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SavingCarol Member


  • Oh, and I find that Success Stories is very motivating for me and the website has a Success Stories section too!
  • I also suffer from PF. It's no fun, that's for sure. I see your post, Pegasusonfire, was last year. How are you now? Has it healed? When I was showing my dogs about 2 years ago, I tore the tendons in the bottom of both feet from being too heavy and running on cement floors. It took almost a year of special care to heal…
  • BethTheNew, CONGRATULATIONS on your recent membership with TOPS! I'm new too! I just joined TOPS a few weeks ago and I absolutely LOVE it. The members are all so welcoming and supportive. I can see it easily being the best decision I've made in 2015! ...very motivating.
  • I LOVE my TOPS Chapter in Dayton, Ohio! It's been a blessing for me that I found it. Everyone is very nice and incredibly welcoming and supportive.
  • Your victory was quite inspiring! THANK YOU. ...AND Way to go! That's a BIG victory. Happy for you.
  • 108# to lose is no small feat. This is the trike that's making me smile so much lately and giving me hope that I can DO THIS...
  • My small victory was finally putting out the cash to buy a recumbent trike and I'm making a point to ride every moment I get. It rides around in the car with me so that if there's opportunity, I'm pulling it out of the car and I'm triking away! ...burning calories. I have been VERY sedentary over the last year. I have had…
  • Oh My !!! I LOVE this topic. I appreciate what everyone has shared here. I've always believed that for me, losing weight successfully is a mindset. ...That there is a HUGE psychological aspect to it. Hearing the many different experiences from everyone is very enlightening. Thanks for sharing.
  • ...Step By Step...
  • possibly look for a "TOPS" group. Stands for Take Off Pounds Sensibly. They are all over and there's a website: I found a local meeting and its very fun and motivational. Very great emotional support group and not a strict diet type group.
  • Shanna, I live in the Dayton Ohio area too. Are you looking for a walking buddy by any chance? ....Or possibly looking for just local online support? Please contact me. I'd love to chat with you! :-)