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  • For me it's because skipping breakfast means I get to sleep just a little bit later! Also because I have a meal plan at school and tend to need to budget it out for about two meals a day. In high school I rarely ate breakfast too, but that was mostly in favor of sleep.
  • Sometimes I just go to sleep. :P If I am REALLY hungry I will eat. But if it's just a little or I feeling very dedicated to my calorie count, I'll go to sleep and wake up ready for breakfast.
  • Add me-- I'm 21 so we're close in age! :)
  • I've had this happen a few times. In my case it is because I'm addicted to the caffeine in the soda. Honestly you can't stop cold turkey (without getting the side-effects). Weaning off of it seems to work well for me. I used to have pop with lunch and dinner, and started limiting it to one at lunch so that I wouldn't get a…
  • I actually would be quite uncomfortable talking about it with most people I know, so I'm glad that they probably wouldn't be very invested in it. Although my boyfriend did say the other day, "I'm proud of you for going to the gym by yourself even when I can't come with you." It was nice to be acknowledged for that even…
  • Really? Is there any reason to believe the cafe info is not going to be full of errors? I'm not being sassy, that's a serious question.
  • Instead of premade sandwiches, for example, id use the sandwich station in the dining hall. It was easier (though more tedious) to log 2 slices of rye + whatever else separately. Good luck :)[/quote] Unfortunately just about the only make-it-yourself food we have is salad. I like salad but not enough to eat it for every…
  • Good ideas guys! I've really only just started this month and don't have regular access to a scale so I'll have to wait awhile to see if what I'm doing is working. :) I'll adjust it as needed when I get a chance.
  • I fit the bill! It's pretty hard to find healthy food on campus without eating the same salad every day. :\ I'm just relying on calorie counting for now. Feel free to add me!
  • I'd say 8 because I want to do it and have been tracking fairly well (and improving) but continue to eat past my calorie limit, especially on weekends. :\ I think it's mainly an issue of getting familiar with different foods and what their counts are likely to be.
  • I've just gotten started too! Hoping to find some more friends so we can support each other. :)
  • I actually had some of those plain chicken strips and fries today. I knew they were unhealthy but I had no idea how bad they were. And they're not even that good. What a waste. :\ I am really looking forward to being able to make food in my own kitchen! Just a few years away now...
  • I try not to eat anything right before going because I feel sick if I eat before jogging. I'm not sure if that's a good idea or not but it works for me.
  • I do this too but I've told myself I can't buy more workout clothes yet because I have just started. I want to be committed to this but I haven't made it a habit yet so I don't want to spend money if I could still go off track. >.<
  • Occupational therapy. Part of why I'm on here in the first place is to be healthier to set a better example for future clients. :)
  • Also- don't run faster out of embarrassment! Everyone is there to improve themselves, not judge you. If you push yourself too hard you might get shin splints. I was getting those last week and had to force myself to take it easy.
  • I'm on week four and it is very difficult! But it felt difficult the first week too. At this point I think I could do the first week quite easily, because now I'm doing 3 and 5 minute runs (well, I've done one day of that, week 4 day 2 is tonight!) Just keep at it. Every week will be a challenge and you'll just barely make…
  • It sounds like you're off to a great start! I think logging calories makes it a lot easier to remind myself that I'm not hungry, just bored. Hopefully it continues to work for you. Reach out here on the site if you ever need encouragement!
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  • I'm 21! I've fallen off track for a while with MFP but I'm starting up again. :)