Slimfast or Slimslow?

Hi all,

I have never managed to stick to a diet but today I started using Slimfast for the first time. I have never done meal replacement/shakes plan before so I am hoping this will help. I am wondering if any of you have any ideas on recipes for a low cal dinner, and more importantly - tasty snacks under 100cal.

People are always telling me to eat more during the day and less at night, but I just don't fancy it during the day and find it much easier to Fast than I do in the evening. For example I will have a hot drink at breakfast, then a lunch at 1pm, an afternoon snack, and a cooked dinner at 7.30pm (as soon as I get home from work). My issue is the evening snacks and booze!

Today is day 1:
10.30am - Meal replacement shake (Chunky Chocolate)
3pm - Snack of 2 Crispbreads with a tiny amount of half fat butter.

I am meant to have 2 meal replacement shakes plus 2 snacks before dinner. Don't really fancy anything yet..but I will probably be hungry by 5pm!

I am a carboholic so any low cal, carby snack ideas are appreciated!



  • samuelgina91
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    Homemade hummus (you can lower the calories by cutting back olive oil and replacing it with the cooking liquid or water) with cucumber sticks or mushrooms slices to act as the chips.

    Two bowlfuls of fresh strawberries, like honestly you could eat the entire carton by that point.

    Nectarine and a coffee with milk 2% or half n half

    half a glass of vanilla soy milk with a tablespoon of chia seeds to make a chia seed pudding. You can top with fresh berries.

    Spinach salad with other veg/fruit, switch the dressing to salsa or a seasoning salt instead of calorie dense dressings.

    Toast with margarine.

    A fried egg and a few strawberries.

    Just a few examples.

  • eb8566
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    Cucumber, celery, radish chips, and bell peppers are great snacks. It sounded really awful to me in the beginning but I actually love them all now. You could have with salsa or a small amount of ranch or hummus if you have the calorie budget. I also keep sugar free jello cups for when I just want something extra. They have ten calories so not going to fill you up but a small, sweet treat. I had a coworker who lost with slimfast and did it on occasion to keep the weight off.
  • texasredreb
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    It's really hard to prepare meal plans and recipes for other people.

    We don't know anything about you:
    1. Do you like to cook?
    2. Are you a "foodie" or more of a traditional eater?
    3. What is your definition of "low cal"?
    4. Food allergies?
    6. Dislikes?
    7. Availability?
    8. Kitchen appliances?
    9. Budget constraints?

    These are, of course, rhetorical questions to give you an idea of the enormity of what you've asked us to do for you. You are the best person to figure out what to make and eat. You know you, we don't.

    I could spend hours designing what I think is a perfect meal plan for you and you could be allergic to it, not have the ingredients, not have the necessary kitchen appliances, not have the culinary skill and/or just plain hate the foods. You could also think it's way to strict/lenient on your definition of "low cal."

    Ditch the Slimfast. You don't need it and it's loaded with sugar. Make a smoothie or buy some protein powder make your own shake.

  • _mr_b
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    Ditch the diet idea, the whole thing with ‘diets’ is that when you stop you go back to how you were eating before hand and surprise surprise the weight goes back on.

    It’s a lifestyle change you’re trying to facilitate here and a shake isn’t going to do that for you. You need to do some homework, log calories and create healthy meal plans.
    Nothing worth doing came easy, you’ve got to work at it but it really is worth it in the end.

    I can relate to snacks and booze being a hurdle, I ‘pay’ for it with an extra cardio session.
  • gkirbyw
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    1. Do you like to cook? yes but only up to 45 mins during the week as i work long hours. lunches need to be microwaveable or cold

    2. Are you a "foodie" or more of a traditional eater? massive foodie but for the wrong foods (carbs, choc) fussy with veg but i am trying new things. managed to get mushrooms, courgette, & aubergine into my diet this year.

    4. What is your definition of "low cal"? low cal snacks on slimfast are 3 x snacks of under 100cal. my idea of a low cal snack is 75 cals or less

    4. Food allergies? none

    5. Likes? potatoes, rice, chicken, sausages, mince, white fish, salmon, crackers, cheese, spinach, lettuce, corn, carrots, peppers, onion, anything sweet, kiwi, strawberry, banana (only if processed somehow - when solid it gives me tummy ache).

    6. Dislikes? raw tomato, cucumber, smelly fish, steak

    7. Availability? i work 8am-6pm, home by 7pm. 5 days a week.

    8. Kitchen appliances? hob, oven, grill, microwave, blender, george forman

    9. Budget constraints? low! i tend to make batches e.g. a chilli or risotto and freeze for lunches/dinners. i cook for only one person.

    i have another question - i always wondered about doing protein shakes, however i do minimal exercise and am worried they are too calorie laden for a sedentary lifestyle?

    i also would make my own shakes but don't have facilities at work, and would prefer them to be made with ice.

    I am a real sucker for hot foods. Salads make me want to die!

  • kimny72
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    Straight up protein powder is usually low cal, I get flavored ones and I'd say they are usually @ 100 cals per scoop. There are "gainer" shakes that are protein plus lots of calories, but that would be fairly obvious on the label!

    Just as something to keep in mind, I don't find shakes in general very filling, regardless of protein content. I'm sure it's psychological but it is what it is. I do keep ready made shakes (sometimes Slimfast higher protein varieties) in the fridge as an occasional snack, but they are never enough to replace a meal, for me at least.

    If evening snacking is your weakness, why not use a shake as an evening snack instead? For me, I need to save a couple hundred calories for a late night snack, and then brush my teeth when I've used them up!

    Weight loss comes down to being in a calorie deficit. If meal replacements help you with that - awesome. If they leave you hungry though, don't feel like you failed, it's pretty common. If you'd like, this is a post that helped me a lot when I was struggling: