How many calories do you generally consume in one day?



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    5'-2", 142 pounds, 2500-2800


    I'm at 2310 on a cut and going back to maintenance above 2530. Once in a while I'll hit 3,200 after longer endurance. 5'-11", 204. . . .

    To be fair, I am bulking. I think my cut goal will be closer to 2200

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    I weigh 208 5'4 n thought if I ate between 1200-1500 a day I'd lose weight fast! And I lift weights 3x wk n cardio every other day. The weight isn't budging!!!
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    I weigh 138 and am 5' 3''. On average, I consume about 2000 calories a day. Lord only knows what I consume on my cheat day though :#
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    Female, 5'9, 248 lbs and about 1,400 cals a day. I'm clearly on an aggressive deficit though. Best of luck!
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    2300-3000 depending on whats going on (this is a deficit for me). Today was not great with sitting on an airplane.
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    5"2', 205lbs. My calories range between 1260-1400. Losing steadily and feeling great. :smile:
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    My brother is the same way. He doesn't have much of an appetite. He pretty much has to eat burgers, french fries, and ice cream to gain weight.
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    I'm trying to lose without counting calories. I've noticed that on days where I eat a little healthier (2 or 3 days a week), I eat only 700-800 calories. The rest of the week, I eat up to maintenance or sometimes 200 over maintenance.

    I'm actually happy with this. Seems my body has learned how to balance things out on its own.
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    I aim to eat my BMR of 1236 and net that down to 1000 through exercise (sometimes eat slightly less depending on appetite). Compared with my TDEE this gives me a deficit of around 800 cals a day and so far my weight loss has been pretty consistent at roughly 1.2lb/week. If you're looking to gain, calculate the BMR/TDEE *for the weight you want to reach* and try your best to eat to those calorie numbers each day - you'll get there gradually. Good luck :)
  • I'm 5'8, 130 pounds and I am currently maintaining at 2,000 calories a day. That's even if I don't exercise. If I do exercise, I will eat them back depending on how I'm feeling. Usually in foods I crave like Snicker bars and Ben and Jerrys.
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    5'3, 108#, eating 1,750 a day (according to MFP) :-)
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    5'4" female 162lbs... aiming to lose 1 lb a week
    My calorie goal is 1270 right now. I often eat around 1500... sometimes up to 1700 but rarely more than that... and I very rarely eat less than 1270 unless I am ill.
    I exercise about 30 minutes every day and that usually brings my net calories close to my goal.
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    5'6" female, 52 years old, weight range 155-160. I eat 1600-1800 to lose weight. About 2000 to maintain. I do weight lifting and very little cardio.
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    I am 5"11, 190lbs and eat about 3,000 calories a day. My body fat is remaining constant (about 15% at the moment) and I'm slowly gaining weight on the scale. I can easily get by on 1,000 calories during the day any more makes me sleepy), but eat a huge meal during the evening. Hitting 190 grams of protein everyday can get a bit repetitive but I love cooking on my George Foreman grill.
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    5'5 126lbs and I find i function best when I eat between 1600-2000 cals depending on how active I am that day.
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    5'6'', 143lb. I take in between 1500 - 2000 calories a day depending on many factors.
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    I go by the week, I try to hit 12,000 over the course of 7 days.

    edited- I am 5'4 118ish lbs
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    5'4" 175lbs 36 years old. I aim for 1590 net which would allow me to lose half a pound a week. I kinda suck at hitting my goal lately, but I'll get back on track.
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    ErinJay18 wrote: »
    I'm 5'9 and 114 lbs. with a BMI of 16.8. Technically, that is considered underweight. I've always been thin and I figured I just was one of those people who could eat anything without gaining weight. Then I realized I'm not actually eating as much as I thought and I did not process all the calories I burn from working out. My Fitness Pal recommends I eat 1900 calories a day. It's 7 in the evening here and I've barely consumed 600 calories minus my afternoon run. I still have to eat dinner so that will probably push my calories to 900-1000ish but that's it. So, how many calories do you consume in one day?

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    about 1800 to cut, 2200 to maintain

    40 yo 5'9, 150