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  • Mash potato mixed with ketchup, patted down into a slab, then cut the edges off each side to make a square. Then use a knife and fork to eat it slice by slice.
  • I always do weird stuff with my food!!! Chicken supernoodles with chopped chorizo, in a tortilla wrap Baked beans in spag bol (instead of tinned tomatoes) Malteasers & prawn crackers in one mouthful - not the best idea ive ever had BBQ sliced Chicken & dairylea cheese triangles on crackers Golden syrup on Yorkshire…
  • 1. Do you like to cook? yes but only up to 45 mins during the week as i work long hours. lunches need to be microwaveable or cold 2. Are you a "foodie" or more of a traditional eater? massive foodie but for the wrong foods (carbs, choc) fussy with veg but i am trying new things. managed to get mushrooms, courgette, &…
  • Yorkshire puddings with golden syrup Milkshake with fries Salt & Vinegar crisps with chocolate buttons One combo I didn't like..prawn cracker + malteser Chips, cheese & gravy I did a really weird one yesterday: crispbread with boursin cheese on it (fine), WITH CHIP SHOP CHIPS ON TOP. It was delish.
  • Buy a whole chicken, roast it and it will serve 4-6 portions AT LEAST. Alternatively frozen chicken breasts can come quite cheap. Make huge meals and portion them out and freeze them. You can easily get 4-6 portions out of one pan-ful. Stew x 4 -Tinned/carton tomatoes, tinned beans(kidney, canneloni etc), chickpeas. Make…
  • haha @ironandwine69 totes understand! I'm on day 16 and still going strong. @emma9806 did you manage to keep up with it so far? I have found that I've been getting my sweet treats elsewhere such as strawberry nesquik milk, and fizzy sweets. But I don't go overboard with those things like I used to do with chocolate. I…
  • sounds ideal to me!
  • My office doesn't have a microwave, and like you am trying to keep costs down without smelling the office out at lunch times. Take a look at my lunch today (chicken & chorizo sarnie with a small amount of butter on one slice) which was good and not too calorific yet filling. You could have cold pasta with a mix-in sauce…