Another new Paleo-ite, looking for friends/support!

Hi there, I've searched out the support group for those following Paleo as the main boards can get a bit heated about Paleo. I'm looking to add friends for support, share ideas, recipes, suggestions and of course to encourage and support.

I'm 38, new-ish to Paleo, and already picked up the cookbook Everyday Paleo and have kicked off my day with Egg Cupcakes! Looking forward to learning about you and hearing about your Paleo journey!



  • twinmom01
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    feel free to friend me if you want...
  • freckled_lady
    Feel free to add. I love my new paleo lifestyle :)
  • MamaDee2
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    You can add me if you'd like.
  • geojeepgirl
    geojeepgirl Posts: 243 Member
    Can add me too. I just started recently too. =-) I like that book and The Paleo Comfort Foods cookbook.
    PALEOMOM3 Posts: 9
    I'm new as well and looking to make some connections with other Paleo followers...
  • SweetxCatastrophe
    SweetxCatastrophe Posts: 593 Member
    Hi! I'm new to paleo too (today is officially day 1 actually) so you're more than welcome to add me! I've seen the hostility with paleo in the main forums too and WOW can it get crazy in there haha!
  • KBGirts
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    Add me!
  • zellagrrl
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    Feel free to add me :)
  • spirit80
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    Add me.
  • Cavewomancafe
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    Moi assi. More paleo the better! :smile:
  • pittjenn
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    add me too :)
  • McFelix57
    McFelix57 Posts: 28 Member
    I highyl recommend the nom nom paleo website. I have used so many of her recipes!
  • Meadows18
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    I'm new as well and looking to make some connections with other Paleo followers...

    Please add me; I need guidance as I start this new chapter in my life.
  • DiscoGirl999
    Add me! :)
  • JackShow70
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    And add me as well. Newbie here too.
  • renkatrun
    renkatrun Posts: 111 Member
    I am also just starting paleo and would like some supportive friends! I'm 46 - female and a runner. I want to find a way to stay paleo without obsessing.
  • kbc525
    kbc525 Posts: 149
    I am really interested in starting paleo today/tomorrow. I need support and friends! Please feel free to add me! Just joined the group!
  • CRody44
    CRody44 Posts: 776 Member

    Loren Cordain “The Paleo Diet”
    Robb Wolf “The Paleo Solution”
    Mark Sisson “The Primal Blueprint”
    Mark Sisson “The Primal Blueprint 21 day Total Body Transformation”
    Gary Taubes “Good Calories, Bad Calories”
  • epcooper
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    I'm new to all this too, and looking to make the transition to paleo/primal. I've just started the NerdFitness workout plan as well, and am hoping to build muscle and lose fat. I'd love some friends! I'm also a part of the Eat More to Weigh Less community and wonder what your macro goals are for paleo/primal eating. Thanks!!