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  • katnatmomma...I too was tested for thyroid and the numbers came back fine, but I had almost all the symptoms and after YEARS, finally found a doctor who said, "Maybe your body just wants more...." and put me on thyroid meds, very low dose. She's increased it twice and I've lost the first 5 lbs I've been able to lose in…
  • I think they're called Endorphins. It is what makes you feel good, happy, optimistic. The more I ride, the better I feel. Sometimes, when I get 10 miles into my ride and I want to go home instead of riding another 10 miles, that is my chant, "The more I ride, the better I feel." Then I push just one more mile, then one…
  • CSARdiver....again, you are wrong. Weight gain/loss is a balance of calorie in/calorie out, managed by metabolism, and impacted by several variables FOR THE PERSON WITHOUT A THYROID ISSUE. Now, if you insist this is semantics, then explain how a person can eat a 1200 calorie diet and exercise EXCESSIVELY (2 hour bike ride…
  • Actually, there are reasons beyond calories & exercise. I am 63 years old, 5' 3" and was always petite. 5 years ago, I started gaining weight. It began one Christmas....always put on a few pounds, but they'd come off in Jan or Feb. After a year of dieting, I went to my doctor who said to eat less and exercise more. After…
  • Kemp's Fat Free, No Sugar Added Frozen Yogurt. 140 calories. Yummy
  • I made up this recipe a few years ago and we eat it frequently: 2 to 4 chicken breasts (boneless, skinless). Oil a pan and place chicken in it. Cover with 1 can of BLUE RUNNER BLACK BEANS (other brands just aren't as good!). Add 1 can of ROTEL tomatoes. Cover with aluminum foil. Cook at 350 degrees for 45 - 50 minutes.…