How much have you lost since starting Paleo?



  • pittjenn
    pittjenn Posts: 247 Member
    Maas - I'm only trying to lose 10 lbs, so those 5 lbs (now 6!) put me halfway there. I'm sure I'm going to have to step up the exercise to get the final 5 lbs off though. I'm OK with it, I just have to get my move completed before I try and start any new routines/exercise programs :)
  • Maasmondy
    Maasmondy Posts: 54 Member
    Good luck on that move! I'd like to be in the 120's for giggles. So 5 more lbs will get me there. Wondering if this is the thing to do it.
  • fcbryant75
    fcbryant75 Posts: 17 Member
    I've lost 55 pounds since January. I am also more Primal (I eat dairy sometimes but not as a staple) and 80/20. It's been a definite life-changer for me.
  • _Amy_Budd
    _Amy_Budd Posts: 378 Member
    I've been completely Primal for just over a year, in which time I've lost just over 100 pounds - truthfully, I hit the 100-pounds-lost-Primally mark a couple of months ago, and have stabilized since then. With only around 10 pounds to my goal, the losses have all but stopped, but the measurements continue to drop, and I feel AMAZING, so I'm happy. :)

    (With regard to my ticker, I had lost almost 50 pounds before I discovered the Primal Blueprint, but the 100 pounds since then are all Primal losses.)
  • kpbella1128
    kpbella1128 Posts: 6 Member
    Since 3/13/12:

    Down 36lbs and went from a size 18 to a lose 14/12 (tight)
  • dyannajoy
    dyannajoy Posts: 466 Member
    This is sooo encouraging! I just started this week and can FEEL a difference in my body already. And LOVE that the cravings are gone. I could care less about starch and junk etc...... a miracle TRULY!
  • bluebird321
    bluebird321 Posts: 733 Member
    I started in April of 2011 and lost over 55lbs.
  • FairuzyAmanuzy
    FairuzyAmanuzy Posts: 221 Member
    64 of the 104 lbs are primally lost. Started in December 2011.
  • Drudoo
    Drudoo Posts: 275 Member
    15 lbs since April
  • freckled_lady
    almost 30 pounds since january. I've gained significant muscle mass too :) March/April I was very very VERY lax in my eating habits, but since I've really committed again in May I've lost 18 pounds!
  • weathergirl320
    45 lbs since December! I was also diagnosed with celiac so cutting out gluten helped a lot I'm sure.
  • 3lilkids
    3lilkids Posts: 90 Member
    6 pounds in 2-3 weeks, then nothing for the last 2 weeks. I'm good with that for now. Have started running and core work, and my body is changing, so trying not to focus on the pounds so much. DH lost 8 pounds in first 2 weeks, and nothing since, but it's amazing watching his body change and he is NOT exercising at all (just doesn't enjoy it). We both feel great. We have not gone 100%, still a little cheese on the eggs and a couple of other issues, but plan on taking it to a new level after the weekend.

    I've had issues with my digestive system for 2 years, and the docs all have said more grains, more fiber, blah blah blah. After no grains for a month, my system is functioning normally. Nothing else in my lifestyle has changed, have done the exercise thing before. Drink just as much water as before. Just no more grains/dairy (except the cheese). I'm amazed.

    I would like to lose another five pounds, but again, it's more about being fit and feeling good.:smile:
  • naptownblue
    naptownblue Posts: 9 Member
    10 lbs in 1 week! I"m guessing most of that is water weight but I'll take it... I'm loving this lifestyle. I'll keep updates on here each week. Hoping to shed 20 in the first month.
  • homesweeths
    homesweeths Posts: 792 Member
    25 lbs in 3 months, with almost no exercise. Hoping as I lose more I will be able to be more mobile.
  • TriLifter
    TriLifter Posts: 1,283 Member
    I started in November 2012 and have lost...nothing. But I'm 5'6" and 120 lbs, so I really wasn't trying to lose weight. My body fat % has decreased and I've seen some muscle mass gains, which is what I wanted.
  • kikih64
    kikih64 Posts: 349 Member
    Only just over 2 weeks in and I've lost 6 pounds. My goal wasn't really to lose weight, but it's a nice benefit! Hoping to see body comp changes soon! Less fat, more muscle would be perfect.
  • lovelyrita02
    lovelyrita02 Posts: 1 Member
    26 lbs since May 11th went from size 14 to 8
  • mmipanda
    mmipanda Posts: 351 Member
    5kg in about two months.

    I've been pretty slack with it though. I lost 4kg in 4 weeks, hovered for a while because I don't stick to it on the weekends (:() and now I'm dropping weight again because I'm going to the gym as well as eating properly.

    now i'm almost at my old plateau weight, so hoping to bust on through - expect it to be a lot harder from here on out though.
  • Kaelitr0n
    Kaelitr0n Posts: 151 Member
    I started Paleo on 7/27/2013 and have lost 18 lbs and about 1 pants size as of this morning (nearly 4 weeks later). The first 10 of that came off in the matter of two days, so I was shedding a lot of water weight (or losing wheat bloat). Even without that, 2 lbs per week is nothing to laugh at!

    How I feel, though, is what makes all of this so worth it! I haven't felt this good in many, many years.
  • husseycd
    husseycd Posts: 814 Member
    I'm more Primal, but 10 lb. That's 2 lb over my goal.