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  • Laurie, after many years there are glimmers that the body (when allowed by the 🐹s and not overridden by super yummy I want to keep eating because it's good not because I'm hungry--or the multitude of reasons we each have), anyway, there are glimmers that appetite does scale up and down. I regularly range from 2500 to 3500…
  • I think you need to plan more bunniesπŸ‡πŸ° Laurie, before you touch the πŸ«πŸ’©πŸΉπŸ€£
  • Stable uninterrupted power at that!🀞
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  • It WUZ! Good both warm (initial intake, served on minute rice / too lazy to also nuke cauli and mix) and cold (side dish to the previously frozen lasagna) :smiley:
  • When we over-restrict... it tends to only last for SO long before it explodes, right? And the harder we go the worse it explodes. as I said before I don't think it can work if we don't think about it. possibly think about it a lot even. BUT, in a happy way. If it is all consuming in a stressful way? THAT is NOT a recipe…
  • Yes Connie? I don't see much wrong there! :wink: I agree that *4* is a close call between obsession and indifference and the balance is somewhere in between! :lol: I don't think / feel we (as a group, any one individual could be a different story); but I don't think that as a group we will ever be where weight management…
  • 🐰🐰🐰 - πŸ°πŸ°πŸ‡ down the hatch (the veggie medley in tomato sauce left overs from yesterday). Served as a side to half a tray of frozen microwaved lasagna! :hushed: Basically a full 1,000 cal meal!!! :naughty: Now to head out for a walk!
  • :fearful: :fearful: :fearful: :fearful: :fearful: I am EXPECTING PICTURE LINKS tonight/tomorrow! M'OK???? :smiley: :
  • I don't think any of us here will not have to make SOME compromises in order to control weight long term. My view is that the least impactful and easiest on you compromises, the ones you're willing to live with are the best ones to make. Picking realistically reliable ones that you're likely to stick to long term is fairly…
  • This works well till the FIRST INJURY. Till the FIRST MIL MEDICAL EMERGENCY that postpones the ride that will burn the calories. Till the first hubby in hospital for a health issue that takes hours or days to resolve and you miss this ride and the next day and the next week. Or till the time you replace bulimia with…
  • R U saying, Atki, that you gave away the Terry (orange I presume) chocolate bunny, or that SOMEONE ELSE gave YOU the choc bunny?!?!
  • And on Saturday there will BE bunnies! Took a running start with 750g down the hatch for an early dinner! Plus some sort of salad bunnies with the lunchtime omelette... and I think I can safely call this a 9++ bunnie day! 3 drops liquid sucralose not listed
  • @gewel321 how about shellfish (higher cholesterol would be an objection I guess), or grilled fish or, dare I say, (lightly) breaded?
  • Yikes Atki!🀯
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  • These were both lunches at independent (not assisted) living facilities. The sandwich was a Revera facility and they claimed it was regular portions (the separate salad was a 3/4 salad alternative main dish, so you would normally have either or for lunch.. The other is a smaller local private company with their names…
  • Haven't made any in years, but I'm getting the urge!!!🐹😹
  • Good Job on the Bunnies Laurie! Today's lunch "salad(s)" with ok, more than one bunny... but leaves don't weight much. The beets do... so OK: two bunnies. Notice the "glistening" dressing! :hushed: And yesterday's calories-mageddon! The food:…
  • You're on TURBO today!
  • maybe add some boiled κολοκύθια.... that would be courgettes for the BRITISH (though I am sure in Quebec they would just call them zucchini :lol: )
  • Yikes! Bunny-less-ness abounds! Dad sure as *kittens* don't think he's lucky; dad's for SURE! He's looking at "floor and carpet"; I'm looking at services! :open_mouth: really nice salad with maybe one or two bunnies (leaves don't weight much). Oh, and had a pooberry bunny sometime around 3am with greek yogurt!.... hunting…
  • We were discussing privately yesterday with a friend whether a well known comedian's soup "jokes" would survive in today's environment and how they're even allowed to take place in reruns. But I'm thinking of your relatives Dante, especially if they're from New York, and a refrain is going in my brain about "no lamb for…
  • depends on the how and with what the corn was popped! :lol: The tour-de-places? We're kicking tires in case someone decides to move closer to hospitals that are willing to handle larger patients.
  • Buniless! Buniless! I went "independent living" touring! There was a salad... I'm sure there was a one bunny salad. Clam chowder? not good bunnies. Shepherd pie: huge. AND not good bunnies. Peanut butter cookies... NUFF SAID! We're down to peanuts for bunnies!!!! :naughty: :disappointed: and that's good food for…
  • Yeah speed of downturn is one. And 10 or how much longer horizon is other. And, of course, coincides with our flying off the bike jumps timeframe since I need more prep for that than Bella!πŸ™€πŸ€―
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  • Hmmm.... Laurie you're giving me ideas since I have the same veggies at home!
  • I really like the plant the seed idea and watch it grow -- it should be done for sure, hopefully both subtly and effectively. But beyond that I don't see how Laurie gets a win without letting them cope with a hurricane season or two. Also not sure that Newfoundland is the best resession proof location in Canada? Our Laurie…
  • Hey, the blueberry bunny is like my lemon meringue bunnies πŸ‡πŸΉπŸ‡... slightly confused! 🀣
  • Welcome stranger! I admit to counting with or without Laurie: will it crash this selling season or next? Will the ensuing resession go for 3 to 5 or closer to 10? Is current value adjusted for inflation in currently very hot markets such as greater Toronto and Vancouver going to recover from the coming downturn before…
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  • That's funny Garfield! So today someone (not downstairs) gave me a box of Costco spinach pies--and since it started fighting for freezer space with the previous box of Costco spinach pies they gave me a while back... I cooked a tray for dad and downstairs--and snuck out 580 Cal for me! BUT, back to the funny, one of the…
  • Laurie... fingers crossed things turn out nicely for one and all! Newfoundland I hear is beautiful and many an artist have visited and even lived extensively in the picturesque towns and villages--> :innocent: :mrgreen: (I'm shovelling for all I'm worth here!)