What part of Arizona are you from?



  • becks2089
    becks2089 Posts: 20 Member
    Grew up in Florence. Faaaaaaar south east of the valley. (Pinal County)
    Now I live and go to school in Tempe.
    Fork 'em!
  • xPOOKiEx
    xPOOKiEx Posts: 156 Member
    Chandler :)
  • Anthem.
  • mandavann
    mandavann Posts: 38 Member
    Phoenix native but live (and work) in Surprise now. :)
  • DaniNei
    DaniNei Posts: 132 Member
    Chandler, by the mall.
  • lynnerdmc
    lynnerdmc Posts: 8 Member
    Phoenix -- Lookout Mountain area
  • Kelene616
    Kelene616 Posts: 166 Member
    North phoenix/moon valley area
  • jettyib1
    jettyib1 Posts: 46 Member
    I live in Taylor. Just north of Showlow 15 mi:happy:
  • jettyib1
    jettyib1 Posts: 46 Member
    welcome!!! This is a good place to get motivation for weight loss.:bigsmile:
  • I live in Whetstone, right down the road from 10 and Benson.. and about 10 -15 minutes from Ft Huachuca and Sierra Vista
  • allysonb80
    allysonb80 Posts: 109 Member
    N. Phx. (I-17/101)
  • littleredjd
    littleredjd Posts: 66
    North Scottsdale near Scottsdale Rd & FLW Blvd
  • illunsorcio
    illunsorcio Posts: 27
    I am a forth generation kid of AZ. My GGrandmother was born in Prescott when AZ was still a territory. I was born in Phoenix but grew up in Prescott. I left AZ when I graduated from U of A (go cats). I currently live in Cincinnati. However, my family and I are moving back to AZ around July. We will be calling home somewhere in Chandler/Ahwaktukee.
  • puppy1002
    puppy1002 Posts: 162 Member
    Live in San Tan Valley/ Queen Creek but work in Chandler
    Feel free to add me!
  • cyclerjenn
    cyclerjenn Posts: 835 Member
    West chandler is where I live, but most of my time is spent in Tempe and Scottsdale!
  • likeschocolate
    likeschocolate Posts: 368 Member
    Tucson and love it. Go Cats!
  • fatboypup
    fatboypup Posts: 1,873 Member
    West chandler is where I live, but most of my time is spent in Tempe and Scottsdale!

    Good lady there she knows whats up!
  • lalalove12
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  • Debbe2
    Debbe2 Posts: 2,071 Member
    Between South Mountain and Gila River Res in Ahwatukee. :heart:
    BELIEVETOPSTOKOPS Posts: 55 Member
    Payson, AZ