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  • I always rinse off my canned goods under water to takeoff some of the sodium.
  • I do Up To The Beat Fitness on YouTube. The host is Gina B. She has a great variety of fun and easy dance workouts with popular music from the decades.
  • Sugar is extremely addictive. I am a complete sugar junkie, I have been since I was a child. I’m now in my late 40s and started putting on weight. I have a habit of binge eating cookies, cakes, donuts, candy and anything else sweet I can get my hands on. About two weeks ago, I decided to commit to the 21 day sugar detox.…
  • I eat a Quest bar every morning for breakfast. My favorites are the chocolate chip cookie dough and the raspberry and white chocolate. I would be lost without them. It’s like eating dessert.
  • I don’t really like pizza. Please put the pitchforks down.
  • I would love to join.
  • Please add me!! [email protected]
  • May start Weight: 155 May Goal 148 Ultimate Goal Weight: 125 May 1 : 155 May 8: 152.4 May 15: 151.4 May 22: 147.4 May 29: 148.4 Grrrr! I went up a pound. Still eating 1200 calories a day. The big difference was that I had no time to exercise this week.
  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! Keep it up. You are doing great.
  • May start Weight: 155 May Goal 148 Ultimate Goal Weight: 125 May 1 : 155 May 8: 152.4 May 15: 151.4 May 22: 147.4 May 29: May 31: I am so happy with my results. The hypnosis, exercise and eating better is working so well.
  • I have been using an App called “Relax and Sleep Well”. There are different sessions that you can choose from. They each cost $2.99. I tend to listen to the one called “Lose Weight Now”. I put headphones on each night and listen to it. It runs about 35 minutes. I usually fall asleep during but it apparently works on your…
  • May start Weight: 155 May Goal 148 Ultimate Goal Weight: 125 May 1 : 155 May 8: 152.4 May 15: 151.4 May 22: May 29: May 31:
  • Hi everyone! I’m new here but need some motivation and accountability to stay on track. I have been on a terrible binge for a long while and started a week ago with better eating and exercise. I was out of commission due to knee issues. I started self hypnosis at night and it has helped tremendously with my cravings. Good…
  • I have coffee and a protein bar in the morning and then eat my meal at dinner. I don’t know if it is still considered OMAD being that I have a bar for breakfast but it’s what has worked the best for me thus far. If I eat anything after my bar, I don’t stop all day. This keeps me disciplined.
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  • Did you find out anything helpful? I’m 44 and in perimenopause. I have put on 10 pounds. I used to be able to drop the weight so quickly and now it’s barely moving. I eat 1200 calories a day of healthy food and have one cheat day a week where I eat my favorite dessert and go out to dinner with my family. It is the only day…
  • I'd like to get one but wonder how noisy they are. Does anyone know?
  • I never eat breakfast during the week. If I eat something in the morning, I won't stop eating all day. I practice a form of intermittent fasting. I usually start eating when I get home around 4;30. It can be hard but I'm not as hungry as if I were to eat breakfast.
  • I don't love gyms either and I used to own one. The only thing that has worked for me consistently for the past five years is Jazzercise. It's never the same, the music is current, the routines change every couple of months. If you like lifting weights, they incorporate strength into every class.
  • I have 1 for breakfast and one as a snack. I love these bars, especially chocolate chip cookie dough and white chocolate raspberry. They satisfy my cravings and help me stay away from cookies and snack cakes.
  • Yes CICO is the rule of thumb but Lexapro is known to help pack on the pounds. I loved being on it cause it made me feel good but then I would get depressed when I saw how much weight I had put on. I'm now on Wellbutrin and the weight came off. I was eating and exercising the same on both meds. Wellbutrin isn't as good but…
  • Allowing sugar in your diet is different for everybody. I for one am a sugar addict. I can't eat one piece without eating the whole thing and then moving on to something else sweet. It's a horrible thing that I have tried to conquer my entire life. If I eat the cookie I go back for more and then continue with the poor…
  • This is not true. Nobody has the same frame. I have an extremely small frame, tiny wrist and tiny legs. Boots never seem to fit right around my calves. This is why I don't carry extra weight very well.
  • I can't control myself. I eat it by the spoonful so I stopped buying it altogether,
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  • I work very hard at losing and maintaining my weight. I'm always criticized at work for not eating the bagels, pizza or other junk lying around. They say "you're skinny so you can eat it". What they don't understand is that it doesn't fit into my calorie goals and that i work out and monitor my calorie intake. I bank my…
  • Quest chocolate chip cookie dough and white chocolate raspberry. Oh so good. I feel like I'm cheeting.
  • They have always worked for me and I'm almost at my maintenance weight.I have a day where I don't think about anything that I put in my mouth every two weeks. I look forward to the day and still managed to lose weight with it.
  • I'm 5'8" and am most comfortable at 130. I have a small frame and if I get near the 140 range, I lose my waistline.
  • I am on Welbutrin. I got off of it a few months ago and started to gain weight because my hunger was out of control. I got back on it and it's falling off now. It curbs my hunger. I do have some anxiety issues but can deal with them. I get more anxious when I gain weightso it's better for me to stay on it.
  • I eat 1000 from Monday to Thursday, 1500 on Fridays and Sunday's and don't count on Saturdays since I'm usually eating out. This may be low on those 4 days but I more than make up for it on Saturday. I work out 5 to 6 days a week and normally lose 1 to 1.5 lbs a week. I'm on my last 10...usually the hardest. I also (IF)…