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  • I've been doing Jamie Eason's 12 wk challenge and finished am starting phase 2 over. Weight lifting, jumping, jogging, squats, lunges, jump rope. Not one pound lost! 8 mo w/o a period. My older sister who's gone thru it, jogs and lost 12 lbs in a month n a half.'s discouraging!
  • I've been eating a low carb high protein diet for 8 weeks n have lost 8 lbs. Next week I'm starting carb cycling for 3 weeks n have no idea what I'm doing...yet.
  • I'm 53, pre-menopausal n a low thyroid so for me, I tried everything to lose. I came across n they gave me a 12 week challenge w Jamie Eason. Lifting weights, etc. suddenly I WANTED to eat clean!!! I am all in!!! It is so easy for me to do high protein n low carbs. I eat most carbs b4 3. And it's coming…
  • Today I jogged outside n did .75 miles. I'm thrilled w my first day but am taking it very slow!
  • I've been doing a walking program for over a year n just started jogging in place for a mile. The humidity is awful out there but I'm hoping to get out there. I know it'll be more difficult.
  • I belong to a group on FB that's called Walk Away The Pounds. There's a couple different ones n you can ask on there. Love the group bc they're so positive n encouraging.
  • Well I just started a new program of lifting weights 6 x a wk, cardio 4 x wk, eating clean n no carbs after 3 pm. After 4 wks I've lost 1 pound...WOW!
  • I started Jamie Eason 12 week challenge 5 weeks ago n really love it! Best thing I've ever done! I'm lifting between 10-27 lbs now. I HATE LEG day!!! Yesterday one of the exercises was to piggyback someone n do a calf no lol other than that I can do most of these at home gym. I'm on my 2nd phase n now we're…
  • I know exactly how you feel! And with my low thyroid it's not budging at all! So with my clean eating n lifting weights n what?
  • I weigh 208 5'4 n thought if I ate between 1200-1500 a day I'd lose weight fast! And I lift weights 3x wk n cardio every other day. The weight isn't budging!!!
  • I'm struggling w that darn scale! It won't budge n I've been eating between 1200-1500 calories a day n weights n cardio.