my medal. Bit of a letdown when I think of it...hoping to be in the top 50% in my races this season but placing would be amazing (not holding my breath though!)
  • RaeN81
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    I got first in my age category in my latest race (and my age category was the largest!) Totally unexpected on a very windy course!
  • EnduranceGirl2
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    Getting on the podium for an Olympic or sprint try is the goal. I have podiumed in some local 5 and 10K races. Depending on who else shows up, I'm generally top third to top half of my age group for tris. My swimming also needs work.
  • RaeN81
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    I just won my first race! Just a tri-a-tri (300 m swim, 10 km bike, 2.5 km run) but I am pretty pumped about it. I have a sprint distance coming up in August and I simply hope to finish that one! Time to move onto the bigger distances.
  • bstamps12
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    Granted, I'm in a small age group (F 20-24) and it's not really a "deep" age group here, but I've gone 3 for 3 on the podium this year in sprint tris, and I've been in all 3 spots this season. I want back on top!
  • FL_Nettie
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    I took 3rd in a Sprint tri last year in the Athena group.....however there were only 4 of us in the group! :laugh: Still, for my second tri I'll take it!

    My first race this year (in 1 1/2 weeks) I'll be doing Athena again and it's a much larger field this time. Not sure if I'll be seeing the podium again.

    In November I'm doing my first Olympic tri and am going in my AG instead of Athena. My goal for that one isn't to podium but to finish in the first 50% and then next year to take a podium!
  • nicescent
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    I am more an "end of the pack" for Ironman and half, but every year there is an "olympic" tri near my home. and for the last 2 years, I finished 3rd and last year 2nd. Hoping to be first this year, as it will be my last year in my age group (55-59).
    As a joke i always say that I want to do "tri" until I am 80+ because hopefully one day, I'll be the only one in my age group.
  • scott091501
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    Missed the podium by 14 seconds yesterday. Grrrrrrr.
  • hkulbacki
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    I've podiumed 1st in age group by default the last 3 years at an Adventure Race that I do (2 mile kayak, 20k bike, 5k run). I say by default because the woman who comes in 1st in my age group every year, is always 1st overall female which eliminates her from the age group awards. My first year there was a woman who came in 2nd in my age group, she also podiumed overall so was eliminated from age groups.
    I'm proud to say that this morning I was also eliminated from the age group awards when I podiumed 2nd overall female.
    40-44 is definately a competitive age group, this morning all 3 top females were 40-44, followed by one 35-39 and one 20-24.
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    I got 1st AG in a 3k race a last year, and missed a 3rd AG in a sprint duathlon by 40 seconds a couple years ago. Considering I turned around in the bike leg to look for my Garmin, I consider it a