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  • Every cheat day has set me back 3-5 days. No to cheat days Work treats into regular eating and if you know you're going to have a really calorie laden day..:work it off in advance and after via excercise
  • My experience in letting Fitbit calorie adjustment guide my intake is that I plateaued for a good month. When my sister in law enlightened me (you don't want to count calories burned walking to the bathroom!) I deleted the sync to fitness pal and logged my walking manually and started to loose weight again.
  • I am a walker. My bad back and knees make it hard to do anything high impact. Plus I can walk while working, doing weights, reading etc. My walking to loose was around 2 hours per day . But now I'm on maintenance and trying to keep up the walking time just cause it really is a great relaxation thing too
  • I can wear every single thing I grew out of...and some are too big!
  • I added a few of you from this post too! My whole family got fitbits in March and it was fun competing with them but they all dropped off. I need new motivation to keep it up. And I love my Fitbit, I never take it off!!
  • Me too...need friends for challenges!
  • I've been trying to make veggies the main part of my breakfast! Always make them with eggs Breakfast: (cooked) whole zucchini, green onion and mushrooms Lunch: (raw) beans red pepper celery banana Dinner: avacado, cantaloupe (fruits but ah well)
  • I eat normal food. Shop around the outside of the grocery store (produce, fish, eggs) for 90% of what I eat. I also use grocery stores for meals on the go instead of fast food places- run in and get a banana a granola bar and berries for example.
  • I love my Alta because it is small so looks good at work. I don't mind that it doesn't have HR or steps, as really I just use it as an indicator and for motivation (contests!) have been wearing it daily for 4 months, lost 18lbs
  • I agree! I love healthy eating! I haven't eaten fast food due to repulsion for several years (which in itself does not keep the weight off, as I know first hand). It has to be combined with portion control too
  • I've been working at replacing my carbs with veggies. So zucchini replaces most of my pasta now (slicing or spiralizing it) and I also eat it as a toast/hash brown replacement along side my eggs. I find that I don't miss the carbs after having done this for a few months now.
  • I often have the same. Two sunny side up eggs with a plate full of pan fried zucchini, mushrooms and/or spinach. I use different spices every day but curry is my fav.
  • I'm fabulously 40!!! Just recently I went back on MFP and lost my extra 15lbs that over gained over the last few years. My 40th birthday present to myself is to maintain my fitness level for the next 40! I need help, because every time I stop MFP I GAIN again :( so I want to stay on this ap for a long long time, and have…
  • Wow, amazing!! And inspirational! I've been on and off MFP for 5 years and therefore weight goes up and done . I'm at about 120 days streak now and re-achieved my goal weight. I hope to keep this up for good now, as MFP is the only way I seem to be accountable!! However, I will have logging issues on vacations too...so…