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Morning All,
I've been struggling to get my protien intake right. Im excersing daily and my food diary seems to fall short on protien nearly everyday. I was thinking of suplimenting my protien intake to make up the sort fall (i'm eating healthy and varied) but struggle with protein.

Would supplementing my intake be beneficial ?


  • AdrianChr92
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    How much are you getting now?
  • robert_wing
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    yesterday as example, after excerise my protien goal was 144, I managed with all meals 52. all other goals were nearly bang on. This is for weight loss not building
  • robert_wing
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    forgot to say before excerise goal is 77
  • Maaike84
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    Can you give an example of a typical day's worth of food? And your overall goals? Even if the goal is weight loss, adequate protein is important to make sure you are maintaining your muscle mass (i.e. focus on losing fat, not just on weight) Livestrong or other sites have plenty of suggestions for adding protein to meals without having to supplement
  • AdrianChr92
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    I usually aim for 0.7-0.8 grams per lbs. So now that I weight around 215 lbs I aim for around 150 grams of protein. Most body builders recomend 1 gram/lbs but there have been studies that debunked that but still they do it just to be on the safe side. It's not hard to hit that goal but you need to eat protein at every meal, so milk, dairy, meat etc at every meal and that can get old after some time. I use protein powder too and if I am low at the end of the day I usually chug down a shake made with 2 scoops (around 40 grams of protein) and call it a day. Also I tend to add some to my oats in the morning. It makes things easier. That's the whole point of protein powders. Convenience. Also this is for someone who lifts heavy stuff. If you don't lift and only run or swim chances are you don't need that much
  • robert_wing
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    this is from yesterday if i didnt nail the bike ride i would have been closer to my goal.

    1 bowl oats so simple porridge – Semi skimmed Milk
    Cup of tea – semi skimmed milk

    Home made Chicken Salad with raw mushrooms – 1/2 cup of chicken

    Home Made quorn mince chilli – 1/2 bag quorn – 1tbl spoon olive oil
    1bag birds eye steam fresh egg rice

    Apple, Banana, 5 cups of tea (all Day), 1 ltr water, can pepsi max

    30min cycle = 10miles
    Chiruadr topping up with protien powder to reach the goal seems a sound idea
  • kimdawnhayden
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    Add eggs to your breakfast. I'm not sure what quorn mince chili is, but if it's meatless add meat there. You can add cottage cheese to your snacks, or greek yogurt.
  • Yi5hedr3
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    Insufficient data. Specify age, height, goals. Appears you need eat meat, cheese, eggs, and Protein Shakes.
  • robert_wing
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    this is quorn: Quorn products are made from Mycoprotein. Mycoprotein is a nutritionally healthy protein source that is meat free and naturally low in saturated fat and high in fibre.
    Adding egg to breakfast does that include the yoke ?
  • stepea83
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    kind of in the same boat as you robert, so when making dinner/lunch (chicken (or other meat) and veg/salad) i add 2 boiled eggs to my meals.
  • robert_wing
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    many thanks i'll start to add eggs
  • livingleanlivingclean
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    You can add eggs (whole or whites) to your oats - you can also add protein powders. (egg/whites, oats, protein powder blended makes good protein pancakes too!)

    Use Quinoa flakes instead of oats, or Quinoa instead of rice. Fruit with yoghurt, high protein cheese, hb eggs as snacks.
  • Celestina_Loving
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    Dang, I hit 50g of protein at second breakfast and I'm vegan. Try adding things like sprouted grain toast, hemp hearts, quinoa, legumes or maybe a protein supplement.