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  • Dang, I hit 50g of protein at second breakfast and I'm vegan. Try adding things like sprouted grain toast, hemp hearts, quinoa, legumes or maybe a protein supplement.
  • True, there are many types of vegans. I worked with a guy(junk food vegan) who just ate vegan pizza, burgers, oreos and bean burritos...not healthy at all. Ideally with a vegan lifestyle you would concentrate on whole nutrient dense foods and minimize highly processed foods.
  • I'm in the same boat, if I eat a solid meal I feel sick during my workout, if I eat nothing I burn out too fast. Usually I drink a smoothie as my first breakfast and it's perfect. This morning I made a mixed greens/banana/kiwi/avocado/spirulina/protein smoothie.
  • Whaat? That's crazy, I've never heard of anyone (in person) gaining more than a couple lbs of water weight from plan b. I took it once about 6/7 years ago, gained about 2 lbs of water, but it went away when the hormones dissapated after a few days.
  • I'm a strength athlete and haven't had any issues switching to a vegan lifestyle, except the first week when my system cleaned itself out lol. I get plenty of protein from a variety of fruit, veggies, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. As a huge plus I have absolutely no trouble getting enough iron, fiber, and other vitamins…
  • From the studies I have read you need 6/7% of your daily calories to come from protein just to replace the protein/amino acid loss from general living. That is why the RDA is 10% just to make sure you hit that minimum for living general life. For those of us that train hard, we have more break down and require more…
  • I read misuse and immediately thought not of taking vitamins unnecessarily, but the many people that will take 3 fat burners/pre workouts/etc when the label says take 1, get sick and say it's a bad product. That happens a lot.
  • If you're just starting out, I would eat how you normally eat for a day so you can see what your diet really looks like(might show you where you had been going wrong). I had my husband do that when he started and it was a real eye opener. You just need to learn to plan out your meals, it's like a big puzzle trying to make…
  • You get used to it, I had a bad dehydration/exhaustion episode a couple weeks ago that landed me in the emergency room. I now drink well over a gallon a day and after about a week I didn't need to go as much.
  • I sometimes have a hard time hitting my protein goal also. I just try to have a decent amount of it at each meal. A protein shake for first breakfast, eggs at second breakfast, and chicken/fish/steak at lunch and dinner. Also try to make sure my snacks have it as well (Greek yogurt, string cheese, quest bar)
  • Getting your body fat to a healthy percentage is what's important. BMI is a general guideline at best, there is a lot it doesn't account for, like frame size or muscle mass. Just don't fall into the whole "well I'm big boned and carry a lot of muscle" mentality that a lot of women convince themselves of.
  • I lost 100 lbs in 9 months. I did it by cleaning up my eating and getting serious the gym. I got most of my information on what to eat/do from T-nation.com