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  • Just curious if you have looked into intermittent fasting. It’s a nice supplement to counting calories and can help with hormone regulation. Dr. Fung’s videos on YouTube have some great info.
  • Original starting weight: 199 lbs January starting weight: 158.4 lbs January goal: 150lbs-152lbs (hoping most of this is water weight but feeling like 150 might be a stretch Ultimate goal: 140lbs 1st ish - 158.4 7th-157.4 lbs - I didn’t think there’d be much progress. Had a weekend at the in-laws and did the last of my…
  • Starting Weight: 158.4 lbs Goal Weight: 140 lbs Ultimate Goal Weight: 135 lbs W1 12/1: W2 12/8: W3 12/15: W4 12/22: W5 12/29: did not join until 1/1 W6 1/5: 157.4 lbs - actually measured today (1/7). I didn’t think there’d be much progress. Had a weekend at the in-laws and did the last of my holiday indulging. Getting back…
  • My ah-ha moment was when we decided to have our second child soon after our first. I had struggled my whole life with my weight, always at a BMI around 26 or 27 and now I was carrying enough post pregnancy weight to push me into the obese category. I didn’t want to add another pregnancy on top of that and get to a place I…
  • Hi Everyone, Hoping to get back on track after a 6 month slump (my typical pattern... lose Jan-June and vacillate between gain and maintain for the rest of the year). Aiming to try and fast for 14 or more hours a day, significantly limit sugar and processed foods and drink more water, something that is super hard for me to…
  • As I mentioned in the comment above, your support was so helpful.
  • Hi, I’m the original poster. I just wanted to thank you for your comment. I tried different things for a while but eventually stopped worrying about cutting the carbs and just focused on calories and making healthy choices. I have gone back to the creamers. Yes they aren’t a whole food and yes they have sugars in them but…
  • That I would routinely think I might have cancer or another ailment because of the way I can feel new lumps and bumps I couldn’t before (bones, milk ducts, shrinking fats cells, etc.) That clothes wouldn’t all of a sudden be more comfortable. Bigger stuff is uncomfortable because it falls off and the new sizes still feel…
  • jenn990205 I love your way of updating us.
  • Hi Everyone, I’m a long time user of MFP but I’ve never really joined the communities. I’ve been taking two steps forward and one step back for about 5 years now, moving closer to my goals but never quite reaching them before back sliding a bit. I’m hoping that you can all help me out. Starting a little late here but I…
  • Welcome :). I'll bet those last 10 are super hard to get off. I can't wait to help each other out. It sounds like you will have lots of insights :)
  • Yay. Welcome ladies. I'm trying low carb too. I hope we will be able to give each other some tips and tricks.
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  • I'm definitely bloating when I eat carbs which surprises me. I didn't think I bloated at all. I found I was headachy and crabby when I was super low carb. Someone on another forum said to make sure your salt intake is high enough if that happens. Maybe I'll try again. I forgot to mention too that I'm cutting all artificial…
  • Hey everyone. I just started a new group tonight. It's called Weight In Wednesdays - Open to All. I need to lose mum tum (or fat apron as my friend calls it) and am looking for some accountability. Come join me :smile:
  • Hey. Can I join? I could really use a motivator to start working out again. I just checked and I can currently do 28 push-ups (for my own reference, quickly rather than slow and controlled)
  • Thanks everyone, OliveGir128 I'd love to know the name of the coffee you buy. Meelisv, I debate back and forth between whether to go low carb or focus solely on calories. I've done well in the past with just low calorie but a lot of the books I've been reading focused on low carb. I don't really like it. I don't crave…