Fit-n-Trim to Win Biggest Loser Style Contest - March 24th to May 5th

We will start on Friday, JMarch 24th to May 5th!!


This contest is set up with 2 teams of contestants. The teams that loses the most will be safe. The person with the highest percentage of weight loss gets an advantage for the next week. The 2 lowest losing players are up for elimination and one is sent to second chance.

The ultimate winner is the last wo/man with the greatest amount of weight loss at the end.

Booooo, Elimation. Everyone deserves a second chance, right? So, eliminated people will be put in the second chance category. We will have 1 opportunity for the second chance people to come back. Stay tuned for the details.

There will be some very different weight challenges as the weeks go on. The games include weight loss bingo, poker, team challenges as well as 1:1 competitions. Prizes will include immunity; weight advantage, disadvantages, banking points and trading players. This is supposed to be fun and good natured.

1. We will weigh in every week. If you fail to weigh in, you will be eliminated and out of the contest. I am really firm about this.

3. You can post up 2 weights for the weigh in days. I will pick the lower of the two weights.

If you are unable to make a weigh-in and know that you will be on vacation, please notify me at the start of the contest. I will allow a different weigh in date since I will know upfront and will allow a change.

4. If you would not like to be in the game anymore, do not post it on the thread. Send me an email, so that other contestants do not know and slack off. We’ll let them think someone will still be eliminated.

How to weigh-in:
1. I will post a code word on the thread the night prior before weigh-in
2. You will take a picture of the scale: with your current weight and code word attached
3. You will post the photo on the link.

This is how to post your picture. Please do a practice one so that you are ready for the contest. I use tinypic and some use to upload the pic.

1) Save the picture on your computer or phone
2) Upload the photo to photobucket
3) paste onto MFP
4) lose weight
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